Valorant - which agent is the best for you and why?

valorant which agent is the best for you
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In Valorant, there are multiple Agents that players can choose, and each of them belongs to a different role that he fulfills for his team. It gives the player a wide variety of choices, but finding the right Agent might not be a simple task. If you have an issue choosing the right path when you are on the Agent choice screen, this guide was written for you to rule in Valorant. Which agent is the best for you? Find our right now!


What roles can Valorant Agents have?

There are currently four roles assigned to the Agents in the Valorant game. Each Agent has only one role, which doesn't necessarily mean that they cannot fulfill other roles within the game. It only means that he is more fit to do one thing than the other. Currently, in the game, there are:

  • Duelists - Phoenix, Jett, Raze
  • Controllers - Viper, Brimstone, Omen
  • Initiators - Sova, Breach, Reyna
  • Sentinels - Cypher, Sage, Killjoy


Duelists specialize in aggressive playstyle. They are the best at taking 1v1 fights and reaching for fast pickoffs. Controllers, on the other hand, are more oriented on the defense. Their toolkit revolves around abilities that let them take over zones and protect them from incoming enemies. Initiators are experts in breaching previously mentioned safety measures. They are first to get into action, and they have abilities that easily break the defense line. Sentinels mark the last group of Agents. They usually use their skills to gather intel and to give team advantage without forcing fights. Good Sentinel is always a valuable addition with some special utility that only they can provide.


Which role in Valorant is right for you?

By taking into consideration this what we have described above, you should be able to determine which role is for you. Most of the players that start their journey with any FPS game like Valorant or CS: GO often play very aggressively. For them, Duelists are often a perfect match. With the set of abilities that allow them to come out on top of tight fights and even duels, those players will do better on aggressive Agents like Phoenix, Jett, or Raze. 

Viper, Brimstone, and Omen are a completely different story since they are Controllers. Their passive playstyle shines on the defense as they can block the entire bombsites with their smokes, Molotovs, poisons, and all sorts of protective skills. These Agents are often chosen by more experienced players who value the utility that they can provide for their team.

Players who like to lead their team to a fight and open up opportunities will find the Initiator role the most exciting of all available in Valorant. With Agents like Sova, Breach, or Reyna, they will be able to go right through the enemy defense and create an opportunity for other team members to do the same. Their toolkit allows those characters to get past the traps and defensive mechanisms that were left from stopping them from fighting. 

But for a good initiator to open-up a site, you also need Sentinels. They do all sorts of support for your team - from providing valuable intel through the useful gadgets that help you on your task to the healing abilities that will recover your health whenever you are wounded. There are no better and worse roles in Valorant, and every member of a team is useful.


Which Agent will be the best for you?

To answer that question, let's take a look at each Agent available in the Valorant game.



Let's open up this list with the most popular Duelist in the game - Phoenix. His toolkit consists of a pop-flash, wall that blocks vision, area of effect damage over time ability, and an extremely effective Ultimate that allows him to respawn when he dies. Phoenix focuses on a very aggressive playstyle. With Curveball ability, he can quickly blind an opponent, peek and land a bullet in his head. On almost every Agent Tier List, he reaches the highest positions since he barely has any weak points. Even if his Blaze and Hothands skills aren't too spectacular, they are still good to have since Phoenix can use them to heal himself back.

Choose Phoenix if:

  • You want to play an aggressive hero with self-sustain (Through Hot Hands and Blaze)
  • Run It Back (Ultimate) concept looks cool to you
  • You want to play the best entry fragger in the game.



Jett is another duelist among Valorant Agents that shines in aggressive plays, but she is a different kind of aggressor than Phoenix. Jett doesn't have mechanics that allow her to take a peek at the enemy position without taking a risk like Phoenix's pop flash or his Ultimate. Instead, Jett has rapid moves that instantly allow her to get out of the trouble, and Blade Storm Ultimate gives her an extremely accurate and deadly weapon. She can even use it while mid-air. This skill makes Jett the best sniper in the game since even when she carries with her Operator, she can still pull out deadly Kunais to stop anybody that comes at her. If you plan to play with sniper rifles, Jett is your best bet.

Choose Jett if:

  • You like quick and nimble characters
  • You want to use sniper rifles or shotguns
  • You want an Ultimate that looks good on frag movies.



The last of the Duelist Agents introduced to the game so far is Raze. This character offers a different playstyle than the two previously mentioned. All of Raze's abilities deal damage, which makes her especially effective in pulling enemies out of their covers and hideouts. She has been considered to be overpowered for a long time, which made her a subject of multiple changes that mainly nerfed her abilities. Raze has abilities that let her reach for high ledges, which can be a useful perk to have on a duelist. Moreover, all of her abilities deal area of effect damage, which is just perfect if you are looking to become a top fragger on the scoreboard. Showstopper Ultimate is probably the most iconic of all skills in the game, and it can be used for some very spectacular plays.

