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Forge of Empires tips
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To forge the empires is not a straightforward task. In this game, it's all about strategy, patience, and consistency. You need to be a true emperor worthy of his title to get your city from the Iron Age to the Space Age. It won't be an undemanding process. Maybe it'll take players a lot of their precious time. But one thing is for sure: the sense of reward and personal accomplishment that we get when we have the most magnificent buildings it's matching.

Forge of Empires is a free-to-play game that has a much more meaningful concept than most strategy games out there. The ultimate goal here is to forge an empire, but this can only be achieved if you start by building the path of success without leaving the fun out of the game. Nonetheless, MMOAuctions is here to help you overcome all of the challenges that this game has for you and become the most exceptional forge of the empires.


Forge of Empires basic tips

The first thing you should know is that the FoE community is always pointing out new Forge of Empires tips due to the evolving nature of the game, but it's also important to know the general advice that veteran players can give. All of the goods, coins, and supplies that players can get in Forge of Empires have a science behind them. It's not about just taking all of the goods available - it's about selecting the ones that suit your needs the most.



Learn how to manage your city

Make sure to organize your city into sections of buildings, correctly separating residential buildings from cultural buildings and Great buildings. Be sure to save all of the building squares you can - it will allow your citizens to like you more and create a more efficient city.

Adapt to the age you are living in

It is vital to have the best buildings according to the age you are currently in. You need to research blueprints to offer a city worth developing. Think carefully if you think you are ready to go to a new era, because if you don't have enough Forge Points available in your wallet, maybe it'll be hard for you to get the right technology. Things can go terrible if you start without the right buildings and goods for your citizens.

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A true emperor knows when to battle

The veteran players advise that you never opt for a battle where you think you have few chances of winning. It is useful to attack, retreat, and attack one more time, which will allow you to see the movements of your opponents' units. Like in every other aspect of this game, combat requires a lot of focus and strategy, so be sure to start planning your tactics if you don't want to get stuck in the Iron Age. These other battle tips can also be useful to you:

  • Optimize your strategy when fighting against rogues or different types of powerful troops. Learn the patterns of the forces that your enemy deploys to beat them faster.
  • Keep your city more than happy, have them be fully enthusiastic. This will grant you extra points when you win in a ferocious battle.
  • As we said before, always hit your adversary first if it's possible. Ballistas, Modern Era vehicles, and Rapid Fire Cannons can be used to attack troops on the entire battlefield.
  • Study your troops like they are your children. After, all the units you have will mark the difference between losing and winning. If you fully comprehend how your troops attack and defend themselves, you will undoubtedly have a more proper understanding of the fight.


How to get Forge of Empires diamonds, coins, and supplies

Like in most F2P games in the market, there are some critical in-game currencies and virtual goods that can draw the line between having good buildings or investing a lot of hours without the results we want. Coins are the essential resource along with supplies because they are required for many actions inside the game, such as buying goods to enhance buildings and also save a lot of time by purchasing Forge Points.

Diamonds are the premium currency, meaning that paying with real money is the primary way to get them. You can also get them in other ways, but this will require a lot of time and hours to do it, so if your time is limited, be sure to check our advice.


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Wishing wells and magic fountains

This kind of building works like one wishing well in real life: players come to it to make their wishes come true. The Fountains of Youth, for example, can give you 50 diamonds every once in a while that can be useful for building an organized and efficient city. We do not recommend buying a Great Building using diamonds. Just be patient, you will get them eventually while you move forward in the game only by investing your Forge Points.

Happy villagers, more coins for you

A splendid way to earn coins is by forging a residential building, special building, and great building to keep all of your citizens happy and make them produce more coins over time. Coins are needed to research technologies, research blueprints, and buy Forge Points without consuming hours and hours grinding. The story quests and daily challenges are something you undoubtedly need to do if you want to forge to empire truly.

Get the supply boost for all of your buildings

Supply boost is a feature that certain buildings have to increase the supply collection. Just like coins, supplies can be used to research technologies and purchase the building you need. Typically, getting the supplies you need can take hours, so the best way of getting them is to invest in one special building and two or more production buildings. They will make your villagers happier and also get you a lot of supplies every few hours.


Tips for researching in Forge of Empires

In this game, it is crucial to research various technologies to advance civilization's different stages. If you don't research enough, your progress will be profoundly affected, resulting in a city stuck in time without the will to be productive.

If you are looking at this guide to search for another way of playing different than the one you already have, it's probably that you can find a playing mode that can please you. Your best bet is always to try to increase your knowledge about Forge of Empires to become progressively better. Progress through eras is the most important thing on this game, meaning that if the players are not focused enough, they'll end up wasting hours while walking in circles.


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Polish and motivate your people to have more blueprints

Blueprints are the leading way to unlock new technologies and also moving on to the next age. If you keep your citizens happy by forging beautiful cultural buildings, they will increase their motivation and therefore grant you the blueprints you need. You can also get the blueprints as a reward for certain quests and Guild Expeditions, but sometimes there's no quest available for you, and that might result in getting your progress stuck.

Don't lose the Tech-Tree out of sight

This tree is a visual representation of your progress throughout the different ages, showing you the technologies you have researched and the ones you yet have to research. The development of technologies goes from fully unlocked, technology researched, but needs more resources to be unlocked, technology being researched, but needs more Forge Points to be unlocked. Finally, technology blocked due to the player losing focus on the Tech-Tree. It needs to be a high priority for you if you want to build the best empire.



At this point, it is evident to us that the Forge of Empires is a game that goes beyond having a fun time. It's more about revealing the world what you are capable of by managing a civilization that acts as the reflection of your effort. 

Since the beginning of time, strategy games are meant to challenge us to think more and develop our mental capabilities to the maximum. If you mix this outstanding feeling with an incredible amount of fun with your friends or by yourself, you obtain a highly addictive and engaging formula like the one Forge of Empires brings to us. If you start today and invest the hours to achieve your goal, you'll get to the top in the blink of an eye.



How can I get better at playing Forge of Empires?

The general recommendation that MMOAuctions can give you is to use your time, resources, and strategies as wisely as possible. This is a game where the smarter player prevails, not the strongest one.


What are the most useful resources in Forge of Empires?

Diamonds, coins, goods, medals, and Forge Points are the main resources of the game. Without them, you won't be able to move forward through the different ages.


Can I play Forge of Empires without spending real-life money?

This is a free-to-play game, so you don't need to invest money if you don't want to. All of the resources can be found naturally just by playing, but if you feel that your progression is too slow, you are free to buy Diamonds with your money.

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