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In 2009, the browser-based football game FootballTeam saw the light of day. The game has been in constant development for over 10 years, and new players keep coming. About 50,000 people log into the game daily, so no one can deny its popularity. This is a must-play for soccer fans interested in the football journey from zero to hero. 

And if that's not enough for you, you can always be tempted to lead your own club consisting of real players. There are many possibilities, and the harmonious community makes gameplay a pleasure. What makes FootballTeam stand out from the competition?

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Football Club Consisting of Real Players!

Become the FootballTeam Legend!

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Football Club Consisting of Real Players!

Anyone who has played Football Manager knows its unlimited strategic possibilities. It works perfectly in practice but has one major drawback - you control a team of bots and not live players. This is what sets FootballTeam apart from other football managers. Here, you manage a squad formed entirely of live players!

Of course, nothing happens right away. First, you have to find willing players to join your team. As the founder, you are the one who decides on the lineup, formation, and tactics for the upcoming match. Your team will slowly climb the ranks by playing league matches. The best teams can participate in the Champions League, the European Tournament, and other cup competitions organized by the developers.

And since your team is made up of real players, you have to take their opinion into account. Someone may be unhappy to be warming the bench in a particular match or may think it’s better to come out with a different formation. 

What's more, it turned out that a player from my team lives in the same city as me! It's worth consulting more important decisions with other team members, as it may turn out that you will gain not only a companion to play with online but also in real life.

Become the FootballTeam Legend!

As you might have read above, the community plays a key role in FootballTeam. The developers are well aware of this and have decided to reward the best players with unique collector cards. In the future, they’ll become part of an internal card game, where selected players will become the face of the game. 

What's more, the community votes on which players should receive their cards, so there's no favoritism for anyone. Each card has its own unique graphics and is fully animated. You can see that this is not just a showcase, but the creators genuinely want the community to be FootballTeam’s calling card!

Play Now!

The community is an integral and most important part of FootballTeam, which is the main reason why you should give it a chance. You'll meet many football enthusiasts who will be happy to help you get into the swing of things or give you tactical advice if you need it.

The developers also spare no effort to repay the community for contributing to the game. Polish, Russian, Brazilian, and Latin American servers are available at the time of writing. Register now and start your soccer career! 

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