Choose Raze if:

  • You want to kill enemies with the use of your skills.
  • You like boost-jumps and explosions.
  • You are not into sneaking.



Among controllers, the first one on our list is Viper. She is probably the hardest Agent to play in the entire game. Her skills may seem straightforward - smoke in the form of the wall, smoke in the form of the sphere, a pool of poison, and the Ultimate that to put it simply creates a bigger smoke than two mentioned previously. Indeed it's simple to throw abilities on random spots and expect them to work, but in reality, you have to know exact locations where to point your mouse and the best possible timings so you won't waste the potential that this Agent has. That's why Viper is so tough to learn. If you want to play Viper for fun without knowing the exact locations for your Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud, you will be inefficient.

Choose Viper if:

  • You are searching for the best looking character in the game
  • You want a spectacular ultimate that can clutch rounds even on 1v5
  • You like the passive style of gameplay.



Brimstone is arguably the most basic of all Valorant heroes - he doesn't jump, dash, teleport, or do all sorts of other crazy things that other Agents can perform. Instead, he offers other things that can be helpful for both himself and his allies. Brimstone can throw up to three clouds of smoke at the same time. Each Sky Smoke lasts for a long time and can be used without revealing your location as it is called down from the sky. Moreover, Brimstone can throw Stimpacks that boost the rate of fire and shoot flaming grenade that burns ground beneath enemies. But his real power is within his Ultimate move - the Orbital Strike. Brimstone can call down large from the sky laser that burns everyone caught within its blast. This ability can wipe down an entire enemy team when used at the right time. It may also stop enemies from planting Spike, deny pushes, block paths and do all sorts of different things. Because of that, Brimstone is a powerful Agent that is very suitable even for the new Valorant players.

Choose Brimstone if:

  • You don't like jumps, dashes, and teleports, and you want an Agent that keeps his feet firmly on the ground.
  • You are looking for a character that is easy to learn and remains effective at all levels.
  • You want to have an Ultimate that can wipe down the enemy team with a single click.



The list of Controllers is being closed by the shadowy creature that goes by the name of Omen. This Valorant Agent became a fan favorite because of his unusual designs and exceptional abilities. Omen can teleport on short distances with his Shadow Step or the entire map through his From the Shadows ability. This Agent can effectively blind opponents with Paranoia and block vision by throwing Dark Cover wherever he wishes. The biggest drawback of choosing an Omen as your Agent is his Ultimate. Since the days of the closed beta of Valorant, people have learned how to deal with From the Shadows ability. Now everyone knows that when Omen says his voice line loudly, everyone has to check their back. This doesn't necessarily mean that this ability is useless, but it is among the weakest Ultimates in the game. Even with that being said, Omen is still a very viable Agent that has excellent potential, but this choice won't work for people who don't like to mess around thinking of creative ways of using their skills.

Choose Omen if:

  • You like teleporting and backdooring
  • You like to have a good balance between controlling and attacking playstyles
  • You like to mess around.



Among the Initiators' role, we can find a Russian archer that goes by the nickname of Sova. He specializes in the use of custom made bow that he carries on his back. He is also a fantastic spy that gathers intel without risking his own life. He does it in two ways - with Recon Bolt, he can shoot to scan the area around it and Owl Drone that he can control to see for himself who's where. This doesn't mean that his bow is in his hands purely for the utility as he can shoot with it Shock Bolts or equip a powerful Hunter's Fury that razes enemies with streams of pure energy - even through the walls. Sova gives players a chance to witness the gameplay that reconciled the role of a Spy with the role of an Initiator.

Choose Sova if:

  • You like archers and their bows.
  • You want to gather the intel for your team and peek only for sure frags.
  • You want to sniper people through the walls with Ultimate that almost guarantees kill.



Next up comes the Breach. This Agent has a rather special kit of abilities since every skill that he uses can go through the walls. His specialty is crowd-control - he has a flash, knock up, "stun," and a sort of explosion that he can use to scare away opponents from their covers. Breach is the Initiator that throws his abilities to force enemies into open spaces and uncomfortable positions. He comes with lots of utility that can help Duelists as they rush to the fight, but his skills are also very useful for point defense. If you are looking for an agent that offers a great balance between the attack and defense, we think that Breach might be your best bet.

Choose Breach if:

  • You like to aid the team with your offensive abilities
  • You want a good balance between an attack and defense
  • You want to be useful without aggressive peeking.



