FootballTeam Items Guide - How to Get the Best Gear?

FootballTeam Items Guide - How to Get the Best Gear?
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FootballTeam Items Guide

Items play an essential role in multiple different games. They often are one of the main methods of increasing your character’s statistics. The same can be said about FootballTeam. While the game is a sports simulator, it incorporates many RPG elements in areas like character progression and itemization.

FootballTeam items work like gear pieces that you can equip to increase your stats. There are six types of them: shirt, shorts, socks, boots, wristband, and ball. However, balls are incredibly difficult to get since they’re available only to the best, most active players - the situation is similar for wristbands. Each item increases one of your skills, and the exact value depends on the rarity tier and a few other factors. While training remains the most crucial aspect of the game, getting strong FT items can do a lot to complement your player’s skills.


How are the items divided?

As we just mentioned, there are multiple differentiating factors between the FootballTeam items. We already talked about the five equipment slots that they can occupy. It should go without saying that each player can only wear a single jersey at a time – the same goes for the other types of items. You can, however, hold onto multiple shirts and swap between them before matches. It can be a good idea when you own numerous items of the same type that have a similar level of power but provide different stats.

We also have to talk about the color-coded item rarity tiers:

Common – the grey-colored items, they can provide 1.1-10 extra skill.

Improved – these item cards are blue. Their stat bonuses are between 10.1 and 20.

Rare – the green items increase your skill by 20.1-30.

Epic – the red-colored gear, each item gives between 30.1 and 40 extra skill.

Legendary – the gold item cards that provide 40.1-50 additional stats.

In the endgame, players are also able to get the most powerful Platinum and Diamond item tiers.

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How do get items?

There are two ways of acquiring items in FootballTeam. The main method is opening packs. You will get a lot of packs as you play the game, and opening each one of them will grant you a single item. There are five tiers of packs - the higher ones give you a bigger chance of getting more powerful items. In order to open packs, you’re going to need some keys. If you use a Free Key, the item that you’re going to get will be locked to your account, if you use a Premium Key, you’ll be able to sell it in the Market. There’s also a possibility of unlocking an item with Golden Balls. The type of item that you get, the skill that it increases, and the exact bonus value are entirely random.

The other method of getting items is buying them from other players on the Market. In order to do so, you’re going to need Credits. In general, they’re the premium currency of FootballTeam. You can buy them in the game store for real money. However, F2P players also have some ways of getting small amounts of Credits. 


footballteam Item sets

Players can also collect and equip whole item sets. Doing so provides a powerful bonus – an extra 36% of the base stats provided by the set. To get this increase, you need all four items that belong to the same rarity tier and the same set (country or team). Common items won’t provide this bonus - it’s only available for Improved and the higher tiers. Collecting the whole set from opening packs requires a lot of luck (or a considerable number of attempts). If you care about completing an entire set, your best bet is probably getting some Credits and buying the missing pieces on the Market.

However, you shouldn’t care too much about sets in the early game. You’re most likely able to get more by placing your efforts in getting stronger items. In the beginning, reaching higher rarity tiers and the optimal statistics is much more important than collecting a set. This 36% bonus becomes a much bigger deal when all your items are strong and multiply larger numbers.


How to choose the right items?

Picking the right items is somewhat similar to choosing which skills to prioritize in training. Your player’s position is the most important factor in these decisions. For the most part, you want your items to improve the critical skills of your player. Stamina and Set Pieces are useful to every player, but this can’t be said about the remaining skills. As a striker, you’re going to want to prioritize skills like Offensive and Efficacy. Playmaking, Pressing, and Reading are the most critical abilities for midfielders. Defenders are going to need Pressing and Defensive. Finally, goalkeepers should prioritize Defensive and Reading.

There’s always the question of what to do when you get a strong item with a suboptimal skill bonus. Unfortunately, we don’t have a clear answer. On the one hand, using the most powerful gear will result in the biggest boost to your OVR. At the same time, a defender won’t make much use of +25 Offensive that he can get from a pair of boots.

When you’re in a situation like this, you have a few options at your disposal. You can use Golden Balls to unlock unwanted item and sell it on the Market for Credits. It might not be perfect for your character, but it’s still strong, and you can get a nice amount of the premium currency for it. Alternatively, you can go into the Locker Room tab and Reroll the skill on your item. However, you don’t know what exactly you’re going to get, and this action costs some Credits.

Finally, if you’re getting multiple strong items for a position that’s different than yours, you can always swap to it. Every player can make a single position swap for free - the later ones have their price in Credits.


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Other FootballTeam items

We talked a fair bit about the equipment that your player can use. Now, let’s take a look at some other categories of items that you’re going to encounter during your time spent in FootballTeam!

Packs are the main source of equipable items within the game. We have already touched on them a bit earlier in this guide. There are five tiers of packs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Champion. They can be acquired in multiple ways, including – completing achievements, receiving training bonuses, training tricks, and more. If you don’t want to open your packs (or don’t have enough keys), you can always sell them on the Market or exchange them for keys.

Keys are required to open your packs. There are two types of them – Free Keys and Premium Keys. Every player receives a single Free Key every 24 hours. You can also get them for winning Trick Duels, exchanging packs, receiving Free Starter, and more. The item that you receive by opening your pack with a Free Key won’t be tradable unless you later spend some Golden Balls to unlock it. Premium Keys have to be purchased in the game store for Credits, but opening packs with them yields items that can be freely traded on the Market. 

Golden Balls – they’re a special currency that can be used to unlock items for trading and to secure them during an Improvement attempt. Golden Balls can be acquired by selling your unwanted items in the Locker Room tab, winning Trick Duels, and failing to upgrade it. You can read more about it in our Improving Guide.

Mini-Boosters – consumable items that can help you further increase your skills. You can use singular ones for a small increase in one of your player’s skills. You can also try and collect them to get specific sets of 10 mini-boosters required for a bigger skill bonus. Moreover, they can be consumed during matches to activate playstyles. You can receive them for completing Dailies, winning Trick Duels, training, and more.

Skins – cosmetic items that can change your player’s appearance without having any effect on his skills. They’re generally considered to be premium content, which means you’re likely going to have to spend some Credits in order to get them.



FootballTeam Items – Summary

As you can see, the whole FootballTeam item system is quite complex for a sports game. The multiple skill, rarity tiers, and sets make gearing up a bit of a challenge. Besides, the multitude of non-equipable items and currencies also adds another dimension to this structure.

In the end, all this makes FootballTeam an even more interesting and engaging game. The item system provides more depth to this title and rewards players who plan and know what to do with their resources - of course, a bit of luck when opening packs doesn’t hurt either. We hope that this guide provided you with some useful information. Use this knowledge to get the best items for your upcoming football star!


How to buy items in FootballTeam?

You can buy items from other players on the market, but it will cost you Credits. If you don’t want to spend them, you can only open packs and hope to find what you need.

What is a set in FootballTeam?

A complete set consists of a shirt, shorts, socks, and boots that all belong to a single team (or nation) and the same rarity tier (color). The only exception is the Common (grey) items - they can’t be formed into sets. 

Can I sell an item that I got by opening a pack with a Free Key?

Yes, you can do it by spending the required amount of Golden Balls. After you do it, you can sell the item on the Market for Credits. You can always sell your items (even the locked ones) in the Locker Room tab and get Euros as well as Golden Balls.  

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