Is Rango Exchange Legit - A Trustworthy Blockchain App?

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Many traders and users involved in the crypto community have probably heard of DEX aggregators. They are a new type of blockchain-based service that allows cryptocurrency traders to benefit from various financial tools in a single interface. 

The crypto world is constantly growing and is in demand to fill out the needs of crypto enthusiasts. Should you use Rango Exchange for your cryptocurrency transactions? Let’s find out!

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What Is Rango Exchange?

Is It Safe To Use?

$rango Token

Partnership with Harmony

Fees on Rango Exchange

Can I Safely Use Rango Exchange?

What is Rango Exchange?

Rango Exchange is the first multi-chain DEX super aggregator for BTC, ETH, BSC, Polygon, Terra, etc. It allows for multi-step swaps for coins in all blockchains. For example, if you want to swap tokens from BNB Chain to Polygon network, you don't have to manage multiple applications. It can be used by any cryptocurrency user with a supported DeFi wallet. 

Rango Exchange is easy to use

Normally, you had to operate between different programs, blockchain bridges, or use centralized exchanges. Rango Exchange is an all-in-one tool with the most modern and user-friendly UX. As for the time of writing, it operates with more than 20 blockchains, thus making it very convenient all in one swap.

Is It Safe To Use?

Being the pioneer of innovative solutions within the crypto industry, the makers behind Rango Exchange had to earn users’ trust. It’s the first multi-chan supper aggregator, after all! Their platform is indeed safe and secure to use. The reason being it doesn’t store any of your cryptocurrencies. 

All of your coins are held in your crypto wallets, specifically in decentralized non-custodial wallets. Rango Exchange is also a non-custodial platform. If your crypto wallet is not hacked and your private credentials are secure, nothing wrong will happen. Keep your login details as safe as possible, avoid phishing sites and scammers, and you’re good to go.      

$rango Token

$rango Token will come in Q1 2022

Crypto tokens are digital assets that are built on another cryptocurrency’s blockchain. Rango Exchange announced to feature its own token. You can find the most recent information about its planned release on the Rango Exchange official website. It’s a great addition if you want to lower your trading fees. Any $rango token holder will benefit from it, but it’s reserved for users who utilize the platform above a certain threshold. 

It will operate on the Terra blockchain, with a total supply of 100 million tokens. As for the time of writing, the team is looking for VCs and individuals who can help grow the delivered products. $rango token is also announced to be available in a private sale. If someone plans to use Rango Exchange a lot, it’s best to enter and buy some tokens. At least to pay for the fees.

Partnership with Harmony

Rango Exchange join forces with Harmony

Rango Exchange is a part of the Harmony platform, designed to perform complex swaps for any pair on any blockchain.

In October, Rango asked for help the Harmony community to help them achieve some milestones:

  • Integration with Harmony Bridge.
  • Integration of Sushiswap on Harmony.
  • Harmony One wallet support.
  • Harmony on Metamask support.
  • Unify multi-step swaps into a unified UX.
  • 10,000,000$ total transactions in Rango Exchange.

The team behind Rango Exchange organized a contest to bring in as many users as possible. Rango gave a prize of $35,000 in the form of a $One token to contest winners. It’s another proof showing how the app team wants to earn credibility.  

Every user can bring more people by using the affiliate link to increase the chances of receiving an Airdrop.

Fees on Rango Exchange

As a Rango Exchange user, you have to pay a small fee for every transaction you’ll perform. Of course, it’s solely based on the network you will use. For example, Polygon and BNB networks operate with low fees, but if you use Ethereum instead, the fees will be much greater. We mentioned $rango Token before, as you can use it to pay those fees. 

Therefore, users of Rango will just need to hold Rango tokens, without the native cryptocurrencies of every blockchain. It’s an innovative utility that saves money when performing large transactions and should be implemented asap. 

Can I Safely Use Rango Exchange?

Rango Exchange integrates the most popular platforms regarding cryptocurrencies

Absolutely. It’s not a mandatory tool for crypto transactions, but it’ll make your life easier. This multi-chain dex aggregator simply brings all the necessary tools into one place. It’s an easy path for secure and fast transactions providing an easy and reliable cross-chain experience. 

With the support of many Chain Wallets, X-Chain solutions like Terra Bridge, Binance Bridge, and more, you don’t need anything else when investing in cryptocurrencies. The cooperation with so many trusted sites regarding cryptocurrency adds to its credibility. 

Rango Exchange is a completely safe and secure solution to manage your cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the best cross-chain DEXs around. You can start using it by following our affiliate link.

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