Valorant Split Guide - Control Mid for easy games!

It's all about mid control in Split.
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Love it or hate; you’ll need to master Split to climb to the top. It’s a pretty straightforward map. Those who control the middle ground will usually dominate the map since all roads leave to it. It’s quite easy to maneuver from A to B and vice-versa with the middle part under your team’s control, letting you roam and easily attack the enemy. However, Split does favor the defending players, since, from a positioning point of view, mid is quite easy to hold with the right set up.

In this Valorant Split Guide, we will go through some good default positions for Split, the strategies for attacking and defending players, and the key differences between an A and B playthrough.

Split Map guide for important Callouts

A heads up if you are beginner, here are some map callouts to learn before jumping into Valorant and this Map Guide. Check the image to learn a bit more about them. Communication is key, so be sure to remember all of these. 

Heaven.- It’s a place that gives you the high ground over the competition. In Split, there's A Heaven and B Heaven, so be specific when using these map callouts.

Screens.- You’ll usually hear this callout when playing for A. It refers to the entrance to the A point on the defender’s site. 

Mid.- The whole middle section of the Split map. There are many mid callouts: top mid, bottom mid, mid mail, and mid vent. If it sounds confusing, remember that most players read the map layout with the defenders in the north position while the attackers are in the south position. 

This is the Valorant Split map layout with callouts

The Middle

We can't stress this enough - the middle is the critical area on the Valorant Split map. It’s easy for defenders to hold and hard for attackers to breakthrough; patience is key. Either way, you’ll need to pass through it eventually. As an attacker, watch out for enemy comps. Try to spot the disrupting champions like Viper and Sage quickly. They can easily hold one spot on the Split map for long. You’ll have to split to conquer Split (go figure), as one force tries to get the defender’s attention, and the other pushes through the sides.

While defending, a good comp and coordinated attacks will let you stall for time. Try to get inside your opponent’s head, as if they get desperate, they’ll force a push. With the many corners that the middle provides, you’ll catch them off guard easily. Cover as many entrances as you can. 

Attacking A

Fighting for A site is a lot easier than B. There are way more roads to it, while there are still many choke points. It’s easier to coordinate an all-out flank attack with enough communication. Dominate A Heaven to open up flanking options like Screens, leading you to a back attack to A with enough room to maneuver around enemy abilities and bullets. It is possible to play it a bit more defensive, waiting for defending players to make a mistake when they search for enemies. 

Defending A

Pushing out is not a bad strategy as a B side defender. There is less room to cover on the main room, so a coordinated contest for middle or a flank type push might be equally smart. It’s all about the team comp you have. Be wise, as it’s easy to get flanked on and be attacked from Screens. While securing mid, it’s still key; it’s not game-ending to lose it. Don’t be afraid to back up to reposition yourself, minimizing team losses.

Share information with your team and be on the lookout. Block the enemy path with well-placed walls and smokes. You may be able to do a map Split to force the enemy into worse positions with the right Agents.

Attacking B

It might be the hardest part of playing Split. You only have one big area to make a strong push. It is possible to flank and attack from multiple angles to break the defensive team, but they’ll have a better position, as some corners let them spot enemies while still being covered by the terrain. Mid control is critical here. Be fast and be ready to shoot around every corner. It might be better to use abilities early on to gain a key pick. But losing a man for B players is not game-ending, as they can quickly back up and reposition to hold B. 

Once you are able to break through, reposition before making a final push. Manage to control the middle and, you’ll be able to launch a coordinated attack on multiple flanks. When attacking from B, some tips split your forces to flank the enemy, bait them to back up to find a surprise when rotating. An all-out push with some setup trough B Heaven is also possible. 

Defending B

Send up your Controllers to mid while the rest of your comp waits in B. Three Agents on the middle with two on B will let you defend against most attacks. Since the route to the middle will be secure, you’ll be able to rotate fast if they attempt a push in one place. Sage and Viper are great to time stall them in a case when they try a last-second rush. Divide and conquer with the walls and smokes.

Be patient as a defender. Let them waste shields and abilities with bad engage and be ready to use your own in response to theirs.

Best Valorant Agents for Split map

Although Riot Games made an effort to make all Agents more or less equal and balanced, some of them will inherently shine in certain scenarios. We break it down here:


The poison queen can easily control the map with her walls and toxins, forcing enemies to take damage to engage or to run away. Viper can quickly isolate targets and cut off reinforcements or escape routes and heavily punishes players for overextending. 

Viper’s wall gives you a great advantage on Split.


In a map where fights are held on these many chokepoints, creating walls and changing the layout is amazing. The same as Viper but with a bit more utility. She is excellent to hold chokepoints and force bad engages from the enemy team, and if you have a Viper or a Brimstone, you can cycle through your abilities to delay the enemy even further. 

Sage is a great Agent to have on all maps


Tripwires and cameras will let you spot any attempts of flanking you and your team. Cypher's abilities will also allow you to drop your position to move out and reinforce your allies quickly. And while on the offense, the cameras will let you spot defenders' positions.

No Split map guide will be completed without talking about Cypher.

Be the best Agent on Valorant

Here are some last tips to become a better overall player. Do learn the callouts for Split and other maps, as knowing what your teammates are talking about is the difference between life and death. Try to be kind to new players and share your knowledge, be sure to teach them the many maps callouts. Valorant just came out, and not everyone knows how to play a strategic FPS like it. Point them to a guide if they seem eager to learn the game, don't just tell to type in "guide Valorant" on google. Better players mean more wins for you and your team.

So now that you do know how to tackle Split, test your skills to improve your ranking further.


What are some Valorant Tips?

The aim is key, be ready to adjust your aim since every gun will move away from the center cross. 

Is there a Valorant Split map guide for the best comps?

There are no best comps on Valorant. Each map and positions have champions that work or exceptionally well. It all depends on the enemy team, the map, and whether you are attacking or defending. It is arguably better to learn the maps than being effective with a single champion. 

Where can I find other Valorant map guides?

We are working hard to bring you the best Valorant map guides around. There are also some Valorant guides for tips, tricks, and strategies for the game and even some Agent guides if you want to check those out.

How can I learn Valorant callouts for Split and other maps?

Read a Valorant split map guide like this one, play the game, and keep on saying them. Communication is key, so talk to people and learn how to talk to them. Just keep saying the callouts until they become natural to you. 

How do you defend Valorant?

It always depends on where you are playing and which Agent your team has available. Here's a tip, unlike the name, may imply, you don't have to play defensive when playing defense. Learn the callouts for the maps, and search for help online. You already may be on a Valorant Split map guide to give you some general pointer.

How do you attack Valorant?

Communicate with your team, share information on enemy positions, and on your plans for the round. Speak the game language by learning the callouts for it. On every map, split your team to better deal with the enemy since the defense will have to move around if they want to deal with your attack.

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