Reyna was the first Agent introduced after the Beta of the Valorant game. She is the aggressive Initiator with abilities that revolve mostly around boosting her capabilities. Those are self-healing, self-immunity to damage, invisibility, and the ultimate that allows her guns to have a higher fire-rate and her abilities to be improved. Besides that, Reyna has the best "flash" in the game. She can throw an 'eye' that blocks the vision of enemies but not the allies. Even though it can be destroyed, it usually gives enough distraction for Reyna to aggressively peek. Reyna offers similar gameplay to Phoenix and is probably the best choice for players who like selfish plays.

Choose Reyna if:

  • You count on yourself more than on your team
  • You love to be aggressive, and you want to find entry frags
  • You like to have a self-heal on your toolkit



Among the group of Sentinels, the first one that we want to describe is Cypher. This Agent is considered to be the master of defending. He can gather intel through his camera, throw cages that slow down enemies, and, most importantly, install tripwires that can ruin any sane man's day. Since Cypher can (metaphorically speaking) be in two places at the same time, he can effectively defend the entire bomb site on his own - that's why he's such a strong defender. The thing about this guy is that he slips off on the attack. Cypher abilities were created for defending, and they are pretty bad for attacking, but an Ultimate that shows all enemies through the walls is always a nice thing to have.

Choose Cypher if:

  • You want to become the ultimate line of defense for your team
  • Lack of attack skills isn't a problem for you
  • You love a passive game style



Next up is the Sage. The most sought-after hero in the game. Sage is the only real support as she has the only ability in Valorant that allows her to heal other players via her signature ability. Besides, that Sage can also heal herself, slow down enemies, create walls of ice that block paths through Barrier Orb, and, most importantly - resurrect allies. Even when Sage player doesn't have the best day and his aim is entirely off, she is still a valuable addition to the team. Sage has to be on every team in the game - all of her abilities are useful, and she can never be a burden - unless she doesn't use her skills.

Choose Sage if:

  • You want to play as a Support.
  • You want your team to win, but you aren't sure about your skill level.
  • You don't like to play aggressively.



Killjoy is the newest addition to the Valorant game. She is the German hacker that uses all kinds of robotic devices. She can detect her enemies with them, put down a turret that attacks anybody on sight, and deploy a nano swarm that harms all players in the area. Killjoy instead of putting up smokes and walls shield the bomb site with traps and harmful inventions. Her Ultimate allows Killjoy to detain the enemy team caught within the radius of her device, and even though it can be destroyed, this can be a real nuisance if you don't have time to deal with it.

Choose Killjoy if:

  • You like turrets and stationary point-defending
  • You like voice lines about hacking and technology
  • You want to become an aggressive-defender.



As for now, Skye is the newest agent in Valorant, that was released in October 2020. We can learn that she grew up on a farm in Australia, and she’s yet to reach her 30’s. We don’t know how these information can be useful for the players, but the developers decided to share it with us. 

Skye is what they call a druid type of an agent. It means that she uses beast-like trinkets to gain a battlefield advantage and push her team to a victory. Riot Games decided that she will belong to the Initiator class, making her the first Initiator added post-release. Guiding Light is her signature ability. It revolves around firing a hawk trinket that can flash within 4 seconds blinding all players that look at it. The hawk will follow the crosshair while flying. The key to use this ability properly is to detonate it before it fades away or gets destroyed. It's super useful, especially since you can purchase three charges of it. Then you have the Trailblazer ability. It makes a tasmanian tiger trinket that prowls over the map, providing vision. Upon a contact with enemies it detonates dealing concussive damage. Regrowth is her healing ability. Holding the Fire button makes Skye’s allies regain HP, but she cannot heal herself. Lastly, her ultimate, Seekers, sends out three entities to seek for enemies and nearsight them. 

Choose Skye if:

  • You enjoy initiating and forcing enemies into bad spots,
  • You like pets,
  • You enjoy tricking your enemies with smart plays.



That's it for today's guide - we hope that we have helped you make the right decision. Remember that the best Agent is the one you are looking forward to playing - after all, games are meant to be fun. If we get your attention and are looking forward to more guides like this one, be sure to check out what we have prepared for you on the official Blog Page of On the other hand, you may also be interested in gaming offers that can be found on our market. There, players from around the world are selling currencies, items, accounts, bots, cheats, and other things from their favorite online multiplayer games - be sure to check out the MMOAuctions marketplace, and you won't regret it!



What is the best Agent in Riot Games Valorant?

All Agents are somewhat balanced - there are no better choices.


How do you get a Valorant Agent?

Each Agent is unlocked separately when you reach level 5 on his contract.


How many agents are in Valorant?

There were 10 Agents during the beta, but this number grew, and there are many more to come.


Is Valorant Agent Tier List accurate?

No, because all agents are useful in one way or another.

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