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valorant Killjoy guide
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Valorant is one of the most expected games of the year, and as a part of our Agents guide series, this time we’re talking about the engineer/tech genius released as a playable character in Act II, of course, we’re talking about the colorful german agent Killjoy, and this article is Valorant Killjoy guide. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, Valorant is the Riot Games’ 5v5 First Person shooter that took 2020 by storm. A few months after its official release, the game started Act II adding new maps like Ascent and new characters, like Reyna and Killjoy. 

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a fast pacing shooter that focuses on strategy and team play. It is not the type of game where you come just to shoot anything that moves, but a more strategic and complex one. Many gamers say that playing Valorant feels more like chess than a shooter game. 

As teamplay is an important part of this game, every agent has been carefully developed to fulfill a role in the team strategy. That’s why you have duelists who specialize in aggressive pushing, controllers that can block hallways or sentinels that reveal more information about the enemy than Julian Assange. The new addition to those whistleblowers sentinels is Killjoy.

Killjoy adds an unexpected component to Valorant fast-pacing action, her technological gadgets and impressive abilities can break some of the patterns many players were starting to use, although her versatile, diverse and colorful personality adds a lot of fun to a game that already was challenging and entertaining.

In the opinion of many members of the Valorant community, Killjoy can be OP because of her abilities, and particularly because of her turret. However, as we’ll see further, Killjoy’s turret works more like an intelligence and distraction tool, than as a killing machine… although, if you know how to use it properly and how to synchronize your abilities with those of your teammates’ well, in that case, the only OP thing around here is your skillset.

 guide killjoy valorant

"Go ahead! Call me tech support again."

Who is Killjoy

Let's begin with the basics. Killjoy is the name of the new Valorant Agent who appeared as a new character in Valorant Act II, in Aug 2020. This colorful nerd is a top technological genius that can use a wide variety of bots, peak technology, and gadgets to take down enemies and make them fall into her traps. She's not as explosive as Raze, but still, her love for gadgets makes these two similar. 

This character comes with a new vitality to the Valorant community not only because of her playstyle and abilities but also because of her gadgets and looks. Even if she was one of the latest characters with a live release date in 2020, by the end of the year she was also one of the most cosplayed characters in the game because of her unique style.

From damaging grenades to turret-bots, she always has some techy stuff under her sleeve to give opponents a really unpleasant time. Her abilities bring new dynamics to the game and can be really useful to lock down entire areas, take enemies by surprise, or to take absolute control of any Spike Site on the map. Her inventions can be used not only to inflict a considerable amount of damage but also to distract enemies, to bait them, or even to trap them inside a spike site. An intel she gets allows for an easy flank. The effect of surprise is important here. We offer you this Killjoy guide for you to get used to her, but you have got to share your best plays with us. 

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Name: Killjoy 

Role: Sentinel

Bio: Killjoy is a technological Genius from Germany that can help secure the field with her knowledge, arsenal of bots and inventions. Either her enemies will be highly damaged by her gear, or her robots will become a worse technological experience than trying to use Internet Explorer to navigate Apple maps.

Now let's talk about her kit.


Killjoy Alarmbot double damage 20 seconds

Q-Alarm bot

Q allows you to choose a little bot that kind of camouflages in the field waiting for prey. Once it spots an enemy, it will run after them and explode if it gets close enough. The explosion applies Vulnerable status upon impact. This Ability also works as a great intelligence source since the Alarm Bot will run straight to the enemy, revealing their location. It costs 200 credits. 

Killjoy Turret act 2 125 hp


The third ability is another bot. This ability places a small turret that fires shots automatically at your enemies as soon as it has a line of sight on the target. While firing a bullet from a turret doesn’t really inflict much damage, it reveals the enemy's location which is massive. Damage is an added benefit. But the best part is it can add a distraction to pull opponents attention while you shoot them real bullets from a different angle, making enemies switch onto you. It has a 180-degree cone covering quite a large area on a 45-second cooldown.

Killjoy Nanoswarm


This is no ordinary grenade. Once you throw it, it will remain there, invisible until you decide to activate it. Unlike the Alarm Bot or the E-Turret, Nanoswarm can kill enemies relatively quickly. This remotely activated grenade can help you set up traps and kill Spike planters when it activates. Just choose the moment to detonate it wisely.

Killjoy Lockdown ultimate three


This ability will most likely frustrate more than one enemy and completely turn the tables for a lot of teams. It gives you a potential to keep enemies away from the bomb site entirely, which should force them into suboptimal scenario. Killjoy places a device. Once enabled, it will explode after not that short delay (13 seconds), but when it goes off, it will debuff every enemy within its huge radius for 8 long seconds. It deals damage and detains enemies near the blast. It will make you think twice before making that run to defuse the spike. 

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Strengths and weaknesses

Killjoy is a sentinel, and so far, her abilities seem a combination of intelligence gatherer and damage abilities. As a result, you can get a lot of information from the opposite team while playing with her, but you will also have chances to score kills. The ways you can use Killjoy abilities are practically limitless.

She is definitely not an aggressive Agent, and while her defensive abilities work great for her and her team, she doesn't have the best damage stats. She can still deal damage, but it's not as threatening as Phonix, Reyna, or Raze. As Valorant is a team-focused game, our suggestion is that you check which agents make the best mix for your team, and use Killjoy abilities to make your teammates' gameplay better.

Killjoy is the best example of German intelligence. Simply put, her abilities can help you hold ground, stop opponents’ advance, and convince the enemy team to withdraw in a not-so-friendly way later on. When combined with other agents' abilities, as Cypher’s, the mix of intelligence, defense, and attack abilities can be lethal. She's great at static protecting and defending bomb sites.

