Black Desert

Black Desert Online is a sandbox MMORPG offering marvelous graphics and action oriented gameplay in a western, mythical, fantasy aesthetic. And now it is available on MMOAuctions! Choose from one of eight character classes and distinguish your avatar through an extensive character customization tool, that lets you manipulate nearly every aspect of your character. Defeat weasels, goblins, and gargantuan world bosses with a fluid combat system that requires manual aiming and active dodging. Invest in cities by trading, buying property, and sending caravans between encampments to maximize your profits. Hire workers to gather resources and craft items with what you have. Speak to NPC's to learn more about the game's world and unlock additional quests and items through addicting mini-games. Join a guild and engage in guild warfare. Sail the high seas aboard your own vessel and explore pockmarked islands in a huge open world. Looking for Black Desert items and currency? Check MMOAuctions for offers connected with BDO!