Valorant tips and tricks - From noob to pro

Valorant tips and tricks guide
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Valorant is here. The big announced and long-expected tactical shooter from Riot Games has proven, since its closed beta, to be a serious contender within the FPS arena, so we present you all the little tricks that can help you climb the ranked ladder while filling your inbox with salt from your enemies’ tears. Give it a try.

All you need to know about Valorant.

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical FPS, released in 2020 by Riot Games, known for developing League of Legends. This highly anticipated shooting game takes elements from other games like Counter-Strike: GO, Overwatch, or Rainbow Six Siege to create a new tactical, fast-paced shooter that rapidly became a favorite due to the paradoxically easy-to-learn, but hard-to-master style. Maybe that is why, on its release day it reached a total of 1.7 million viewers, and 34 million hours watched on Twitch. 

In this First Person Shooter, you take a gun, and the role of an Agent (That’s how Heroes are called in Valorant) to team up with 4 other players to dominate the battleground, one round at a time.

The visual style is well thought to make this an eye-popping game, without messing with the combat experience. It may look a little “empty” when compared with other games like Overwatch but on the bright side, the lack of visual distractions may help you focus on the strategic aspect, and that is important when you think about the esports.


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How do you play Valorant for beginners?

For any CS:GO player out there, the combat mode in Valorant is very similar. For those who are not that familiar, here’s a brief explanation.

All matches are 5v5. You can have only one of each agent in your team (Sorry, you won’t be able to fill the battleground with Orbital Strikes or teleport half of the team to the bomb site).

In Valorant matches, your job is either attacking or defending and you switch positions after 12 rounds. The attackers have to deliver and plant the Spike (bomb) in one of many bomb sites scattered across the map and hold the position until it explodes. You win by detonating the bomb or by killing all your opponents. The spike takes 4 seconds to be planted and it will blow-up after 45 seconds

As you may have guessed, when defending you have to find the Spike and maintain territory while you defuse it. You win by defusing the bombs or killing the enemy team. It takes 7 seconds to defuse the spike. The first team to win 13 matches gets the game. 

After choosing your Agent, the game will get you to the pre-round menu screen, at that point you can purchase guns, shields, and abilities. While you are stuck with the same agent for the whole match, you can switch weapons and abilities each round. All agents have an Ultimate Maneuver (special movement) and 2 empty slots for you to purchase abilities at the beginning of each round. Remember you have only one life per round, so if you get down, you’ll stay dead unless someone on your team revives you.

Now that we covered the basics, let's check some Valorant tips and tricks to test your might in this explosive FPS.

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Tips, tricks, and practice.

One of the best tips we can give is learning everything you can about the Agents, what they do, and how every weapon works. In order to do that, you MUST visit the shooting range whenever you're around. You may be the type of guy that learns better on the go, though the shooting range can give you valuable information not only about the impact of a certain weapon, but about other important details such as the recoil, cadency, effective range, and many other details that put together, mean a serious advantage.


Aim for the head.

Valorant tips and tricks Killjoy content

Do not commit Thor's mistake. Take your time to hit the training ground and check the spraying of your guns on the wall. Set up your mouse, keyboard and crosshair settings to fit your style. Something you want to remember is to keep your aim at your enemies’ head level as much as possible, that way when spotting an enemy you just have to shoot, but if your crosshair is too high or low, it won’t go well.


Run, stop, shoot, repeat.

You may be used to running and shooting at the same time. That is ok, but not an accurate strategy in Valorant. Our suggestion is to stop running just the second before you start shooting because the more you move, the more your spray pattern will spread. The best way to land hits in this game is to shoot while standing still. 


Get the first one.

When the round starts, there are one or two things your team should be doing. One of those is to deploy any drones, cams, arrows, and other intellectual abilities to find the enemy team, and as soon as you find them, blow them up! The first grenades you throw are really important because they can scatter the other team, forcing them to react instead of giving them time to think about following the right strategy.

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Always around the corner.

It is important to keep an eye on what your teammates are doing all the time. Of course, the easiest way to do this is by looking at the map but it is far better if you try to keep an eye on at least one of your partners. That way you are covering each other’s back all the time. Just remember: not too close as to get killed by the same grenade, but not too far as to lose sight of each other's character. 


Get to know the other Agents and communicate with your teammates.

A lot of people come to Valorant looking for a Shooter, but sometimes they forget that this is also a Tactical game. Probably one of the most important things to remember is every Agent has different abilities that can mean a big advantage not only for you but for the whole team. You will need to communicate with your team to make strategic decisions. As tempting as it may sound, you cannot Leroy-Jenkins the entire match. It may work for you once, but one disadvantage of playing against Human intelligence is they learn, and they learn fast.


Find creative ways to play

Valorant Ascent map

Valorant is a fast-paced game that will make you regret thousands of decisions, however, you have to get used to find cracks in the enemy team formation. In many maps, the team that holds mid ground, dominate the field, so you may want to push for it


Use Intelligence abilities at the very beginning of the round, before they have a chance to plant.

Just as there are many abilities aimed to attack or defend, there are many others that gather information, like Sova's Owl Drone, or Cypher’s Trapwire. Do not be afraid of using them as much as you can. In Valorant gathering information about your enemy is as vital as planting or getting kills.


Do not run often! But if you must run, equip your knife

In Valorant, you cannot just run around, because running makes your steps audible for enemies nearby. We understand due to excitement, force of habit from other games, or pure instinct, you will run… and you will learn the hard way, that the best way to move in Valorant is to take it slow.