The only thing that may interfere with Killjoy advance are blinding and blocking abilities. For instance, the Turret won’t start attacking enemies if they are inside a smoke bomb or if there is an Ice wall between it and their targets. Flashes, like Phoenix Curveball, will also affect the Turret performance. 

How to win as a killjoy

As a Sentinel, Killjoy has everything she may need to get information about the enemy team. You should build your team comp accordingly. You can use her to secure flanks while pushing into the spike site, or setting up enemies for other agents to “finish the job”. On the offense side, you can armor entirely the Spike site, placing a turret on one entry point and covering the remaining ones with Nanoswarms, or releasing Alarm bots around corners. This will help you not only to get some kills but to be aware of every advance attempt from the opponents. And if at the end of the round you think everything is lost, a very nasty move could be to activate your Ultimate Ability and remain hidden until it explodes. Killjoy’s Lockdown can even debuff and incapacitate the Spike defuser or planter.

Killjoy tips and tricks

Killjoy is an ace on the defense. Any attempt to gain ground will be much stronger if the team uses her correctly. Remember, her attack stats in the current state of the game are not that good, so when on the offensive, try to support your teammate’s abilities. Killjoy is more an intelligence agent than an entry agent. Always check your key binds and settings. You may want to adjust something.


When combined with Cypher, they can become lethal. They both can gather information, block entrances, and slow down enemies' pushes. Communicate with your team and team play, especially when using abilities.

Sage is another great partner for Killjoy. You can use the combination of Ice Walls and turrets to completely block hallways, or you can use Ice walls and nano swarms to create the perfect trap for the entire enemy team. 

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Remember blinding abilities affect Killjoy’s turret and alarm bots, so be careful where you place them, as the placement of it is crucial to gain advantage.

Your Alarm bot doesn’t have enough power to kill enemies, but it still is a valuable intelligence tool. When people get hit by it, they get a debuff for a few seconds and you or any of your teammates can kill them with one shot. Also, as it will chase the enemy, you can know where the enemy is hiding.

Since peeking is an important aspect of the valorant gameplay, you can use that to your advantage and place strategically your alarm bot to repel fire. It will not kill your enemy, but it will do two things for you: It will let you know the enemy's position without you getting into the crossfire, and more importantly, it will distract them for you to be able to shoot them from an opposite corner. They will never expect that.

Alarmbot is best used to support rush, follow flanks, or to counter rotations, so place it on shallow corners. Using it under the spike post lets you jiggle peek players during defuse or plant. Nanoswarm is best to cover enemy rush through chokepoints.


On the attack push, you can also use the turret as a contention and intelligence tool. You can place it in a high position and use it to track where enemies are coming from. Remember one of the most important benefits of the turret is that it reveals the enemy's location.

You can activate Nanoswarm at will, which means you have to be smart about where to place it, but foremost, you have to be precise about when to activate it, because the enemies will see it as they approach and they can destroy it. We suggest you take a good look at the map and find the best spots to drop them. You can place them in hidden corners or even behind boxes on the Spike sites. Be creative and more than one opponent will think of you the next time they feel used. On the attack side, the Nanoswarm grenade is an excellent pest control, since you can throw it in corners you suspect enemies are hiding, and watch them run for their lifelike rats!

The perfect play would be the Brimstone on your team calling an orbital strike inside the Spike site where the enemies are at and block the way out using Killjoy’s nanoswarm grenades. Either you wipe them out or they will get severely damaged. 


Lockdown is a great cleaning tool since it has a huge range. Its setup is slow, so you have to take good cover before using it, but once it explodes, it will debuff every enemy in the area. You can use this to escape, to coordinate with your team to kill everyone affected by the blast, or to reclaim a site. Something interesting to take on count is that Lockdown will incapacitate any player planting or defusing, so even if you are the last man standing, you still have a card under your sleeve that could give you the round. Be careful, it can be destroyed.

This ability is great on the attack and defense sides because enemies will be slowed down and debuffed, so they will be forced to move out of an area, or get restricted access to another. It’s biggest downside is the time it takes to get activated. During this period, remember to beware of the certain intrepid ones that will try to disable it instead of running away. Forcing them out might be a way to go. 

We will see how it goes in the esports pro play, as competitive is still young. We might have another strong pick, tho.

How to play against Killjoy?

- Avoid her Lockdown dome; gather information on where it's placed and destroy it, before it goes off,

- Headphones, for sure, is a must, as you can more or less hear most of her abilities,

- Having Raze or Sova in the team will provide you with major advantage, as they can destroy Killjoy's devices,

- Jiggle-peek the corners, as you may bump into the Turret with it.


Killjoy is one Agent that will open your possibilities in many ways, and is a lot of fun to play with, so now that you have all the information you need about this german tech genius, get out there and blow something up! Remember to match Killjoy’s abilities with those of your teammates and defend the nerd side at all cost! 

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What does Killjoy mean?

Means “someone who ruins the fun for everyone”. Don’t worry, you’ll start to understand it the first time you get caught by her Lockdown device.

What are killjoy s abilities?

Killjoy has four main abilities: Q-Alarm bot, a small bot that chases enemies and explodes on them. E-turret, a controversial turret that can be placed on the ground and shoots enemies. C-Nanoswarm, a user-activated molly that you can hide and it remains invisible until someone gets close. X-Lockdown, a kind of EMP that debuffs and slows enemies within its blast radius.

How to kill targets with the turret?

Bad news is the turret doesn’t actually kill enemies since its 8 damage per shot is super low, but on the bright side, you can use it to distract enemies and shoot them in bursts while they attack it. Check out our Valorant Killjoy Guide to find out everything about her abilities.

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