Forge of empires military units - create a formidable army to defeat them all

Forge of Empires military units
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There's no room for peace when defending your empire. It is when Forge of Empires, the fantastic strategy created by InnoGames, gets brutal - a true emperor shows no mercy to his enemies. He will pulverize them as soon as he has a chance. And this same way of thinking transfers to Forge of Empire. 

Battling is more than just beating an opponent. Battling uses your Forge of Empire's military units as wise as you can to defend the civilization you have built over hours going from the iron age, colonial age, the industrial age, and much more.

If you have played this game before, you know that this is not your typical multiplayer game of shooting, killing, and simple things. Forge of Empires is about developing your strategy not only on the battlefield but in every aspect of this game. 

And there are many different aspects: great buildings, farming resources, exploring the continent map, beating an age, keeping your citizens happy, working on your units, and the list goes on and on. There are so many things to focus on that rookie players might feel overwhelmed at first, but once they got on track with this game, they suddenly discover a whole new engaging world.

Clearly, the main goal is to forge to empire, but this would not be possible if our military units were so weak that they couldn't even defend our cities. Attack and defense are a crucial part of our real-world history; this is why players need to focus on their units if they genuinely want to have a chance in this merciless universe


Table of contents

Prepare yourself

Military buildings

Types of military units

Light units

Heavy units

Fast units

Artillery units

Ranged units

Terrain and bonuses

Focus on the combat

How to train units

Army management

Tactic number 1

Tactic number 2

Tactic number 3

Defending your city



The battle for your civilization has begun

The battles between units can last from 5 minutes to half an hour and even more. It proves that battles are more than just attack and defense; there's a lot to think about before deciding to attack a potential enemy. The units are significantly different from age to age, which means that the bronze age units or the early middle ages units, for example, are much different from the units you can find in the industrial age. 

Therefore, a specific strategy might totally work in the high middle ages but fail abysmally in the iron age. It is why it is crucial to know all of the different units available in the game. It is evident that if we want to forge an empire, we need to go as far as we can in learning the basics of this game. This game is not for casual gamers or rookies. 

This game is for people who genuinely want to prove themselves and show the world what they are capable of. Forge empires will never be easy, but if it were, then FoE wouldn't be as amazing as it is. You undoubtedly need to comprehend everything about military units, so MMOAuctions is here to help you create an army so powerful that it will make your enemies tremble with fear


What are Military Buildings?

In this game, buildings are perchance the essential thing. After all, the buildings are what provide the cities with their unique essence and atmosphere. There are many different types of buildings that we have mentioned before in previous FoE articles, but today we'll focus on the military buildings. 

These structures exist to train and recruit military units. Forge of Empires great buildings, cultural buildings, and military buildings have something in common between them - they all massively enhance your game experience. As a matter of course, the kind of unit that a military building can produce depends on your needs on the fight, but we'll get to that. If you feel like playing cooperative mode, a Guild Expedition is what you need. These online quests can help your infantry level to be increased. All the armies that are used in these expeditions are more likely to enhance certain healing abilities or health powers according to the random quest that you need to complete.

Some of the best military buildings are the Soldier Barracks, used to train soldiers, the Heavy Cavalry Stable, where you can train heavy units, the Rogue Hideout, the Mounted Warrior Stable, and the Legionnaire Barracks, to train legionnaires. These buildings are not free, but the cost is not so high. Although the costs might fluctuate according to the age you are playing in. The value will depend on the building you want to construct, but you won't expend many diamonds on them. It is crucial to understand that these constructs are necessary, even if they require significant space in your city. Without a proper army, you'll perish in the early middle ages.


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Types of military units

As we said before, units are very different from age to age. As you unlock more technologies, you will also have the most advanced and futuristic units. It doesn't mean that one kind of unit is better than the other; this just means that the use you give to a unit is constantly changing from the high middle ages to the late middle age. The management of your troops will depend on each player’s navigation skills in battle. These are the five units that you need to know:


Light units

They are not the best nor the worst kind of unit. Light units are extremely balanced, meaning they are like the middle point between all of the other units. They are good to use against horses and fast units due to the attack bonus they receive against a fast unit.

These units should mainly be used to dispatch the enemy's heavy and artillery units, mostly in the Progressive Age, and beyond when they significantly change to take advantage of the terrain to gain an attack bonus or defense bonus.

Heavy units

Soldiers use heavy armor ready to defend your city against everything that comes across their way. They receive a defense bonus from plains and against light units. As the name says, these units are very heavy. In fact, they are so heavy that they are the slowest units in the game.

If you play before the Progressive Age (let's say the Bronze Age), the heavy units are good to use against artillery or ranged units, but these changes in the different eras. Their weak points are the low mobility and mediocre attacks, but their defense level is unmatched.

Fast units

If you are looking for soldiers with extraordinary speed, these units are the right fit for you. They don't have any terrain bonus, but they inflict moderate damage against the same age units. 

