Black Desert Online Shai Creation Event

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This is the time to finally dust off your boomerangs and put some fresh strings on your instrument. Ladies and Gentlemen - please welcome Shai Character Customization.


Starting today, on June 19, 2019, Adventurers can start creating their own Shai - the newest character in Black Desert Online, and the first, to be packed with a multitude of Support abilities that will heal or boost their allies. It’s the best time to create your own genetically-modified Loli girl, to prepare her for the official live release on June 26.

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Join the Event!

Creating a Shai for yourself will not only serve as a premade well-prepared character that looks just as you want them to be. There’s a special event that will provide you with some extra stuff that will surely improve your BDO experience.


You will get a cosmetic item - unique earrings for the Shai class, and a very important Inventory Expansion Coupon, which will save your Pearls if you want to be as efficient as possible when you choose Shai as your main class. It’s a great early boost that will let you grind for items and trash-loot for extended periods.

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Same as with the Archer Character Creation Event - share your Shai class character on Facebook or on the official BDO website in “Beauty Album”. Top three best-looking and unique characters will get a special pet that will be coming out later next year - Twilight Lynx!


And even if you are sure you won’t win - it’s worth it to enter the contest, as every participant will gain access to Merv’s Palette and some Extra Life EXP Scrolls for all of their characters to use. Get that unique coloring and level up your Life Skills faster. There’s no reason not to join this contest. You will lose nothing and you might win everything.


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Come and take advantage of this opportunity!

Shai Bard-like Awakening

Black Desert Online Official Website has leaked their imagining of Shai class’ Awakening. How does it look?

BDO Shai class

Apparently our newest support class will wield some sort of a Mandolin. This can mean that her Awakening will involve mainly support abilities, with powerful buffs, debuffs and Crowd Control, but it’s way too early for that assumption. Maybe Shai class will end up bashing skulls with this weapon, who knows. For some players - this is surely what they’ve been waiting for.


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Shai’s release celebrations don’t end there. The guest pass has been extended to 14 days, and you can access it until July 17. Those who manage to log in each day for seven days and reach level 50 with a character - will get full access to an account, and it will be yours forever, just like you bought it from an official Black Desert Online website.


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