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Valorant is the new release from Riot Games, which you may know from developing League of Legends. In this tactical first-person shooter, you take the role of an Agent (what other games call Heroes); Agents in the game have to team up with four more people to fight infullscreen glory  5v5 matches. This game will feel familiar to any Counter-Strike GO, Rainbow Six Siege, or Overwatch players. Although if you are new to shooting games, you’ll find your way fast.

The graphics use a cartoony texture that may look slightly like Overwatch, with the difference that Valorant places the abilities and finishers at the center of the visual priorities, so no flashy surroundings or anything that takes your attention away from the quick shooting. Many players think of it as “bad graphics” while others may call it a “minimalistic style.”

Valorant places Riot Games as a strong contender in the shooters' arena, taking a lot of ideas from other games and stitching them together to present an entertaining, highly competitive game with everyone talking about it.

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How do you play Valorant for beginners?

First, let’s get familiar with the way matches work. You start by choosing an Agent for the whole match. If you are new to the game, you will have only a roster of 5 Agents available, Jett, Brimstone, Sage, Sova, and Phoenix, but don’t worry! A couple more are easily unlocked (practically by just playing), and another few ones aren’t relatively easy to unlock… and not so hard though. And in general, these are one of the best agents ranked. 

Each team will be starting with five members and can have only one of each Agent, so try to choose quickly before someone takes yours!

After you choose an Agent, you will land on the pre-round screen where you'll be able to purchase weapons, shields, and abilities to use on that round. You will also be able to change them for the next one, so it doesn’t matter if your abilities didn’t work out as expected. You can switch them to try new ones on the menu.

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Your character has 1 main Ability and 2 empty slots to choose complementary abilities at the beginning of each round. Your Ultimate Maneuver (main ability) charges up over time or by picking orbs that flash on the map. Take every orb in your view.

There are two teams of five players. One of them will start on the attack side while the other defends. The attackers have to activate the Spike (bomb) in one of many Bomb sites scattered around the map and hold ground until it explodes. Defenders have to find spikes and defuse them before they blow up. After 12 rounds, both teams swap places at attacking and defending. The first team to win 13 rounds gets the game.

One extremely important thing to notice is you have one life per round, so if you die, you will definitely stay dead until the round ends or until someone on your team uses a reviving ability on you.

Here’s a little secret Pro-players don't want you to know and follow: Valorant mechanics reward teamplay and diversity in tactics, so good communication can make all the difference and get you to the victory, even against more experienced players. Remember that, and let your partners know where you are and especially what you are looking at as much as possible; if anything comes up in your line of sight while you scout, share that. Also, pay attention to what you hear on your feed and learn the right timing to use each ability.

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Who is the best Valorant Agent for me?

There are four types of Agents, each one with different roles on the team. Valorant is a teamplay focused-game, so the better you can use your team’s abilities, the more chances you have. Many abilities are attack-focused; others work wonders while defending, and many others help you gather intelligence to find weak spots in your adversary strategy. Every Agent has different abilities, and those abilities are pretty useful for different and specific things. The four main Agents type are:

  • Sentinel. The ones in charge of intelligence and ground control. They can heal players, spy enemies, and play a critical support role.
  • Controller. Their main goal is to secure a position to plant or defuse. They play a tactical and aggressive role and block entrances; perfect if you want to peek in both offense and defense.
  • Initiators are maybe the most tactical players on the team. When combined with good communication, they are lethal.

Duelists are the headseekers in the team. Although they are the most forward characters, their explosive skills are far more dangerous when you use them to team play; and it will show.

Although ranked is on in Valorant, there is no final tier list yet. You can find many unofficial lists out there, but the suggestion we share, however, is that you check the Agents out, and decide by yourself.

Valorant Agent list

While other games have Heroes, Valorant has Agents. Riot Games has confirmed more than 10 agents so far. Agents are a crucial part of every aspect of the game, not only because they are the main characters you play with but also because everything that happens around Valorant has something to do with them, either if it is the game Lore, the reveal trailers, or the upcoming expansions. The conceptual world of Valorant is built around Agent’s origin stories, looks, and abilities, so if you want to find out which are the best Agents for you to play, here's all you need to know about them and their positions. 


  • Jett is an agile and evasive Agent from South Korea who can hold entire enemy teams before they have a chance to plant; and if she plant she can defend for days. She is a fascinating character that can solo turn the table entirely in the middle of any match. Focus on her, and you’ll be winning every match with her blade storm ability.

  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Bladestorm
  • Secondary: Tailwind
  • Optional: Cloudburst, Updraft.


