FootballTeam Beginner's Guide - How to Get Started?

FootballTeam Beginner's Guide - How to Get Started?
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FootballTeam Beginner’s Guide

Trying out a new game is always an exciting experience. However, it can also be overwhelming, especially when we're talking about a complex title with plenty of features to explore and understand. FootballTeam can be considered one of these games – that's why we created this guide to help you get started!


What's the first thing I should do?

After you sign up, you're going to create your footballer and choose a position for him. We strongly recommend that you complete the tutorial. Besides explaining some of the basic concepts within the game, it will also grant you some decent rewards at the end. As we mentioned, FootballTeam is pretty complex, and this tutorial can come in handy.

You should definitely open your packs and equip the worthwhile items. In general, the early game in FootballTeam is focused on training your skills, receiving packs and opening them. When you find items that are better/more fitting than the ones that you're using – make sure to swap them. That being said, your main objective is to train your skills. When you run out of Euros, just send your player to work. If you're missing out on Energy – go to the Cafeteria and eat something. You will also get some Euros from the sponsor offers.

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Early game training

FootballTeam players can practice eight skills. The average value of those skills is called Overall (OVR – you may know it from FIFA and some other games). It's important to note that this number takes the equipped items into account – having stronger gear will improve your skill level.

Until around 30 OVR, the game is mostly about training. You can join a team even earlier, but some of the game's features are locked behind a wall of the overall skill level. You can only use the Training Center after you hit 30. Then, at 40 OVR, you're going to get access to the Free Starter that you'll receive at the beginning of each season (the start of every month in real life). This bundle contains a reasonable amount of Euros, Free Keys, and Energy. Because of that, getting to 40 OVR as soon as possible should be a priority for every player. This threshold also allows you to create your own team.

Finding a team

FootballTeam is the most enjoyable when you're playing with friends. Of course, not all of us have enough of them to form a whole team. Every member of your squad in FootballTeam is a real player – there are no NPCs or anything like that. If you're one of the lucky players that have such a big group of friends, you can think about creating your own club. If not, we recommend joining someone else's team.

Your first team doesn't have to be that great – as long as the owner and rest of the players are active, you will have some benefits from joining it. The opportunity to play in a league and friendly matches, access to team trainings and a stable salary – these should be enough reasons for you to consider signing a contract with one of the teams. Just open the Team tab and browse the available options. You can always press on the team to inspect its lineup and description. Some teams can be joined automatically - others require you to send a request that will be reviewed by the management.

After you join a club, make sure that you actively participate in the team training sessions. Most owners try to play their strongest available lineups in the league matches. At the same time, subs often get a lot of time in the pitch during friendlies. If you feel like you don't get enough playtime, you can always discuss the situation with the Team Owner. The most important thing is to keep training and increase your skills – you will eventually get a spot in the starting lineup if you're better than the alternative. Remember, it's always beneficial to be in a team – team training and salary are definitely worth it. If you're unhappy with your team, just wait until the end of the season and look for another.

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What to do with items?

As you keep playing the game, you will receive some packs and Free Keys. You always have the option to sell your packs on the Market or exchange them for more keys, but you'll likely want to open them anyway. Opening a lot of Bronze Packs will most likely yield you a bunch of grey items. In the early game, you may not have a better choice than using some of them. You should try to prioritize your most important skills with your itemization. If you're lucky, you're going to get some valuable, higher-tier items that will improve your key skills even further.

That being said, even if you're getting almost exclusively the grey ones, you can always exchange them for higher tiers in the upgrade tab or sell them for Euros and Golden Balls. You can also improve your strongest gear and increase its stat bonus. If you want a deeper dive into all the options, check out our FootballTeam Items Guide.

Extra activities

We have already talked about all the most important elements of FootballTeam. Essentially, the game is about forming teams and competing for trophies. You can do it by improving your character's skills. You do it mainly by training, but equipping good items can also go a long way. That being said, there are some other things that you can do it FootballTeam and understanding all their possibilities can be a huge help for every player.

Achievements and Dailies

We already touched on completing achievements and daily tasks. They can provide you some valuable rewards in the form of packs, boosters, and Energy. It's important to check out the available achievements and always keep track of the Calendar. In general, the dailies will require you to partake in specific activities like a training session, trick duel, exchanging boosters, et cetera. At the same time, achievements are various milestones that you can reach in terms of skill level, played matches, and other parts of the game.

