Forge of Empires guide - learn how to forge a mighty empire

Forge of empires guide
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It is normal to feel like most of the games out there are heavily focused on combat and tons of nonstop action. After all, the newest generation of players seems to like games that don't require much thinking and analysis. But there's something magic about the strategy games that no other video game genre can provide to players.

The sense of progression that a person can experience when achieving victory by thinking and planning, it's unmatched. This is one of the main reasons why Forge of Empires, an amazing game created by InnoGames, is so successful among players all over the world.

It is safe to say that Forge of Empires is one of the best turn-based strategy games out there, and this is why today we are bringing you a guide to new players so they can make their way through all the human ages on this game while enjoying the ride of a lifetime through history.

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What is Forge of Empires?

The primary goal of Forge of Empires is to turn you into the ultimate emperor of a constantly evolving civilization. As you would expect, the first thing that Forge of Empires wants to accomplish is to get the players to forge an empire, creating cities and defending them through the ages.

In order to achieve this, new players and regular players both need to have in mind their strategy, using their time wisely to get substantial results and also points that the players can use to forge buildings for a city.


It is a game that requires the best of each gamer strategy, so the best course of action in Forge of Empires is leaving aside the way of traditionally playing that most people use in new games. This browser-based game can also be played on almost every mobile device.

If your mobile phone uses the Android OS, you can play Forge of Empires without any problem. The same thing goes if you possess a mobile device created by Apple. All you need to do is to use the mobile marketplace available in your phone's menu and download the game whenever you want. This Forge of Empires guide is meant to be useful for PC players and also for mobile players because both ways are just great to enjoy the new challenges that Forge of Empires will deliver to you.

It is undeniable the sense of a property that Forge of Empires players genuinely feels towards their city. The buildings, the units, and the strategy to get to certain points are all unique in this game, and they highly depend on the personality of each new gamer looking to craft attractive buildings and a great city.

This game is more about discovering ways to use our time in the best way we can, creating a huge variety of buildings in our city but also focusing on forge the empires as effectively as possible. If you feel lost in this game and you don't know what strategy to use or the right buildings for your city, then this FoE guide is here to support you defeat time periods and prevail in any age, becoming the ultimate forge of the empires.

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It is possible to play Forge of Empires without spending money?

One of the most common questions players ask themselves, is if this game is really free to play. The short answer is yes, Forge of Empires is totally free to play, but the amount of time that you'll need to create a great city with nice buildings is huge.

There are a lot of great quests available in this game that can help you get forge points, and use them to improve your city with great buildings and new units.

It's all about forge to empire, so it is nice to focus on completing the quests available for the players because the game developers are constantly changing them. It's important to have in mind that you are moving through different ages, from the Stone Age to the Space Era, this is why some buildings can have no use for you when you advance through the game.

Also, crafting new great buildings that your villagers have never seen before is an excellent way to get them as happy as you can. The happiness of your villagers is directly proportional to the number of resources you are getting. It is why you need to acquire as much forge points as possible.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from buying diamonds or coins. The diamonds are the premium currencies of the game which can be purchased with real money. Forge points are also a very important currency of this game, mainly used to research technologies and upgrade great buildings.

Nonetheless, you don't have to buy either of these currencies if you don't want to. You can get forge points every hour, and get diamonds by completing certain quests and events.

As we said before, you can accomplish everything you want in Forge of Empires just by investing time into discovering new buildings and enhancing your city. It's not easy at all, we get it. But the feeling you get when you forge an unrepeatable building is simply amazing.

This game has many remarkable things to offer. That's why MMOAuctions strongly recommend you to play it as purely as you can. We will properly guide you on your extraordinary journey through the ages and eras. We’ll watch you craft the building of your dreams for the city you rightfully deserve.

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What is the fastest way to get Forge Points in Forge of Empires?

As we said before, the main use of Forge Points is to upgrade a great building with the goal of pleasing your villagers. But this is not all you can do with them in this game. Forge Points are essential to research new technologies that will allow you to have the best building available and the best units to fight for your city. Military units are the soldiers used in the battle between empires.