  • Bringing Brazil’s heat to the field, Raze is quite the tech-girl with enough gadgets and a rocket  to support your team while annoying your enemies with your cluster grenades. If the enemy isn’t aware of her, she’ll destroy them. The variety of attacks makes her a big personality and a strong Duelist that can clear with fast firing and will get noticed on the headcount thanks to her powerful blast packs to annihilate the opposition.
  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Showstopper
  • Secondary: Paint Shells
  • Optional: Boom Bot, Blast Pack.


  • Muscle-machine-raw-power, that is Breach. One of the strongest characters in the game. He often is a moving force for the whole team since he's able to clean entire areas without even getting close, or sending shockwaves across the walls. Breach s abilities are just great. Instead of the average Swed, we got a not so typical Swedish guy.

  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Rolling Thunder
  • Secondary: Fault line
  • Optional: Aftershock, Flashpoint.


  • Mystical dark powers at the service of a mercenary with a short teleport. Omen hunts in the shadows and he’s got all kinds of tricks under his sleeve unlike other agents. Due to his teleportation skills, the most asked questions about him are: Which country does he come from? How does he control the shadows? And how the hell did he appear on my back and shot me down?

  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: From the Shadows
  • Secondary: Dark Cover
  • Optional: Shrouded Step, Paranoia.


  • Brimstone is an American self proclaimed war machine that loves one thing in life - to advance and conquer. An effectively tactical ground commander, that can deliver raw power to his enemies and send precise, safe, and devastating number of attacks across the map.
  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Orbital Strike
  • Secondary: Sky Smoke 
  • Optional: Stim Beacon, Incendiary.


  • Phoenix is a capable duelist with wildly explosive firepower that comes out of his hands. This hot-headed Agent from the UK is ready to bring the party anywhere on the map with his powerful attacks, providing effective contention with its three abilities. Aside from his cool looks, he is able to fight even if it is the last and super clutch round.

  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Run it Back
  • Secondary: Hot hands
  • Optional: Blaze, Curveball.


  • Sage is one of the must-to-have agents for almost any team. This Chinese character can heal teammates, summon an Ice wall that can go through the map dividing and blocking areas closing hallways slowing their advances. And she can even revive dead teammates giving them a second chance to fight. Good, and less skill intensive than others thanks to its dart like orbs. So far, the only agent that can make health bars go up.
  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Resurrection
  • Secondary: Healing Orb
  • Optional: Barrier Orb, Slow Orb.


  • Can’t go wrong if you picked Sova; he is a deadly asset for any team due to his deadly and strategic abilities. This Russian Agent can constantly spy on enemies revealing the entire team location and shoot arrows that go through walls. Launch his drone and see every enemy reveal their locations to be ahead of the competition. 

  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Hunter's Fury
  • Secondary: Recon Bolt
  • Optional: Owl Drone, Shock Bolt.

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  • More toxic than your ex, comes Viper. That being said, this American scientist traps her enemies in her smoke traps and can force entire teams to relocate with her poisonous combination of blinding and damaging abilities. Be confident to push, as she can either trap or escape with her kit. You won’t forget a good Viper, that’s a fact.

  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Viper's Pit
  • Secondary: Toxic Screen
  • Optional: Snake Bite, Poison Cloud.


  • Cypher is THE agent. His surveillance network abilities give this Moroccan character all the information he needs to either content entire teams or find a window to plant. His deadly blind traps, well placed camera and tripwires will tell you if enemies have breached an entry, and will keep everyone busy while he does his thing.

  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Neural Theft
  • Secondary: Spycam
  • Optional: Trapwire, Cyber Cage.


  • This complicated Duelist is all about finding the right moment to rush and start a killing spree. With a wide variety of interesting damage-focused abilities, this Mexican agent is glad to add some well placed spice to the battlefield; there are three steps to use her effectively: first aiming, second quickly shoot, and third press the trigger to deliver those headshots to execute the enemy.

  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Empress
  • Secondary: Dismiss
  • Optional: Leer, Devour.


  • Killjoy will always find a viable way to secure the battlefield. Fully equipped with gear, drones, bots, and inventions, this German technology genius is fun and super helpful and will become the technological nightmare of the enemy team, always getting the job done. 

  • Abilities
  • Ultimate Maneuver: Lockdown
  • Secondary: Turret
  • Optional: Alarmbot, Nanoswarm

The best beginner Agents in Valorant

Now that we know all faces and types in Valorant let's find which ones are the best Agents to properly play and drop into Valorant for the first time.

