EvE Online - Biggest coup in history of gaming?

EvE Online Biggest coup
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We've all heard stories of huge battles in EvE, alliances falling apart, guild dramas. Every MMO has its own portion of the same, but we have probably never, in the history of gaming witnessed a coup so elaborate, so vicious and so.... genius. Read about the story of disappointment, anger, and retribution in, what is probably, the biggest theft of virtual goods in MMO gaming ever. 


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What is 'the judgment day'?

The Judge.

One of THE names of EvE Online. Main spokesperson and long time member of one of the biggest alliances of EVE: Circle of Two (CO2 for short) had enough of sloppy management, poor treatment of their oldest allies and general terrible attitude of the leadership and decided to take the matters into his own hands. Introduction of Citadels made it easier to defend alliance assets but also made it easier to steal and that's how the revolution has begun:

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  • Circle of Two Keepstar (extra-large Citadel structure) and Capital in 68FT-6 system suddenly got its ownership rights transferred to a corporation from outside the alliance

  • The Judge admits of claiming ownership of over a trillion ISK in both currency stolen from wallets and assets. This includes a titan that was owned by GigX (leader of the entire alliance)

  • Circle of Two Fortizar (large Citadel structure) stations have now been transferred to TEST Alliance. Upon contacting TEST High Command, Dran Arcana (TEST Head Diplomat), stated that 'TEST is accepting refugees and of course, Dreddit is Recruiting'

  • An inside source within leadership contacted evenews24.com and revealed that certain "forces" opposing C02 and Triumvirate tried to reason with C02 to stop attacking their neighbors, after all diplomatic means have been spent they have decided for a covert operation inside C02 by bribing and flipping majority of C02 CEO's and Fleet Commanders, when everything was almost prepared it didn't take much to convince The Judge to start seizing the assets

  • TEST Alliance has been granted docking rights at the former C02 Keepstar (now owned by The Imperium)

  • According to more sources, it is revealed that multiple forces worked on this covert operation with one group flipping CEO’s and FC’s while Aryth leader Goonswarm apparently offered the Judge ‘a way out' after the deed is done

  • TEST Alliance temporarily marked The Imperium "Blue" - which means that Imperium Military can now safely access the Legacy Coalition Space (C02 and Triumvirate) with this statement:

Also, this is kind of a fantasy moment for goons right now. We will be bluing them temporarily and allowing them safe passage through our space while they play with their new food for the next week or so. SENT BY Dran Arcana to All
  • The Judge has commented on Reddit that The Imperium paid him 300 Billion ISK for the 68FT- Keepstar and in his AMA he stated he intends to join Goonswarm.


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GigX - The Hand Chopper

That is not the end of C02 problems tho. Allegedly, gigX (leader) was asleep when The Judge betrayed him. Minutes later, he followed up with a serious threat on C02 in game chat channel in front of nearly four thousand people:

"Whoever know[s] his real name, home address and other details [message] me," 

followed by: 

"The Judge feel free to use your hands by typing here"    "While you still can".

What GigX did not know is that this chat has been live-streamed on twitch and was instantly reported to CCP resulting in a permanent ban. Some believe that punishment was too harsh and that EvE somehow participated in the entire drama. Now without their leader C02 is in a great disarray. 

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Even tho some, including The Judge, might say that C02 was falling apart you have to remember it was still part of a Coalition and still was one of the biggest powers in EvE Online and this is the first time in EvE history when empire comes crumbling down without a single fire shot. According to Archer of Triumvirate, actions are being taken to completely seize control of what remains of C02 to stop further damage to the Coalition and everything should stabilize within hours. It has not been confirmed if C02 will end the war in the south or will they ignore their losses and continue raiding their neighbors? Time will tell. 

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