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valorant how to leave iron guide
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Valorant is a game that connected players coming from various other online multiplayer titles. Here you can find those that played another Riot Games product - League of Legends, those that perfected their shooting skills in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and finally players that didn't have a chance to play FPS games ever before. 

As you can see, the variety when it comes to players who have chosen Valorant is quite big - and so is the skill level of these players. There is a large gap between new players that got placed in Iron and those who came from CS: GO and quickly reached for the Immortal rank. In this Valorant how to leave Iron guide, we want to give you a few tips on getting out of the Iron in the Valorant's competitive mode! 



Every step of your learning starts and ends here. It doesn't matter if you are Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or Immortal - you have to practice to get better. To be good at shooters like Valorant, you have to aim precisely and quickly. To do that, you have to train your brain. We still haven't had a first-hand experience of a game so powerful and competitive as this. The performance and placement matches of each player is what’s going to decide how good and well this game works and how amazing is the overall experience. Most of the players do that by using weapon range in the training mode. It is a good way of learning how to quickly “flick” between targets. A 15-minute warm-up before every game will give you way more than any tutorial that you can read or watch, so if you want to improve, spend these 15 minutes each day on Valorant's shooting range.

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Learn callouts

It is the bread and butter for every new player. Callouts are very important if you want to tell the rest of your team where the enemy stands, and you have to do that to succeed. In games like Valorant headset with a microphone is a must. You have to give information to the team members and listen to what others have to say - the team that communicated always has the edge over the team that does not.

In the end, it's all about winning games. Valorant ranks are an individual way yo measure each player’s progress based on the ranking and the competitive ranked system. Unranked match, however, is not included to measure the top rank "Radiant". All locations on the map have names, and by memorizing most of them, you will be able to give precise information about the enemy team's positions. Of course, there are pings in Valorant, which you can use when you don't know callouts or when you don't use a microphone, but in the heat of the moment, those might be drowned.


Be unpredictable

If all you know is how to hold one angle, you might be successful once or twice, but you will eventually be worked out. Try to be unpredictable, look for angles that might let you catch opponents as they chance positions, fake your Spike plants, outsmart your opponents, and always think how you can creatively use your skills to gain an advantage during the round. Valorant with lots of different skills that you can use can give you all sorts of opportunities to use your creativity. Even at the higher ranks, it`s not uncommon to see players secure round victories not with the skill in the weapon handling but with their creativity.

You don't need to start within the best tiers if you only have like five days in this game. Don't expect yourself to become an expert right away, you first need to have the mechanic explained so you can use tactics that wins the battle. Someone wise once said - work smart, not hard, and we believe that this sentence applies to the Valorant game.


Be patient

Patience is the key to victory. Valorant is a team game, and if you have just killed a member of the enemy team - don't push for another one. An opening frag already gives your team a significant advantage, which you do not want to lose. When you kill an opponent, your location is almost always revealed. Change cover, find another spot, and patiently capitalize on your recent victory. This advice applies to every rank as it is natural to human nature to reach for more as we win, but be patient and harvest your earnings when the game is over.

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Be kind

It might seem like a surprising tip on this list, but if you are not kind to other players, you will have a harder time in the game. Even if your teammates seem ruthless and toxic to you - you have to bite your teeth and don`t say anything about that. Respond with kindness to offensive language, and someone on your team might notice that you are trying harder than others. You may be surprised to see how many people acknowledge such behavior and try to help in response. Being kind to people who offend you isn't easy - especially during hopeless matches, but it strengthens your character, and even if you aren't able to achieve a victory in the match by behaving like this, you will become more successful in life.


Use your utility

Most of the abilities that you can purchase are very cheap. On each round, you should use everything that you have (maybe except ultimate) to not only find killing opportunities but also to help your team reach for the objectives. As mentioned before, Valorant is a team game, and by becoming a team player, you will be able to reach much higher ranks. Always think of creative ways of using your skills to secure rounds and to help your allies. Pushing is the last thing you can consider doing and the ultimate thing to do when you are up against the wall with the lack of opportunities to do anything else. Be creative with your skills, and you may find frags without risking your own life in return.

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Find a squad

Many players that switched from other shooter games to Valorant don't know about one important feature of this game. In Valorant, players who join solo queue can be matched against premade teams - queues for teams and single players aren't here split like in every other shooter game, including CS: GO. Because of that, premade teams have an enormous advantage over solo players trying to reach higher ranks in the competitive mode. 

It has been a matter of many arguments since the Closed Beta, but it seems like Riot Games won't change it in any way. That's exactly why you want to find the team - it's much easier to cooperate with people who have microphones, who you know, and who you have synergy with. With squad, you will be able to not only reach for the better ranks faster but also to have more fun while doing so.


Have fun!

Don't think about reaching to highest ranks in the shortest time possible - instead, think about what you can do to entertain yourself. Play with Agents that you love, jump into matches with your friends and gamers that you like to play with, and simply have fun. Games were made for entertaining people not to give them more stress - even if there are emotions in the game, remember that you are playing for fun - don't force yourself into anything, and victories will naturally come to you.



That's all that we have prepared for you in terms of the Iron climbing guide for the Valorant game. If you want to learn more about this title or search for guides about other online multiplayer games, we can show you have to become a better player. Read our recent articles and the best tutorials at the official MMOAuctions blog page. On the other hand, you may also be interested in all sorts of different gaming goods that members of our community have to offer. Check out the best deals for items, currencies, bots, cheats, gaming accounts, and others or post your goods for sale on the MMOAuctions market!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the lowest rank that you can get in Valorant competitive games?

It's Iron - you can't get lower than that.


How to advance to higher ranks?

Win more games than you lose, and you will get to better ranks eventually.


Where can I practice for the ranked mode?

You can use the shooting range at the training mode for that.

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