A fast unit is primarily meant to defend your flanks because they are the first ones to attack your enemy. As well as the other units, when you pass the colonial age or late middle eras, fast units start to behave differently. The best way to employ them is by attacking heavy units that won't stand a chance against your speed.

Artillery units

It is the best option for a long attack range. They are very effective against heavy units and ranged units, but they are rather ineffective against a light unit and fast unit. The problem with artillery units is the very low defense that makes them highly vulnerable to attack.

Most of them are defeated in just one hit, so it's important to protect them with heavy units in front. Their speed is moderated but mostly slow, so it is good to place these units very far away from the battlefield. Although, it changes a lot in the subsequent ages where the focus change to artillery units being used in the terrain, but if you are in the iron age and before then follow our main advice to attack and defend.

Ranged units

Short attack range with a substantial damage level. The ranged units are extremely weak and prone to be defeated with just one hit due to their low defense levels, but they are very efficient in attacking a heavy unit. They change over time, but not as much as the other units.

Strong defenses won't have a chance against a powerful attack of a ranged unit, but they need to be wisely placed in the terrain to gain attack and defense bonus to enhance the unit's overall skills.

These are the five different units that you can find in Forge of Empires. Four characteristics define each of the units: attack, defense, movement, and range. The battle systems work like the classic rock, paper, and scissors game. The unit's attack and defense will determine which one will prevail in the last moment, but the movement and range are going to define the order of the battle.


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The terrain and combat bonuses

The continent map is huge and varied, which means that there are different terrain to battle in - bushes, rocks, hills, forests, swamps, and more. It will affect the movement of the units and the battle bonus they can get. As you might expect, a defense bonus will increase the military unit defense stats, and an attack bonus will do the same with the attack skills. To summarize everything, the bonuses works this way:

  • In bushes and forest, a light unit get a defense bonus
  • Heavy units are better protected in plains environments
  • An artillery unit receive an attack bonus when shooting from hills
  • Ranged units get an attack bonus when standing on rocks
  • Swamps won't give you an attack and defense bonus. Instead, the units will be much slower in this terrain.

Focus on the combat

We need to attribute special importance to the type of terrain we are battling in, especially if we want to repel the strike of the attacking army. A player must keep an eye on the short ranged units before deciding to dispatch a troop that gains attack strength, such as the archer.

The type of troops we decide to use will be measured by the outcome of the field strategy a player implements. Two users can have the same tactics with some differences. For example, if you like short ranged combat, it’s considerably better to use an attacking army with ranged attacks instead of a defensive system. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that a player can decide the outcome of the fight just by selecting the right type of units before engaging in combat. This is not easy and might take you two to three (or more) tries before mastering it, but if you are focused enough you can manipulate the field at your will. Be sure to possess a suitable attacking army, especially if you are fighting to gain big loots or some special type of good.

Completing the quests is essential to earn the right amount of supplies that can be used to improve our archers, ballista, cavalry, and all of our troops. It is good to administrate the slot of a building the best you can so you can turn the page of the battle in your favor. Within some hours of starting playing, you already identify the difference between melee units and long-range units, so use this information as best as possible. 

How to train units

It is not enough to establish a powerful army. You also need to maintain it if you want to defend your city and conquer new provinces. The main way to get your troops level to the top is by building Training Camps where your city defenses can improve their abilities. As you might expect, your troops will increase the level according to the age you are currently playing in.

It means that you can't expect to have an Augmented Samurai if you are in the late middle ages. You need to adapt to the reality of your era. Forge of Empires has a magnificent curve of progression, so there's no point in trying to get over it. Your main goal should be using a terrain attack bonus with a unit or discovering how to flank the enemy's lines, not to learn how to fly before knowing how to walk. Be patient; we assure you that patience is rewarded in this game.


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Manage your army

The first thing to have in mind is to study our rivals before engaging in a battle. It will allow us to create a strategy based on how we can cause the most damage and how we can defend ourselves from the enemy's military units. However, some players prefer to use the same army to attack everyone, but it doesn't always work. Our experience and our intuition will be key in the process of discovering our way of battling.

You already know that it is better to attack a range unit with an artillery unit, so you can use all of the knowledge provided to you in this guide to achieve victory. Nonetheless, these are not written rules, and they mostly change according to the age, whether it is the late middle ages or a more futuristic era. Today we bring to you three different strategies that might be useful when adopting your combat position:


Wait for your enemy to come closer

Sometimes the best thing to do is sit tight and wait for the enemy to make a mistake. If your adversary comes close to you, you'll have a better understanding of his tactic. Once he is close enough, be sure to attack him with many range units to defeat as many enemy troops as possible. The next thing you can do is place your lancers near the forest to repel any possible counter-attack. This strategy works if your close-range unit is leveled enough.

