Valorant Level System - Level up fast for easy rewards.

Viper's Contract will get you some nice in-game skins.
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In almost every online multiplayer game there are levels. These are milestones that you can reach by playing and they unlock various things. They will not give you better guns, armors, jetpack, or a helicarrier for it, as it would bring an imbalance to the game. However, there are cosmetic rewards that can be gained through account leveling. Some people don’t care about their looks both in real life and in the game, but some other players will pay good money for one skin. In this article, we want to talk about levels in Valorant - how to get them, what can you get from reaching them, and is it worth it. Let's find out!

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How does leveling in Valorant works?

In Riot Games' newest product, the leveling system is kind of hidden. New players might even miss it at the first contact with the game but we assure you that it exists and it is quite important. Just like in MMO game you receive more points of experience for winning games and less for losing matches but nonetheless you always improve with every step that you take. Whether you are playing a competitive mode or the casual unrated matches, your Valorant rank will still improve at the same pace. 

After your first contact with the game, the experience that you gain will go towards two goals - unlocking beginner rewards and the current Battle Pass. We will talk about these in a second. When you are done with your beginner rewards you unlock the contract Agents which is the main part of the leveling. 

Agent Contracts

Leveling up Viper's Agent Contract

In the Valorant, the experience can be assigned to one of the Agents. It allows you to level up what's called "Agent contract". To start leveling one of the Agent Contracts, you have to choose it through the collection menu first. You have all of the characters listed there and you can see which ones are unlocked and which aren't yours yet. To unlock an Agent, you have to get their contract to level 5. To do that you won't be forced to play a class that you do not like as you can gain experience assigned to the Agent of your choice while playing any other character. It’s not like League of Legends, where you have to play a certain champion in order to receive their Mastery Points.

Besides unlocking new characters, Agent Contracts can give you all sorts of other rewards. Here you will be able to find sprays, Radianite points, borders that are shown on loading screens, titles, tags that you can hang on weapons, and finally weapon skins themselves. To unlock the "ultimate reward" which is the skin for one of the basic weapons (those that cost below 800 Credits) you need to level up your Agent Contract to level 10. Each Agent has a skin for a different weapon and to unlock more than one you have to get multiple contracts to level 10 or you can pay with premium currency for that.


Beginner rewards

Beginner's Contract

New players that recently joined the game will be putting their efforts towards unlocking five levels of the Beginner's Contract. Rewards on the first four levels might not seem too tempting as that's only one title, one spray, and two avatars. On level 5, however, you will be able to find a new Agent for yourself which you will be albo to boost straight to level 5 with the special reward from your Beginner's Contract.


Battle Pass

A Battle Pass contract.

Battle Pass is a mechanic that you should be familiar with as it is used in many online multiplayer games. It is a special type of contract that has 50 levels and over a hundred rewards connected to them. Battle Pass offers different prizes for free players and for those that pay for “premium” rewards. Gamers who wish to unlock more valuable loot will have to pay the Valorant Points (which is the in-game equivalent of the real money). In this contract, even free players may expect some valuable skins and other forms of great loot however they also require much more playing to be done to unlock them. On the other hand, premium users will receive some cool skins from the first levels of their contracts. They won't have to work as hard to get something out of this system but they also won't be given everything for free. The best prizes like the Vandal skin or a new look for your melee weapon are located at the very end of this contract.

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Battle Pass is a great way of expanding your collection. It is much cheaper than buying weapons straight from the store but you have to keep in mind that it is worth it only if you plan to play the game regularly. If you are about to purchase Battle Pass just for the melee weapon skin at the last level of the reward tree, you might reconsider your choice. To get there, you will need to play almost every day while completing all of the daily quests given to you by the game. That's a lot of time in a single video game. If you are uncertain if you can give this much to Valorant then maybe it will be better for you to just buy skins straight from the shop.


Leveling through the Ranked System

If you plan to get to the highest levels of the Battle Pass contract you will have to play a lot and we advise you not to waste your time with Spike Rush or Casual matches. Since the Closed Beta, Valorant has the Ranked Mode where players can participate in a competitive match against other users. It is the main game mode of the Valorant where everyone tries their best. Depending on your performance in the game you will receive a rank which from worse to the best are: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant. 

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Each rank also has three tiers which from worse to the best are one, two, and three so to advance to a better rank you have to first go through the tiers in your current ranks. You can invite to your group more players to receive better experience rewards for played matches but you have to keep in mind that they cannot be further away from you than two ranks. Be also aware that if you won't play competitive matches in 14 days your rank may disappear.

Ranked System may be the best way of leveling your current contract if you can find a full group of players to play with every time. It is also a decent way of completing daily missions which also give a tremendous amount of experience. Most importantly, however, if you plan to get far with leveling your account just play what you like to play - every mode gives you some experience and you won't be bored with Valorant if you will be playing what you like to play!



That's it for our explanation of the Level System in the Valorant game. We hope that you've found this article helpful and with the information that we have provided you've understood this topic completely. If you are looking for more guides about this game be sure to check out our Blog Page. There we are writing about all the most popular online multiplayer titles. You may be also interested in seeing what members of our community have to offer as they are selling currencies, accounts, items, bots, cheats, and all sorts of different gaming stuff on our online marketplace. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the fastest way to get XP in Valorant?

Short modes give more experience than the long ones so Spike Rush is better than a ranked game unless you have missions available for completion.

What is the maximum level of Agent Contracts?

You can reach up to level 10.

At what level you unlock new Agents?

At level 5 of the active Agent Contract.

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