Trick Duels

We have also mentioned Trick Duels. You can treat them as a separate minigame inside FootballTeam. It works like a simple card game where players use football tricks as playable cards. You can improve your "deck" in the trick training module. Practicing your tricks doesn't consume any in-game resources – it only takes time.

Moreover, training attempts can be failed. Trick Duels are a worthwhile activity because they can provide some valuable rewards (including Credits) if you win them. Also, just by training your tricks to higher levels, you'll receive some packs.


FootballTeam also features a betting system. If you're feeling lucky, you can always try to increase your supply of Euros by making wagers. However, there are some limitations related to the matches viable for betting and the time when the bets can be made. You can learn more about that topic in our Betting Guide.

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Cafeteria and resource management

Then, there's the whole City tab. Besides the Trick Duels, you can also find some other important stuff in there. Most crucially, there are these three options: Work, Cafeteria, and Market. The first two are associated with two key resources in the game – Euros and Energy. They're so important because you'll use them both to practice your skills.

Work allows you to spend some time and Energy in order to earn more Euros. While you can only perform a single job at a time, it doesn't lock you out of other FootballTeam activities. Your player can still practice, take part in Trick Duels, and so on. Cafeteria works in a somewhat similar way, but you're only sacrificing time – there are no other costs. It might seem a bit counterintuitive, but you can send your player to work and Cafeteria simultaneously, even if each one of these tasks takes multiple hours. In general, you should make use of these modules every single day. Essentially, they can provide you an influx of free resources that you can later use to improve your skills.

The Market tab enables the players to trade with each other. However, Euros can't be used to buy stuff there. If you want to buy stuff from the Market, you're going to need a special currency called Credits. They're the premium coins of FootballTeam – you can buy them directly in the store for real cash. However, you'll also receive some free Credits throughout the game.


Moreover, you can always sell some of your stuff (packs, boosters, and unlocked items). Remember, you can always unlock an item, using Golden Balls, and then sell it for Credits. There's always the option to try and make a profit off of the Market. As in any other game with this kind of trading system – you can buy cheap items and then sell them for a higher price. It's not easy, though, especially since each transaction is charged with a 5% fee.

Running a team

Finally, we have to talk about the Team tab. If you're just a member of a team, there's not that much to do. You can try and renegotiate your contract, as well as look at our lineup, schedule, and trophies. The Team Owner has plenty of other possibilities. They can alter the starting lineup, change formation, and tactic. They can also set the team's logo and description.

Moreover, there's the whole financial side of managing your club. You'll have to sign contracts with the players, invest in your stadium (there are multiple available upgrades), and keep the team profitable. Running your team can be a lucrative business, but it will require some initial investment. It's important to note that not everyone should create a team. If you're an active player, with a nice supply of Euros, a group of friends who play the game, and some organizational skills – go for it. If not, you might want to join someone else's club – at least for now. Running a team can be an incredibly fun challenge if you're a player who already has some experience with FootballTeam.

The main source of your team's income is the revenue from sold tickets. That's why expanding stands is the first stadium upgrade that owners usually go for. However, this only makes sense when you're able to fill your venue to its total capacity. Adding more seats won't help you with anything if they're going to remain empty. You can also increase your profits by installing billboards in your stadium, but it's a much more expensive investment.

Getting Started in FootballTeam

We hope that this guide helps you get the hang of FootballTeam. It's a really interesting sports game that can net you a lot of fun satisfaction. As you can see, there are lots of different features and modules at your disposal. The information included in this guide should make it easier for you to start strong and develop your character in the right direction. All that's left for us is to wish you good luck on your path to become the next football legend!


How to earn Euros in FootballTeam?

You can receive Euros from the sponsorship contracts, team salary, work, winning bets, and opening Free Starters.

How to get free Credits in FootballTeam?

You can get Credits by selling your items, packs, and boosters on the Market. They're also a possible reward for winning a Trick Duel. 

What do I need to create my own team in FootballTeam?

The only real requirement is 40 OVR, but a significant supply of Euros for investment is also recommended.

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