Valorant Bind Guide - Easy wins with simple tricks

A guide for Valorant's map Bind
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Valorant is a newly released game from Riot Games on the FPS genre. Inspired by the likes of CS: GO, it's a mix between a realistic tactical shooter with sci-fi abilities to flank, outsmart, and kill your enemies. Agents are the playable characters, and each one of them can change the terrain, reveal enemy positions, or just straight-up blow them up. It is a pretty cool game, to be honest. 

Currently, there are four maps in Valorant, all of them with unique differences in layout and playability. For the Valorant Bind map, it’s all about the teleporters. The two of them allow fast rotation from either site, giving players more chances for outplays and comebacks. With tight corridors and many obstacles to hide behind in, no Bind game will be played the same.

In this Bind map guide, we’ll go through the basic callouts for the map, the best strategies to defend either site and how to push against both of them. Lastly, we’ll see some of the best Agents for the map.

Callouts for Bind

The most popular callouts for Bind.

Learning the callouts is a must for Valorant. Without good communication, you won’t get far away. So if you want to rank, study these callouts. Here are the most important callouts for Bind. 

Hookah - When you hear this callout, it doesn’t mean someone is trying to smoke you. On Bind, it’s the room leading to the B window (just window) on the B site. Perfect for sniping defenders or for baiting attackers.

Showers/bath - Just outside the A site, connecting A lobby to it. Showers is a crucial position on Bind since it’s just outside the B site teleporter. It leads to a clean shot to Heaven if you are making a push for the A site. Some people call showers bath, but most of us call them showers.

Heaven - Near the defenders' spawn, towering over the A site. Perfect for picking kills and a great place to hold off a push. Out of all the callouts in Valorant, this one is the most confusing because of the “Haven” map. Just know they are referring to the current map you are playing.

Ports - Bind’s gimmick. There’s A port, B port, A port exit, and B port exit. Pretty self-explanatory. A port leads to B short and Hookah, while B port leads to Showers. Be smart when rotating, and remember that they do make noise. You don’t want to die on your way to B site.

Long and Short - When you hear these callouts, it always is something like long B or A short. It refers to key “long” or “short” rooms on the maps. For Bind, long B leads to B port. While B short and short A are outside the A port exit and A port entrance. The order doesn’t matter; you can say B long or long B, just be specific. 

Teleporters tips and tricks

Here lies the beauty of the Bind map, the teleporters. You can block them or send other solid items through them, meaning a distraction before jumping in or going in the opposite direction if you feel that someone might rotate through it, wall, or smoke the entrance. It might force them to reconsider their approach. Remember - smoke is not a block; they can still decide to push through it. 

Agents with bots or drones can send them through the teleports to create sound and noise and distract the enemy. As an attacker, you’ll prefer the B site teleport, and as a defender, you’ll need to use everything in your arsenal to get control of A short to control the A teleporter. You don’t want to open up options for the attacking team. 

Here are some abilities that can make it through the teleporters; the most useful to use is teleporter A to send stuff into Hookah. 

- Anything on Raze’s arsenal. The bot, the grenades, and even her ultimate. Make sure to aim at the center for the doors to open in time. 

- Sage can send her orb to CC Hookah, which can lead to stopping a push or delaying it for a while.

- Brimstone’s incendiary and stim beacon. Shoot the incendiary to deal some extra damage and get some extra kills. 

- Cypher’s Cyber Cage can be used to obscure Hookah, not incredibly useful, but it is good to know that. 

- Sova’s arrows can make it through the trip, and also his drone. 

- Viper can send her poison cloud and Snake Bite through the teleporter.

- Jett can send her smokes.

- Phoenix, Blaze, Curveball, and Hot Hands all make it through but with not so great results.

It’s not all about the tricks, but these couple of facts may be the difference between winning and losing rounds on the map Bind. Smart rotations are a must in the Valorant Bind map. If you want to guide your team into victory, use the teleporters and callouts effectively. 

Attack like a pro in Valorant Bind

Being on the offensive doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to get hunted down. A bad turn means death. So be careful and approach the Bind map with caution. A site defending players can flank you easily if you have an all mid push to take either the B site or A site. 

The set up for taking the A site is two men pushing for A-short with one or two players pushing from showers. It’s going to take up some time and coordination. But if you also have a couple of team members distracting site B, you won’t find yourself getting flanked. Be patient, wait for enemy cooldowns, and shoot to the head. Don’t be afraid to go through the smoke screens. And you Showers players - make sure to check up in Heaven to spot a sniper.

Attacking B site needs at least two players pushing through Hookah and at least two to three pushing through B long. This way, the players from Hookah can shoot incoming enemy reinforcements from the teleporters. Be smart when using your abilities, as they’ll be essential to stop enemy take backs and reinforcements. You can use some smokes from Viper or Brimstone, or Sage’s wall on A port exit to further delay the reinforcements.

