EOS Gold

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Echo of Soul Gold

EOS Gold is main and most common currency in Echo of Souls. It is divided in 2 denominations which are gold and silver. One piece of EOS gold is an equivalent of one thousand silver. The Echo of Souls Gold is an essential feature of the game, as it is used to trade among players, purchase items from npcs, exploit teleportation devices (which are being used very frequently) and also to purchase items on marketplace. The most efficient way to get ahold of a solid gold balance is to play the market as it is ruled by laws similar to the real world market. After a solid research you would become a big wheel of gold in EoS, but it would take you tons of time spent. Alternative way to obtain gold is purchasing it here, on MMOAuctions. MMOAuctions allows you to search for player-made EoS Gold offers, so you are able to get ahold of cash in a matter of seconds! Trader seems not to be trustworthy? Use our special feature - Scamkiller!