FootballTeam Tactics Guide - Get a Strategic Advantage Over Your Opponents

FootballTeam Tactics Guide - Get a Strategic Advantage Over Your Opponents
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FootballTeam Tactics Guide

Tactics are an enormous part of today’s football. While players compete on the pitch, managers try to outsmart each other and get the advantage for their team. Sometimes, this game of football chess can actually decide the result of a match. There’s a reason why managers like Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, and Jurgen Klopp are some of the biggest personalities in the Premier League. The same goes for FootballTeam, where choosing the right tactics can tip the scales in your favor.

There are seven available tactical settings in FootballTeam – standard, offensive, hyper offensive, defensive, hyperdefensive, positional and creative. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Your choice should depend on your team’s strength, the playstyle that you’re going for, and the matchup against your opponents. It’s important to note that while all the players can discuss tactics and provide their feedback, the final decision is always made by the Team Owner.


What are the available tactics?

Standard setup doesn’t provide any additional positive or negative effects to any of your players. It’s the most basic choice (or lack of choice) to make. This is the default setting that’s going to remain active until the owner changes it to something else. That being said, it doesn’t have to be the wrong choice, especially for well-balanced teams.

Offensive setting improves your team’s attack while weakening its defense (+10% and -10% respectively). Picking it will likely result in increasing the number of goals scored in your games – for both sides. Hyperoffensive is just a more extreme version of that with the numbers changed to +/- 20%. These options may be a good idea if you have some strong players in the attack line.

The defensive setup is the opposite of that. It decreases your team’s attacking abilities while improving defense (+/-10%). It’s a very safe option that should allow your team to keep a clean sheet more often. Once again, Hyperdefensive is just a more radical version. You can consider these tactics if your team’s best players are goalkeepers, defenders, and defensive midfielders. However, you might have some problems with scoring against your opposition.

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The positional tactic is a bit more advanced idea. Besides the offense and defense, it takes one more statistic – playmaking. As you may already know, playmaking is the main skill for midfielders in FootballTeam. It allows you to stay in possession of the ball and create slow, carefully planned attacks. The stat adjustments of this setup are +10% Defense, +10% Playmaking, and -20% Offense. It complements a very controlled playstyle at the expense of attack.

The creative setup goes all-in on playmaking while decreasing the two remaining main skills. It allows you to dominate in the middle sector of the pitch. It’s a great option for teams with really strong midfielders that can win the game by themselves. The exact numbers are +20% playmaking, -10% Offence and -10% Defense. It significantly increases your chances to win duels in the midfield which may result in disrupting a lot of the enemy attacks before they even get rolling.  


Which tactic should I choose?

As we already mentioned, there are pros and cons to all of the options. We can, however, recommend playing towards your team’s strengths, instead of trying to shore up your weaknesses. It’s always a good idea to further buff your most powerful players by picking a tactic that complements their skills. Moreover, formation is another important factor while making that choice. For example, choosing one of the offensive options will be suboptimal when you combine it with a 4-5-1 formation. You can also try to exploit your opponents’ weaknesses while picking your tactics. If the enemy team is really weak in the midfield, you can pick the creative setting and try to win by establishing full control over that sector. As you can see, there’s a lot to consider while choosing the right tactics for your team.

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Changing tactics during the game

In FootballTeam, the owner can change his team’s tactics during the course of a match. The most obvious example would be switching to a more defensive set up after getting a lead. However, every change of tactics during a game will reduce your team’s OVR by 1-3%. That’s why we recommend everyone to think twice before deciding to do that. Switching tactics multiple times during a single game can result in a significant decrease in your squad’s performance.

Besides, parking the bus in your penalty box just after scoring the first goal doesn’t feel right anyway. We believe that following up with more attacks is more fun and satisfying than protecting the smallest of leads. It might be a good idea to keep using your optimal FootballTeam tactic and try to score even more goals! However, if you play defensively and find yourself losing an unlucky goal, you may consider switching to a more attack-focused setting.



Tactics can play an important part in your team’s success. They can help your team play around its best players. This way, the biggest stars will be able to unlock their full potential on the pitch. This feature can also allow you to find the best identity for your team.

We hope that you’re going to use this knowledge in-game to make your squad even stronger! So log into your FootballTeam account, take a look at your line-up’s biggest strengths and find the perfect tactics. Become a strategic mastermind and lead your team to win even more matches!  



What’s the difference between tactic and formation in FootballTeam?

The formation is the number of players that you have in each line (for example 4-4-2 and 3-4-3), while a tactic is a way in which your team is going to play the game (offensive, defensive et cetera). These are two different things that are connected to each other. You should always make sure that your tactic synergizes with the formation that your team’s using. 

Is it worth changing my tactic during the game?

It depends on your approach to the game. Objectively speaking, each change of tactics results in a minor global decrease of skills for all your players. However, it can sometimes be a price worth paying if you really want to equalize the score or drive your lead home. 

Which FootballTeam tactic should I pick?

There’s no single best choice, but we would strongly recommend playing around your best players. Further empowering your biggest stars will likely yield better results than trying to hide your weaknesses with a tactic choice. 

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