Forge of Empires Pillar of Heroes - a guide to properly use this building!

Forge of Empires Pillar of Heroes
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When we talk about Forge of Empires, we refer to one of the best strategy games ever created. With the increasing popularity of shooting games, FoE managed to do something uncanny: it created an enormous fan base of more than 10 million players willing to create the best civilization, regardless of what age they are in. The primary goal of this game is to upgrade a city from the stone age to a futuristic age, but this is not an easy task. 

This game is not about just battling and crafting. This game is about thinking. Just like when you are playing chess, the feeling you'll get when your strategy works to upgrade your city is something that no other strategy game out there has. Let's get into Forge of Empires Pillar of Heroes.


In Forge of Empires, it's all about being smart

By all means, getting the appropriate strategy to play Forge of Empires will take you some time. This is why some players abandon the game before it starts getting interesting. No age will be straightforward to complete, so the best course of action for people that love this game is to continually upgrade their tactics, always focusing on being the heroes of their unique civilizations. Nonetheless, we believe that a certain age is more complicated than others. It is crucial to focus on the middle ages, especially in the late middle age. It happens because of the difficulty of upgrading your buildings and troops in the late middle age, but we'll get to it. 


We already know the basics of this game. After all, we have a couple of Forge of Empires wikis written on MMOAuctions. But this Forge of Empires wiki will focus on a specific type of building that can grant you a lot of advantages according to the way of playing that each person has. The middle ages won't be a worthy rival for you if you learn how to use Pillar of Heroes Forge of Empires properly. If you have never played this game before, but you like its concept, we recommend you go to InnoGames, register and start enjoying a magical ride that can't be found anywhere else. 


What are FoE Events?

To comprehend the importance of the Pillar of Heroes building, we first need to understand what the events are. The events are the main web that InnoGames has to keep players coming back to play FoE. InnoGames register that hundreds of thousands of players connect at the same time when there's an event going on. However, you can not take part in an event if you haven't unlocked the Bronze Age technology yet. It is a must-do for every FoE Player, and it's the main requirement to have a chance in the middle ages. Events can be divided into these types:

  • Special events: These events are focused on modern events such as the UEFA EuroCup and the FIFA World Cup.
  • Seasonal events: they are linked to specific times of the year such as Valentine's Day, Super Bowl, Carnival, Spring, and Halloween.
  • Historical Quest lines: InnoGames register most of the historical events in FoE. These events are incredibly fun to play, including the history of Napoleon Bonaparte, Cleopatra, Rosa Parks, and much more.

All of the events that have occurred can be found in some Forge of Empires wiki out there. It is crucial to participate in most events you can because usually, there are some items that you won't find elsewhere. If you see a particular building in a specific event, don't hesitate to log in and participate in the event. Just remember to have the Age Technology required to participate.

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Special Buildings and how to use them

A special building is a building that's available for limited periods during events and is not tradable or available at all after the events finish. A player needs to unlock certain technologies before being able to use a special building fully. There are some types of special buildings that are better than others, but they all depend on each player's needs. This is why the age you are playing in will heavily influence the choices you make. Remember that you need to use your Forge Points if you want to advance the middle ages, especially when we talk about the late middle age. These are some of the Special Buildings that can be found if you look at the Forge of Empires wiki:

  • Friends Tavern: is a city building that regularly provides Tavern Silver, and it requires a lot of Construction points to upgrade it.
  • Artic Harbor: this is a special goods building that provides Promethium. You can not upgrade it, so forget about spending Forge Points on it.
  • Town Hall: this city building is here to provide you with coins and Forge Points, so it is a handy building to have.
  • Graveyard: This is a cultural building that provides happiness for your citizens. You can only found it in the 2012 Halloween Event.
  • Phoenix Statue: this is just a decoration building that a player can upgrade by using Forge Points. It provides happiness and motivation to your people.
  • Pillar of heroes: this is the star of today. This building offers a lot of coins per day, Forge Points, medals, and much more. MMOAuctions recommends upgrading it as much as you can. It is vital to grant you success in the middle ages.


