FootballTeam Training Guide - Practice the Most Useful Skills!

FootballTeam Training Guide - Practice the Most Useful Skills!
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FootballTeam Training Guide

Training is an important activity in FootballTeam. The ultimate goal should always be joining a strong team, winning games, and getting trophies. That being said, training will get you closer to achieving these objectives. It's the main way of increasing your footballer's skills and making him stronger.

It can yield many positive results. First of all, you will simply perform better in games, making your team more likely to succeed. Moreover, if you wanted to join another, stronger team – your skill level is one of the main bargaining chips. It can net you a spot on a really impressive roster and guarantee a higher salary. Finally, there are some other minor benefits of training your skills in FootballTeam!


Which Skills Should I Train in FootballTeam?

As you probably know, the correct answer will depend on the position you want to play. Each skill has a specific area of the game that it affects. Some of them are associated with specific positions. Others are more versatile. Let's take a look at all the abilities in FootballTeam.

Main skills

There are three main skills in FootballTeam. Each one of them is related to one of the basic tasks: defending, attacking, and passing the ball in the midfield.

Defensive – helps with stopping the enemy attacks. It's the main skill for all defenders. It's also very important for goalkeepers and defensive midfielders. It improves your chances of interventions from open play.

Playmaking – the main skill for midfielders. It affects the accuracy of passing and the ability to win the ball in the middle of the pitch. It helps with constructing your attacks as well as stopping your opponents in the middle sector.

Offensive – this ability makes your player better at attacking the enemy goal from open play. It can help your footballer score more goals and get more assists. It's the key ability for strikers and forwards.

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Special Skills

Set Pieces – an important skill that helps with defending and scoring from set pieces. Whenever there's a free-kick, a corner, or a penalty, the Offensive and Defensive skills do not matter. Instead, Set Pieces take over to decide the outcome. This ability doesn't only affect the player who takes the kick, but also all the athletes involved (fighting for the header, et cetera).

Stamina – this skill has a massive impact on all the players. It affects all other abilities. As the game continues, players with lower Stamina values start to fall off, and their performance gets worse. Meanwhile, the players with the highest Stamina in the game don't get as tired, and they're able to keep up their usual level of play till the final whistle. The player with the biggest Stamina number is the benchmark (he's able to use all his skills for 90 minutes of the game), and the remaining footballers are compared to him. The longer the game, the more important Stamina becomes.

Reading – the ability that allows your player to predict the opponent's actions. It's crucial in the defense. This skill is most important for goalkeepers, but it's also useful for other defensive players.

Modifying Skills

Pressing – increases your player's defensive capabilities and forces your opponent to make errors. It also makes it more likely to win 1v1 duels when you're off the ball. It's mainly useful for defenders, but midfielders also can get something out of it. It counters your opponents' Efficacy.

Efficacy – this skill makes your player more likely to win duels when he's on the ball. This, in turn, makes him better at dribbling and scoring goals. It counteracts enemy Pressing. It's mostly recommended for strikers, but it can also improve your midfielders.

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Most important skills for each position

As you can see, a large portion of the skills is associated with specific positions. Let's sum it up. Stamina and Set Pieces are important skills, no matter what's your position on the pitch. That being said, they're not the most important abilities for any of the characters, so don't focus too hard on them. As far as the remaining skills go, these are the ones that you should focus on each of the positions:

Goalkeeper – Defensive, Reading

Defender – Defensive, Pressing

Midfielder – Playmaking, Pressing, Efficacy (defensive mids should also train Defensive and offensive ones should invest some time and effort in the Offensive)

Forward – Offensive, Efficacy

The remaining skills won't be entirely useless, and they'll increase your OVR (overall skill level). However, they won't net you nearly as much value as the key abilities for your position. We strongly recommend prioritizing the correct main skill and the other ones that can have the most impact on your performance.

How to train my skills?

Training in FootballTeam is relatively simple. You just have to enter the training tab and pick one of the options. At the start, you'll only have access to Basic Training and Tricks Training. Basic Training allows you to choose one of the eight skills we talked about. A single training session takes a few seconds (they become longer as you hit higher levels), and you can have up to two active sessions at the same time.

Each training session will cost you some Euro and Energy. The price in Euros increases when you get to higher skill levels, the Energy costs depend on the number of training that you have already done during the day (the first 300 sessions cost 1 Energy, after that, they become more expensive). It's important to note that Basic Training can net you some additional valuable rewards – there's a chance of receiving a mini-booster or a package. As an active player, you are likely to run out of Energy or Euros eventually, and these are necessary for training. If it ever becomes a problem, make sure to visit the Cafeteria (for Energy) or send your player to work (for Euros). If you want to be efficient with your resources, make sure not to train more than 300 sessions in a single day and try to use Basic Training as often as possible.

After your footballer reaches 30 OVR, you'll get access to the Training Center. It allows you to train for the same cost, but much faster. You can complete hundreds of training sessions in a few seconds. The downside is the lack of potential bonuses that you can get from Basic Training. This center is a great option for players who want to develop their footballers, but don't have enough time to go through hundreds of training sessions every day manually. Finally, when you join a team, you'll get access to the Team Training sessions organized by the owner of your club.

Trick training has nothing to do with the eight skills - it's associated with an entirely separate Trick Duels module. This minigame can give you some valuable rewards, so you might want to look at it. Make sure to train your tricks before you start looking for duels. It's important to increase your chances of victory!


The benefits of FootballTeam training

We have already mentioned some of the reasons why training is a worthwhile way of allocating your time and resources. Most importantly, it can increase your player's skill, make him better, and be more likely to find a strong team and receive a high salary. Then, there are the bonus rewards that you can receive during Basic Training.

Moreover, some reasons might make you want to train some of the less important skills. Firstly, it's a cheap way of increasing your OVR, which is always a good thing. Secondly, it allows you to complete some of the achievements and get even more rewards (they're mostly packs, but it's still worth doing). Besides, we have to consider the daily tasks that you can find in the Calendar. Quite often, they'll be related to training. Finally, at 40 OVR, you will be able to retrieve a Free Starter at the start of each season. It's extra Euros, Free Keys, and Energy - who would say no to that?  

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FootballTeam Training – Summary

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to train your skills in FootballTeam. It might not be the most complex element of this game, but it is a crucial one. Having good training discipline and resource management is the most consistent way of making your player stronger. It will allow you to improve your skills and perform better during your games gradually. Moreover, you'll get a ton of extra rewards along the way!

When planning the development of your player, make sure to commit to a specific position, and prioritize practicing the most important skills. The other abilities can also be useful, but remember that you have a limited amount of resources to spare.


How to get FootballTeam Euros?  

There are a few sources of Euros in FootballTeam. You can earn it by accepting the sponsor offers, getting a salary from your team, sending your player to work, winning bets, and more! 


What's the difference between Basic Training and Training Center?

Basic Training takes more time, but it provides a chance of getting extra rewards (mini-boosters and packs). Training Center is more convenient and faster, but you will miss out on these prizes.

Are there any FootballTeam skills that are useful for every position?

Yes, Stamina and Set Pieces are valuable for every player in FootballTeam. 

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