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When a soccer fan is looking for a soccer-themed game, his expectations are set quite high. Not everyone has the time or money to play the latest installments of FIFA and PES, so an online browser game seems like a decent alternative. However, considering how many online soccer games are there, it’s hard to find one that will keep you busy for a long time. What separates FootballTeam from its competitors? Let’s find out!

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Why Should I Play Footballteam?

RPG Mechanics

Managing Options

Updates and Events

Collector Cards and Card Game

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Why Should I Play FootballTeam?

FootballTeam's official site

FootballTeam was created back in 2009, and it's still on the market after all these years. This is the sole reason you should give FootballTeam a chance. At the time of writing, about 50 000 players are logging in daily, proving its success. Of course, the evergrowing community isn’t the only thing that draws the attention of new players. Here are the key reasons why you should play FootballTeam.

RPG Mechanics

Overview of your character looks like taken straight from an RPG game

FootballTeam perfectly mixes two separate genres for a unique experience. Thanks to this approach, even players who don’t like soccer at all are spending countless hours developing their characters. Your journey begins with creating your dream player setting his appearance and desired position. After that, you’re given plenty of options to develop your character.

Skills like Stamina, Offensive and Defensive play, or Pressing are developed through Training. Not only that, but you have to earn money by signing sponsored contracts and soccer matches. Even your equipment is the equivalent of the helmet, armor, legs, and boots. A proper outfit will significantly improve your skills, but you must spend some time acquiring it. All these elements combined make it an original experience that distinguishes FootballTeam from its competitors.

Managing Options

Creating and managing your club is optional but

Since it’s a football manager, it packs plenty of features regarding managing your club. Yes, in FootballTeam you can create and manage your own club! It’s entirely optional, but operating a team consisting of live players feels completely different from AI-controlled entities. 

That’s right, here you’ll meet live players only, so each you’ll stumble upon is a human from flesh and bones. Your team will have the occasion to participate in several league competitions, including special events like Champions Tournament or the European Tournament.

You must consider the match schedule to prepare the best tactic for each match.  See who you’re competing against, analyze their previous matches and prepare the best tactic. Remember that you’re a team, so consulting your tactical decisions with other players is always beneficial.

Updates and Events

FootballTeam's School Event will take place from 26.08 to 12.09

Every online game has to be updated once in a while to keep players in. FootballTeam is updated quite frequently with new events and changes. Whether it’s free packages or special events, FootbalTeam’s main site adds something new daily, so you have to visit it regularly to keep up with everything.

At the time of writing, there’s a School Event going on, which will end on 12th September. During the event, you can train your protegee at a reduced cost and have an increased chance of acquiring special items. Developers also announced that soon you’d be able to build your own club facility with plenty of new features and useful buildings. I’d say it’s the perfect time to start your adventure with FootballTeam.

Collector Cards and Card Game

FootballTeam's Collector Cards

What’s the best way to reward the most dedicated players? Add them to the game permanently! Some time ago, developers decided to reward the best players with special collector cards. What’s so special about it? It was up to the community to pick the best players for each position – goalkeepers, defenders, assistants, and forwards. 

There are a total of 30 cards for each position. Every card features unique graphics and is fully animated. For now, it’s only cosmetics, but later on, they’ll become a part of the internal card game! An ideal prize for most dedicated players! 

Play Now!

Listing out all the bells and whistles FootballTeam has to offer would take way too long and spoil too much. All in all, it’s one of the best online football managers due to the fact it incorporates many RPG elements. 

Polish, Russian, Brazilian, and Latin American servers are currently available. The release of English and American servers is scheduled for late 2022, so the number of players will grow significantly. Register now and start your soccer career!              


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