If there seems to be a party down on B site, rotate to the other side of the map. Send some men down the B teleporter into showers and the rest through A short. If done correctly, you might surprise and give them little to no time to rotate, since they’ll have to do it from defenders spawn and venture into Hookah themselves. 

An easy Defense with this Bind map guide

The key positions here are A-short, B-long, and Hookah. If you manage to hold onto these three key areas, you’ll win the round. Be patient, and don’t be afraid to use your abilities if you smell trouble. It’s better to get away alive with no cooldowns rather than die without using a single ability.

Defending A site is all about A-short control. You can delay the enemy with a good set up, like Viper’s walls and toxic smokes, Sage’s wall and slow and even some Brimstone smokes. Brimstone smokes can even help players on site B. Be sure to have a man on Heaven since the enemy can use the teleporter to do a shower push (unlikely, both possible).

Rotation is easier from A site, if the enemy team is trying to do a site B push, don’t be afraid to use the teleporter, but send a man through defenders spawn as well to flank the enemy team. Holding A site is not impossible. The key is not to let go of A short. You could even push to end the round faster.

Defending site B is tricky. It’s more open than the A site, but retaking it is harder than it looks. You’ll alert the enemy team by using the teleporter, and if you want to do it fast, you only have two real options. A man in long b and another in Hookah should be enough to hold it and give you time and space to fall back and regroup. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from A site, as the extra man on the teleporter can net the team surprise kills. From Hookah, you can peek into B short and fallback all the way into B window if you smell trouble.

Best Agents to use on the Bind map

Sage - A wall, a slow, heal and revive, these traits make Sage a force to be reckoned with. She can delay the enemy team and even block rotations with a well-placed wall on the teleporters. Either defending or attacking, you’ll find her extremely useful.

Cypher - Intel is as useful as walls and smokes. Knowing where the enemy is attempting to rotate or spotting them on a key location is the difference between winning or losing a round. They said that B site is Cypher playground since he can cover all the entrances with his abilities.

Sova - Due to the nature of the map, Sova’s arrow will be able to spot enemy movement, and with its ultimate, you’ll pick unsuspecting enemies with ease. You can also try to make some cool plays with his drone and the teleporters.

Brimstone - Smokes are almost a necessity if you want to push effectively. Obscuring the end of a long hall to pass safely, distract the enemy to flank him, or just delaying a push will open up tons of outplaying possibilities. Just remember that smokes are not walls.

Viper - Damaging walls and smokes to punish heavy pushers. Field control blocks enemy options and can set up teammates amazingly. She is more effective as a defender.

Omen - Omen’s paranoia covers Hookah entirely, giving you a free push through it, cutting the distance between the team and the objective. The ability to teleport to back up and reposition or teleport into a better one will keep enemies guessing. 

Final thoughts on the Valorant Bind Map guide

Remember that controlling the key areas on the map Bind as either defender or attacker will net you the most wins. B long, A short, Hookah and showers, don’t forget these callouts. Learn that backing up is not losing the game. It may be better to back up from a bad fight in Hookah, regroup in B window to hold on B site. 

The Valorant Bind map is full of little tricks, don't forget to use the teleporters to coordinate a pushback. Even throw some projectiles through the teleporters to change the layout and change the tide of the fight. Use the noise they make to confuse the enemy. Attackers on A site might feel confident to push out if they hear the A teleport being activated. As an attacker, you can threaten for a hard push on B. Use the B teleporter to make a hard rotation into the A site of the Bind map.

Always communicate with your team, and tell them if anything seems or sounds suspicious. Be ready to rotate on the Bind map, but don't be too hasty, so you fall into traps. Now that you know everything about the Valorant Bind map go out and shoot your way into victory.


How many maps are in Valorant?

Four maps. Bind, Haven, Split, and Ascent. Each one of these maps plays differently from the other. To increase your chances of winning, use a guide to learn their ins and outs. We have a couple of those, just type in something like “map guide Bind Valorant” or “Valorant Bind map guide” on the search bar. 

How do I get better at Valorant?

Easy answer? Play more games. Apart from that, use guides, learn callouts, and master Agents. It’s good to be a jackknife, but it’s better to have a defined role. Master one or two roles playing as many games as you can. Don’t forget to talk to your team! And lastly, learn the in's and out's of all the maps reading guides online.

What does CT mean in Valorant?

One of the many callouts originating from CS: GO, it does mean Counter-Terrorist, and it refers to the defenders' team on Valorant. It relates to their spawning site. On a map guide, you’ll see that they are always in the north position. Using the ability to change the layout of the maps is just as critical as managing your economy.

Is Valorant harder than CSGO?

Each one of them is different. Valorant movement it’s slower, which for CS: GO players might make it easier. But Riot Games did make sure that Valorant felt different enough to CS: GO to give Valorant a new depth of play to it.

Does KDA matter in Valorant?

In short, no. According to Riot Games, improving your ranking ultimately comes down to winning games. May sound like a shocker to some, but a good looking KDA in a losing streak won’t mean anything in the long run. Checkout guides on the many maps and Agents for Valorant to rank higher than the competition.

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