Go for it and hit them first

One of the basic Forge of Empire tips that we give to new players is always to hit the enemy first if the possibility is there. It might contradict what we said before about waiting for your enemy to come closer, but the truth is that if you like to use a light unit instead, or a heavy unit, this tactic will work for you perfectly. This is kind of a "kamikaze-style" tactic because your frontline units will be undoubtedly damaged, but each unit you have behind them will provoke a heavy and strong strike to your rival's army.

To damage or to kill: that's the question

It's not always mandatory to kill the enemy units if you have the chance. For example, you know that a heavy unit that has been damaged won't represent a big problem for us. But it will depend on the terrain and the attack or defense bonus that the unit can get. Sure, it's much better to receive a few strong attacks than many weak attacks because sometimes, if we are facing a large number of enemy troops, we won't be able to focus on the real problem. A damaged unit will attack us ineffectively while a destroyed unit will not represent a problem at all.



The defense of your city is critical

It is known that some players just like to go the peaceful way by never battling anyone and not paying attention to their military buildings. Although it might seem like a good idea, it won't work at all. Even if you decide not to strike anyone, your city will be attacked and plundered by other players. 

It's not about if you are going to be attacked, it's about when it will happen. Would you be prepared for it? You better are. Just like in battle, your home defense needs to be planned according to the army attacking you. But if you don't have any time, the most appropriate course of action would be to select the best possible home defense that you can achieve.

A good unit choice is to manage heavy units as your primary defense. Color Guards and Military Drummers won't be useful beyond the Iron Age, and this same thing happens with other troops. Still, if you want to win, we recommend using ahead-of-age troops because your enemy will not expect them. Remember that you need to put some attack units too. You will also be striking back at your rival, so it's not productive to just sit and wait with a heavy unit. 

Your main goal needs to be to take care of your valuable resources. The resources were made to be retrieved, so if you lost them be sure to be more careful in the future. If you employ an efficient strategy to defend your city, the attackers will think twice before deciding to strike you. Either way, you should also look at some items or buildings that can increase your defense bonus. Three of the most suitable buildings to achieve this goal are the following:


  • Saint Basil's Cathedral: this is not a Military Building, it's a Great Building that will add a defense bonus as you level it up through the ages. The best part is that it will additionally provide you with coins and an attack bonus, meaning that it can seriously enhance your army's power. The main problem is that it occupies a size 5x5 space in your city, so be sure to have enough space before acquiring it.
  • Deal Castle: this amazing Great Building gives a powerful defense boost called "fierce resistance." It also provides an outstanding number of medals per day, but the space it takes is really big - size 7x7. However, we believe that this heavy and strong building will be perfect for your army performance.
  • Watchfire: you can obtain it in some daily quest, so if you have one, be sure to take care of it. A defense unit will get an 8% defense boost from it. This construct only occupies a 1x1 space, meaning that you can place a lot of them in your city without affecting it too much. A brilliant strategy is to place 49 watchfires in your city to achieve a 196% defense bonus for your defending army. We enthusiastically recommend doing this.



After reading this guide, it is clear to us that peace was never an option. Even if you decide just to have a defense unit or no units at all, you inevitably will need to battle to survive or to conquer. Some players believe that Forge of Empires is essentially a war game. Some others don't. What's true is that learning how to properly manage a unit, whether heavy, light, or range, is the key to achieving a successful strategy that can be used in any scenario. 

The ages are ruthless and won't allow you to breathe if you don't advance rapidly enough. MMOAuctions have presented some useful tactics, knowledge, and tips to you so you can be the very best at handling your military units. It is up to you if you decide to use this valuable article to improve or ignore it and perish. 

Regardless of what you may conclude, your journey across the different eras is heavily based on combat. Every new site you visit will be full of surprises that are waiting to be discovered. We know that Forge of Empires might feel complicated initially, but we still haven't discovered another game that can provide us with the amazing feeling of accomplishment, success, and happiness that this masterpiece has. Give it a try and crush all of your adversaries without hesitation.



What is the best army in the Forge of Empires?

The best army in this game is the one that can grant you victory in as many scenarios as possible. It means that there's no established army, it all depends on you and the course of the battle. However, a good combination of heavy, artillery, and light units might be beneficial.

How do I stop being Plundered in Forge of Empires?

Plundering is something that will inevitably happen to you. Even if you decide not to fight anyone, you'll get attacked. But if your city defenses are high enough, the plundering process won't be successful. Focus on defending your city, and your valuable goods and resources won't ever be stolen again.

What are unattached units in Forge of Empires?

These troops are not attached to any military building, which means that you can have thousands without depending on a structure to produce more. If you have enough unattached units, you can get rid of military buildings and increase the unoccupied space in your city.

How do I make my army stronger in Forge of Empires?

You can always practice your combat skills to make your units better, but the primary way to improve your army is by acquiring new military buildings as you advance through the ages. 

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