What is the Pillar of Heroes' special building?

The Pillar of Heroes is one of the most efficient special residential buildings that can be found in this game. The Pillar of Heroes is available in every age and is needed to upgrade for it to be as useful as possible. As we said before, this building is here to give you a lot of medals per day, supplies for crafting, and good when the building is properly motivated. The Pillar of Heroes has a size 3x3 in your city. This is essential to know before you acquire it because if you don't have size 3x3, you won't be able to forge it. It is advisable to plan your city very carefully because some buildings will require size 3x3, size 4x4, or more, and if you don't have it, you may get stuck in the middle ages.


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2018 Forge Bowl Event

The Pillar of Heroes was the main reward of this event that ran from January 16, 2018, to February 5 of the same year. The Super Bowl is a massive event in the United States of America about American Football. Most of the Forge of Empire players are Americans. It is why InnoGames register this event as one of the most successful ones of all time. The goal of this event was to reach a touchdown to get the touchdown reward. 

The players needed to upgrade their skills if they wanted to have a chance in this event due to all of the 40 quests available to complete. These quests went from gathering a small number of coins per day to make your people more enthusiastic. The quests were given by Cal Rogers, the quarterback of the InnoForgers. Some of them were easy; some of them were hard. To get the Pillar of Heroes, you need to complete seven quests. It is essential to pass the middle ages, especially after the late middle age, so you get the renovation kit needed to upgrade your Pillar of Heroes.


Renovation Kit

The renovation kit it's the primary way needed to upgrade special buildings. When we refer to the Pillar of Heroes, the kit needed to upgrade is crucial for it to reach a higher level. To get a renovation kit needed to upgrade your building, you need to complete Guild Expeditions or Daily Challenges. 

The renovation kit needed to upgrade must be picked from the inventory and then click the building that you want to upgrade. However, the renovation kit is not the only way to increase the level of this special building. If you completed 20 to 40 Forge Bowl Event quests, at a rhythm of 3 to 5 quest per day in the age you are currently in, you could level your building without using these kits.



Is the Pillar of Heroes worth it?

Before asking yourself this question, first, analyze the type of player you are. The first thing you should know is that the Pillars of Heroes will provide you with three Forge Points (sometimes per day, sometimes not) for size 3x3 space. If you have enough space for it, then it shouldn't be a problem. Also, the little extra coins provided per day are an exceptional advantage of this building, but if you feel like other buildings can provide you resources that you need more, then there's no case in having the Pillar of Heroes. 

To summarize, you should obtain the goods and resources you need by using a specific type of building, than some little coins and Forge Points per day. It's up to your strategy, but we genuinely believe that it's a very powerful lay to have in the middle ages, but then again, age is just another factor that will influence your decision.



Forge of Empires is more than just going through a certain age to another. The buildings you have, the units you possess, and the way you decide to face the iron, industrial and middle ages are what creates your essence in this unique universe that revolves around amazing events that you'll never forget. We truly believe that this is one of the best civilizations games of all time.

The question is not if the Pillar of Heroes is the right building to have in the middle ages or whatever age you are in, the question is if your way of playing correctly fits with what this building has to offer. A world full of possibilities is waiting for you, and MMOAuctions will be here to assist you in your journey. Let us give you a hand to overcome all of the challenges that are presented to you.



How to upgrade the Pillar of Heroes?

The main way to do it is the renovation kit needed to upgrade them. However, it is also possible to upgrade your Pillar of Heroes to level 7 if you complete 3 to 5 event quests per day.

Where can I find the Pillar of Heroes?

This special building was available only as a part of an event. But now you can find it in the Antiques Dealer by exchanging it with other players at any age.

What is the Forge of Empires Winners Plaza?

The Winners' Plaza is another special cultural building given as a reward in the 2018 Forger Bowl Event. It's available in every age and provides a lot of happiness and attack boost per day.

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