In Forge of Empires, it's necessary to be a ruthless emperor sometimes if you want to prevail. Your units need to be outstanding so they can defeat all enemy forces and guide you to conquer more lands. This is impossible to achieve without the proper technology to create the building and resources needed to have undefeatable units. This game will have no mercy if you are not prepared enough, so buckle up and learn how to earn FP in the blink of an eye.

Pay attention to your Forge Points

It is not easy to get FP in Forge of Empires. It is why you should learn how to use them wisely. Investing FP into the wrong technology might result in a huge slow down of the progress of your city. Our objective is to prevail and conquer, not to fail and devolve.

Happy villagers mean happy pocket

If you create the right building for all citizens, their happiness level will go up, resulting in them being a productive asset of your society, and contributing to paying taxes. The taxes are turned into coins, and coins can be used to buy more forge points. A new great building is a huge advance for your citizens and your units, so it's always good to have these things in mind when playing this game.

Never miss a Daily Challenge

A mysterious character named The Nameless (ironic, right?) is there to present you new challenges every 24 hours. These challenges will give you as a reward a chest with in-game resources, such as special military units and lots of forge points. Completing these challenges is not an easy task, mostly because you have a limited number of hours to do it.

Complete the Guild Expeditions

Guild Expeditions is a cooperative feature where you and your friends can work as a team to gain rewards that can be used in your city and your guild. This feature is cross-platform, meaning that if your friends have Forge of Empires on their mobile devices, they can play it too. This is a fun game mode and it's incredibly useful for building strong relationships in the game.

Get Forge Points packages

The FP packages come in three sizes. These packages are obtained through completing quests and contributing to other users' Great Buildings. You can get a small, medium or large package depending on the difficulty of the quest or your generosity to other players. This is probably one of the best ways to acquire points faster than ever, allowing you to take giant steps in the development of your city.


What is the Wishing Well and how to take advantage of it?

The Wishing Well is exactly what it sounds like: a beautiful special production building where players come to pray for their wishes to come true. This feature was given by the Forge of Empires developers back in 2013, but can also be obtained by inactivity in the game, where players will get an email asking them to come back in exchange of having this prize. The main benefit of this building is the production of different types of resources and commodities every 24 hours.

This is a totally random process, so you can never know what the Wishing Well has for you. You can get coins, resources, forge points, medals, and even diamonds. It's free, it's quick and it's effective. The only cost regarding this building is the space needed for the Well.

But, is the Wishing Well worth it? Some players believe that it makes more sense to build structures that are specialized in producing the kinds of resources you actually need, instead of wasting space on a structure that only gives a chance at one of six resources, half of which might feel useless to some people.

Of course, the Well can give you diamonds, but the chances of getting them are so little that it makes no sense according to a huge part of the community. Either way, it all depends on how you prioritize the space in your city and the average of resources you need in the game.

At the end of the day, Forge of Empires can not be played just by one scenario. It all changes between the different ages, creating the need to guide your empire to success using the resources that fit you the most.


Just like in real life, Forge of Empires is about looking into the future. It is true, that you must serve as the guide of a successful civilization, going from using rocks and sticks, to crafting starships to colonize an asteroid belt. But to achieve this goal the first thing to consider is the strategy you choose when facing a lot of different scenarios.

In this game, the line between a successful player and a loser is not drawn by the real-life money spent into it: it's drawn by those who use their resources better to overcome all kinds of obstacles, and those who simply don't. MMOAuctions is here to teach you how to achieve the perfect balance in the universe of Forge of Empires.


How do I play Forge of Empires?

The best thing about this game is that you don't need a powerful PC to play it. You can simply go to the official website of the game or to its Facebook Fanpage. Almost every web browser out there will be enough to run it, but if you don't have a PC you can also download it to your mobile device. It doesn't matter if your phone is an Android or an iPhone, it's available for both operating systems.

Is Forge of Empire truly a free-to-play game?

Yes, of course it is a F2P game. But, like in most of the free-to-play games out there, players can heavily enhance their experience by buying diamonds, resources, and forge points with real-life money. However, buying in-game currencies is not going to define who the best player is. You can still be better than a lot of users if you play smart.

How many Forge Points can I have at a time?

Forge Points are essential, meaning that your progress in the game highly depends on them. You can only have a maximum number of 10 FP before they stop regenerating hourly. This happens to prevent users from buying more FP without using them because if they are not used the natural progress can be negatively affected.

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