FootballTeam Item Improving Guide - Make Your Gear Even Stronger!

FootballTeam Item Improving Guide - Make Your Gear Even Stronger!
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FootballTeam Item Improvement Guide

As you might already know from one of our previous guides, items play an essential part in FootballTeam’s power progression. In this article, we’re going to talk about all the things that you can do in order to make your items even stronger. For the most part, we’ll focus on the Improvement module in the Locker Room tab.

How to improve items

There are two ways of acquiring new items: you can get them by opening packs or going into the Market to buy them directly from other players for Credits. However, you can also take the items that you already have and make them stronger.


In order to do so, you’re going to have to open the Improvement tab. Before you start, it’s important to note that you can only improve the Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Platinum items. The Common and Improved (grey and blue) tiers are out of the question. Now, pick an item that you want to refine. You’re going to see the improvement window in the right part of your screen.

It will show you the potential bonus that you can get for a successful attempt and an indicator of your chances for a positive result. Moreover, you’ll see the cost of trying to improve this item (in Euro) and the number of Golden Balls required to secure this attempt. Failing this refinement process can lower the item’s skill or, on higher levels, even destroy it entirely. Using Golden Balls can protect you from these negative consequences.

The success chances for the first 1-2 levels are really high, so it’s unlikely (but not impossible) to fail them. As you improve an item to higher levels, the amount of required Euro and Golden Balls rises, while the chance to succeed becomes lower and lower. The maximum level of improvement is 20. The Golden Balls can only be used up to level 18. If you want to reach 19 or 20, you’re going to have to take a risk. The Legendary items are the only ones that can be upgraded to a higher tier via improvement. When you get your gold item to level 20, you can improve it even further – if you succeed, it will advance to a higher tier – Platinum. Moreover, doing that won’t break your set – you’ll still retain the bonus stats that you get from that.  

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How to get Golden Balls?

As you can see, Golden Balls are useful. Besides protecting improvement, they can also be used to unlock items – removing the lock makes an item viable to be sold on the Market. There are a few ways in which you can get the Golden Balls. First of all, you can receive them by selling unwanted items in the Locker Room tab – you will also get some Euros while doing that. Besides, they’re one of the possible rewards for winning a Trick Duel. Finally, you can get them as a consolation prize after a failed Upgrade attempt, but we’re going to talk about that in a moment.

Finally, players who are members of the strongest teams are able to receive extra Golden Balls. Every footballer in the 1st League or Super League – no matter if he plays in the starting line-up or sits the entire game on the bench – receives 50 Golden Balls per match. It’s a nice reward that provides a tangible motivation to reach the highest level!

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Upgrading Items

The Upgrade tab is the best place to visit when you have a lot of weak, low-tier items. It allows you to exchange five lower-tier items for a single higher-tier one. The item that you get is random – there’s also a chance of failure. If this happens – you’ll receive some Golden Balls instead. Upgrading is a great option, especially for the players who have opened a ton of Bronze Packs and don’t know what to do with all the junk that they found. Unless you were fortunate and got only powerful and useful stuff – if that’s the case, go and buy a lottery ticket. Upgrading is an excellent way to get rid of the grey items and get some decent gear for every slot.


We hope that our guide made these item-related concepts a bit easier to manage. After all, FootballTeam is a complex game, and getting a good understanding of every aspect may take a while. That being said, it’s definitely worth it to take your time and get into this fantastic online football game.  



Is there a way of protecting my FootballTeam items during the improvement process?

Yes, you can avoid the negative consequences of a negative improvement attempt by spending the required amount of Golden Balls. 

Is the improvement chance always the same?

No, the chance of failure increases as you reach higher levels of improvement. 

Is upgrading items worth it in FootballTeam?

It generally is. The higher-tier items are always much more valuable than the lower ones. At the same time, Golden Balls received for a failed attempt also are incredibly useful. Of course, you can get unlucky with the stat that you get on your item, but it’s a risk worth taking.  

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