Valorant best agents for playing solo - who will let you solo carry?

valorant best agents for playing solo
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Many Valorant players have chosen a lone way of getting to higher ranks. Even though this FPS phenomenon from Riot Games is a team competition - it is possible to play solo by joining matches with other random players who also want to play on their own. In this guide, we want to tell you which Agents you should choose for your solo games to maximize your chances of achieving victory! Let's get started!


Are there better and worse Agents for solo games

There is no doubt in our minds that some of the Agents are more fit for playing solo than the others. Some of the in-game “classes” offer tools that are exceptionally useful while playing alone - Sage, Phoenix, and Reyna can heal themselves. Jett and Raze have some powerful, damaging abilities, making them very kill-oriented. 

But let’s not forget about the support agents that have team-focused abilities. After all, it is a team game, right? Cypher and Sova have some decent intel tools. Sage can support her teammates as well, and she’s a must-have in the current meta. Other agents with zone denial abilities are great at both defending and pushing. So the real question is whether you want to rely on your team’s overall success or more on yourself.

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valorant best solo agents reyna

Reyna is our natural first choice when it comes to Agents that players can choose for solo plays. Most of her abilities are very self-oriented. Through the Devour, she can regain the health that she lost. Through Dismiss, she can avoid tough situations. Her Ultimate - Empress makes her even stronger for all of the solo plays that she makes - she gains the ability to turn invisible, automatically recover health, and have an increased fire rate with her weapons. Besides all of that, Reyna can throw a blinding eye that removes the vision from all enemies without flashing allies.



Valorant best solo agents phoenix

Another Agent that excels in solo plays is Phoenix. This guy can not only recover his lost health through two abilities, but he can also come back to life if he dies. It only occurs during his Ultimate, so uses of this ability are very limited. The main strength of Phoenix lies not in his healing potential but his Curveball skill. This Valorant Agent can pull out two flashes during each round, and every flash that he pops is almost instant. If you can manage to throw them perfectly - this ability is unavoidable, making it perfect for solo carrying games. Phoenix is an amazing duelist that reaches for the best spots on every Valorant Agent Tier List since the Closed Beta. It's not a B tier hero - it's an S class killer.

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Valorant best solo agents sage

It might surprise some of you to see a Sage on this list. This Valorant Agent is known as a Support, which means that she revolves mostly around helping others - so she must be a team-oriented character, right? Well, not quite. Indeed, you can get the best out of her when she cooperates with her team, but Sage is so excellent that she is also perfect for playing solo. If you plan on playing Sage, you get access to two powerful slows, a wall that can block enemies or boost you to higher ledges and a heal that can restore all of your lost health. The heal is even cooldown based, so you might use it more than once in each round! Obviously, you won't be able to Resuscitate yourself with your Ultimate, but still even without that, Sage shines as one of the best Agents in the game. All of her abilities are strong, and the healing that she has is unmatched.



valorant best solo agents raze

This position, on the other hand, shouldn't surprise anybody. Raze is another self-oriented character - just like Reyna. Even more so, all of Raze's abilities are damage dealers, so you can't say that any of them directly supports teammates. Grenades, sticky bombs, and a robot that automatically chases enemies and detonates itself near them - everything about the Raze toolkit screams that her abilities are meant for playing on your own. There is even a rocket launcher at her disposal that wounds everyone hit by it - even teammates. Raze is just what you need if you plan to rush at your enemy, throwing explosive abilities left and right to get as many frags as possible.



valorant best agents cypher

Cypher is not your typical first choice for playing solo, but you have to hear us out on this one. This Agent is the best defender in the game that can secure an entire bombsite on his own - that's also why he is so good for playing solo. To win as Cypher simply throw a camera at the right location, put some Tripwires here and there, leave a cage or two behind and set yourself up for some camping. Take as many rounds in the defense as possible because Cypher is no eagle on the attack side. Cypher strives while defending, but his attacking capabilities are mediocre at best. Of course, Neural Theft is a big deal - an Ultimate ability that allows Cypher and his whole group to take a peek at the location of all enemies - whenever they are.



valorant best solo agent killjoy

Among Valorant Agents, there is one with a name that speaks for itself. Killjoy loves taking fights and winning duels. With her little turret, Nanobot machine, and all sorts of other gadgets, she can be a real danger - even when playing alone. This turret that we are talking about is what makes her so strong in solo plays. Killjoy can set deadly traps and smart setups that let her trick enemies into thinking that she's in one place when she's elsewhere. Outsmarting your enemies will be a key to the victory right here - Killjoy can do some really nasty things to her enemies, and fooling them is the least harsh of those. You can think of this Agent as an aggressive version of Cypher - instead of slows and snares, you have damage-dealing traps. Instead of crowd control, you get more firepower. The idea is simple - the attack is the best line of defense.


Final word

Don't pay attention to Valorant Tier List while you are choosing your Agents. Each of them has something valuable to offer and can be a very valuable addition to the team. You just have to play what you like and like what you play. Every online game is not about being the best but about having fun. And as you have fun, you play more, practice more, and achieve more. That's why it is so important to experiment with various Agents on your own. Among our list, you can find picks that you might find suitable for your gameplay or not - it's up to you to decide who you want to play, but we believe that Agents listed above have much bigger potential in solo games than any other Valorant heroes available. If you don't agree with our list or if you want to state your opinion, please let us know what is on your mind in the comment section below this article. Your opinion matters - it allows us to change for better, so be sure to leave a word or two!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the best Agent in Valorant?

All in-game characters are more or less equal. It's their abilities and the way you use them which makes the difference.


How do you unlock Agents in Valorant?

By reaching level 5 on their contracts.


Which role is the best for playing solo in Valorant?

Duelists are the greatest in playing solo.


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