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The mobile game market is growing, and yet good productions are scarce. Soccer fans have an even more difficult task because there are relatively few games on this subject. This means that the choice can be narrowed to a few games, and not everyone has the time and resources to play the latest PES or FIFA. In that case, a mobile alternative is at a premium, especially if it stands out. Does FootballTeam really stand out among other football managers? Let's find out!

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What’s FootballTeam?

An RPG...

...and a Football Manager

Club Module - Phase 1

Collector’s Cards and Card Game

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What’s FootballTeam?

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FootballTeam is an online football manager established in 2009. For more than 10 years, it has maintained a stable position in the mobile game market, and the community is constantly growing. At the time of writing this text, about 50,000 players log into the game daily, and this says a lot about its quality. FootballTeam owes its popularity to its unique approach to gameplay, combining a football manager with RPG elements. But how does it work in practice?


Create your footballer and manage his whole career

Like in classic RPGs, you start your adventure by creating a player. You specify his appearance, name, and playing position. The player development system is divided into several categories, and it's up to you to decide what your player will specialize in. This can be compared to a classic RPG game, where you develop strength, agility, intelligence, etc. 

Offensive Play, Defensive Play, or Anticipation, maybe? It's worth developing skills that will be useful in your chosen position. A striker should certainly invest in Offensive Play and Efficiency, while a good midfielder will benefit from Playmaking and Anticipation. You can develop skills in the Training menu, but it's not free. You raise the necessary funds by playing matches and signing sponsorship contracts. This approach makes the game very intuitive, even for people who are unfamiliar with soccer. 

…and a Football Manager

Club management interface

In addition to developing your own player, once you reach the right OVR, you can manage your own club. Of course, you can also join an existing club and ignore the managing aspect, but why limit yourself? As a club manager, you are responsible for the club's name, squad, and tactics for a given match. Besides, your team consists only of live players, so you have to consider their opinion.

There are thousands of clubs divided into different leagues. The best teams can compete for prizes in the Champions Tournament, European Tournament, and many other cup competitions. The winning teams are lavishly rewarded, and the more recognizable the club, the greater the revenue and the ability to rotate the squad. Besides, the best players can count on special benefits, which you will read about below.

Club Module – Phase 1

Club coaching is not just about empty numbers and watching the results of the next matches. Here you are responsible for the entire field infrastructure, thanks to which you increase the revenue and the effectiveness of the players. The whole thing looks intuitive and watching the entire infrastructure grow before your eyes is very satisfying. The club module found its way into the game relatively recently and will be expanded as the next phases arrive. 

Here's what's included in Phase 1:

  • A set of basic buildings that you can fully upgrade.
  • Club income depends on the number of fans, stadium capacity, and infrastructure expansion.
  • Ticket prices depend on the league and tournaments the team plays in.
  • Apart from Stadium, the infrastructure includes a Hotel, Parking, Accounting, Green and Recreational Areas, and Security.
  • City map with the entire infrastructure showing levels of each building.

Collector’s Cards and Card Game

FootballTeam Legends Collector Cards

Community is the foundation of FootballTeam, so developers have decided to reward selected players in a unique way. Developers are working on an internal card game where players play an essential role. The chosen ones receive a special collector card, which will be permanently included in the game! 

Those are no ordinary cards; each has its own unique graphics, and they’re fully animated. Besides, the community chooses the best players, so the developers don't favor anyone here. And putting someone in the game permanently is the biggest crowning achievement of their efforts!

Play Now!

Given the advanced managerial options and intuitive RPG elements, FootballTeam is basically for everyone. Veterans can test their coaching skills, while newcomers can fully focus on developing their characters. Therefore, if you were looking for an original and addictive football game, you just found it! 

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