The best beginner Duelist: Phoenix

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If you are the guy who’s not interested in flags, mountains, and bombs and just came here to immediately bang-bang, you need a Duelist. Your best beginner choice: Phoenix.

His abilities are pretty simple to understand, and his fast move, explosive play-rhythm will help you get some kills allowing you to get familiar with the updated maps. If they don’t watch you closely, this addition to your team will literally destroy the opposition and earn you quick victories.

Beginner tips and tricks: One of his most interesting abilities is Curveball, a small fireball that blinds enemies. You can send it around corners and turn your enemies' advance into your shooting practice for the day. Pro tip: Always send the short range curveball above the eye level, so you force your enemies to look up and lose sight of you entering the room with a loaded gun. You are welcome for the advantage. 

The best beginner Controller: Brimstone

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Do you like to take your time figuring out the best complex strategy to take for every move any teammate does? Do you prefer controlled demolition over close-range encounters? You could use a Controller. Your best choice: Brimstone

Similarly, Brimstone’s abilities make him a great way to contain enemies and anyone can easily use him. You may struggle a little to read the map on the wrist, but it’ll help you understand which areas are the most important on each map. 

Beginner tips and tricks: One of the most devastating movements is Brimstone’s Orbital Strike ability, which can wipe the entire team if used correctly. Now here’s a little tip: Do not make the rookie mistake of using it to get kills, but to get your enemy out of an area. Place your team at every exit of the bomb site, use the Orbital Strike to rain fire inside, and shoot them while they are trying to run to a corner for their lives.

The best beginner Initiator: Sova

Are you always looking for a place to call home or “nest”? Do you enjoy watching people fall into traps? Let’s be honest here, do people in online games call you a camper often? If that's the case, then you are an Initiator, and your guy's name is Sova.

Not much to say, only he has a Drone that lets him spots enemies, straight arrows that bounce on walls, and an ability that shoots through walls at a long distance and seeing vulnerable enemies. Every campers’ dream! 

Beginner tips and tricks: Shoot your Recon bolt high to find enemies hiding across the map and then use Hunter's fury to hit them across walls. If he times an arrow and is played correctly, he can get amazing intel for the team. 

The best beginner Sentinel: Sage

Are you a team player? Do you rather become king of the hill, than wanderer of the trenches? Do you like to make plans on the run, and tend to use your partners as pawns in your game? Then you need to shift into a Sentinel. Try playing with Sage.

You can use the healing ability to help your teammates or try summoning an ice wall in the middle of the map to completely halt their advances. Her gameplay will soon help you get familiar with all the tactic possibilities in Valorant.

Beginner tips and tricks: You can use Barrier Orb to keep enemies outside the bomb sites or give more time to your planting allies, but it can also be used as a mobility tool. As you can step on it or directly summon it below your feet, it gives you the high ground on every situation or provide a creative way out of a difficult alley.


Valorant is a dynamic game that requires a lot of practice and team communication, so do not get discouraged if your first attempts end up with your Agents' face in the mud. Perhaps you just need a few rounds of learning to figure the overall game out, but also you may need a couple of complete matches before you decide which agent or ability you want to dominate.

For now, congratulations! You have everything you need to make a big entrance into this challenging FPS and compete for a spot with the pros; don’t stop until you get there! Go put into practice all that you learned and let us know if our given tactics work for you!

Best agents for new players FAQ

Who are the Valorant Agents?

The Characters you play with. They are the “heroes” of the game and are presented in a class like system.

Will Valorant add more agents?

Yes. It is expected to actually add around 6 more per year. As of today, the latest agent they include is Shatter. Again, more will be added.

Which agent should I recruit in Valorant?

Check the article to find out the best Agent for you; we explain all of them. Our favorite four are Phoenix, Brimstone, Sova, and Sage, they are easier than others to pick up. Throwing these guys into a match with good enough game knowledge will let you make big plays with little effort.

How many agents will be in Valorant?

Valorant had around 10 agents on release and is expected to add more and increase that number every season. Certain agents have already been published.

Who is the best Valorant player?

That’s a tough one, the real answer is an incredibly big question mark since it all depends on the patch and meta. There is no best human player, and if you are referring to the agents, you can’t go wrong with some key picks. We pick one of each type, so our four choices are Phoenix, Brimstone, Sova, and Sage. The easiest to play, but equally as powerful.

What’s the best Valorant character for beginners?

Brimstone, Phoenix, Sova, and Sage won’t get you killed as much when you are a beginner. Each one plays differently, so adjust your current  keyboard shortcuts and settings when playing them.

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