You move faster with the knife equipped. One of the best Valorant tips you can get is to use it when you need to escape an area quickly or advance as fast as you can. And remember - the faster you move, the louder your steps, so be careful


Pay attention to your surroundings

Trust Ra's al Ghul on this one. If you pay close attention, you will hear the other team's footsteps, identify the animation of different abilities, and find walls you can shoot through. Try to remember those! It will help you get kills across walls and prevent you from getting hit across one. Pay special attention to intellectual abilities and get familiar with how, when, and where to use them to reveal as much information as you can about the rivals.


Do not peek twice.

When in the middle of a frontal shooting, it is better to wait for backup, to use some intelligence ability, or find a creative way out. Avoid peeking as much as possible, but foremost, avoid peeking twice. Remember you don’t need to watch your enemies at all time, Think strategically and you’ll find better ways to get information or get out of difficult corners. Remember you can summon walls, teleport, or blind enemies.


Choose your weapon wisely.

As you know, every weapon has its function. It won't help you much to purchase an Operator sniper if you are always in close range encounters, or a Vandal rifle if you are planning to play long-range. Think about the role of the Agent you choose and choose weapons and abilities according to that. There is no perfect weapon, but there's the right weapon for every match.


The Spike is your best friend. Plant it.

Even if your entire team is dead, even if your team already won the round, even if you do not have enough time - make sure you plant the spike every time you can. Planting gives you more money, and the next round could go better thanks to that.


Now you see me…

Only some Agents can Teleport at will, but everyone can use teleporters, and what’s most interesting is not only everyone, but almost everything can go through them. Recon drones? Ice walls? Curveballs?... What other surprises would you like to send your enemies? Everyone is expecting you from around a corner, not from the other side of a portal.


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Talk to your team

Make sure to let them know where you are and what you see. Did you find the enemy team? Call it! Did you spot a sniper on the top of a building? Call it! Are you using your Ult to get into the bombing site? Call it! The more your team knows, the better. Also, pay attention to what you hear on your feed. It may be all it takes to win the round. Learn the callouts of each map and make sure everyone in your team is on the same page.


Give them nothing. Take everything from them.

Valorant abilities are designed to be used together. If you manage to coordinate with your team, you can take advantage of your partner’s abilities while they take advantage of yours. An aggressive, well-communicated team that can trigger all the right abilities in a coordinated way, is going to become everyone's worst nightmare.

Check your finances.

Strategic thinking also means to be wise about your money. For instance, If you are the last man standing and you have no chance to plant, it is better to hide and save your weapons for the next round, than giving them an easy kill and risking to lose everything. Managing your money wisely counts as much as your playing skills.


Choose your agent carefully.

No Valorant tips and tricks guide is complete without the Agent types. Valorant is a game where teamplay matters. That's why you have to choose an agent that fits your playing style. To find out the best agent for you, we suggest you take a look at our article about that! In the meanwhile, here are some tips to find your match. The good news is: Valorant has an agent for all kinds of players.


There are many players that don't care about getting the flag, or about conquering the hill, but only about their headcount. If that is your case and you came here only to shoot and make a mess, then your better option is to play as a Duelist. 

Duelists are the wild card of any team, and when team-played correctly, they can turn the table, even against the worst of odds. They are focused mainly on delivering damage and all their movements and abilities are designed with that purpose in mind. Duelists are the first ones to advance in most rounds and should be ready for quick, explosive encounters.

The Duelists are:

  • Phoenix
  • Jett
  • Raze
  • Reyna 

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Some players rather analyze the battleground before taking action. If you feel more comfortable using abilities to drive 3 enemies right into a trap than going out and shoot them one by one, and like to have control over any situation, then the best you can do is to choose a Controller.

Controllers have abilities that allow them to gather information about the battlefield and control areas apparently out of their reach. They are the ones that move the pieces and make the calls. If you are taking this role, you are going to need great communication skills.

The Controllers are:

  • Omen
  • Brimstone
  • Viper


We all know those guys who like to go where no one can follow, and to find a place to settle... in the middle of the map. This lonely soul's only companion usually is a sniper rifle. If that’s you, you may want to choose an Initiator.

Initiators are the flankers of the team, the ones that force the enemy to think of a better way in or out. Initiators' abilities can stun the whole team or reveal their position. They also have devastating attacks, some of which can even go through walls. 

The initiators are: 

  • Breach
  • Sova


If you feel more comfortable taking a stand in the back and assisting those in need, and if you rather wait patiently instead of rushing into the battle, Then you may want to try the support role of a Sentinel.

Sentinels are the ones watching all over the place, ready to support the team. They are usually at the center of the action, making sure no one will bother the Spike carrier while he plants. Their abilities can protect a certain area, block enemies, and even revive teammates. 

The sentinels are:

  • Sage
  • Cypher
  • Killjoy


More than a Valorant tips and tricks guide, we hope we provide you with real insights that help you get better at this highly competitive game. so if you have any more tips and tricks we're not aware of, share with us! 


How do I get better at Valorant?

Hit the training ground. Communicate with your teammates, play strategically. Read these tips and tricks guide.


How do you hit a shot in Valorant?

Keep your aim at head level at all times. Shoot at the neck, so the recoil sends your shots higher.


Can you aim in Valorant?

Some weapons have an aiming feature, but not all of them.


Is Valorant harder than CS GO?

It plays different, but if you have played CS GO before, you'll feel at home in Valorant.


How can I improve my aim in FPS?

There are many tips and tricks out there, you can read a guide or watch a video, but the only real way is to practice. Every weapon has a different recoil pattern you can only figure out by using it.

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