Forge of Empires Great Buildings - all you need to know

Forge of Empires Great Buildings
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Forge of Empire is an incredible strategy game created by german developers InnoGames. The best way to explain the uncanny success of this game is by analyzing its formula to the core. Players start off with a brand new city in the stone age, using only sticks, rocks, and fire to craft structures and move on in their individual story. 

There are two main goals in this great game that might seem simple, but they are incredibly hard to achieve. First, search for the right materials to advance from one age to another, and second, maintain your city as great as you can by forging constructs, defeating your enemies, and keeping your citizen as happy as they can be.

At first, the concept of this game seems easy and very straightforward, but once you play it you realize that there's a lot more behind the curtain. Some players start playing FoE and end up abandoning it when they see that it's more about putting your brain into it than anything else. 

However, this great game is not impossible to master - at first, you'll be overwhelmed by all the things you need to do, but we assure you that in the next hours prior to start playing you'll experience something that no other game has.

Table of contents

Getting started

Forge of Empire: ages

How to use the different buildings

Production buildings

Residential buildings

Goods buildings

Decoration buildings

Miitary buildings

Special buildings

Great buildings


Best Great buildings



The path to having an incredible FoE city starts today

Of course, there are some fun quests that allow players to battle against their enemies or to enjoy cooperative missions with their neighbors, but the core of FoEs is about proving your capabilities to the whole world. 

It is inevitable to feel powerful when you see your very own city growing throughout the ages, this is why we truly believe that FoE is a game that every player needs to experience at least once in their life. Either way, the best advice that we can give you is to get informed about all of the buildings, resources, and tactics you can exploit in for your advantage.

Planning your strategy is the first step to the path of victory. Remember to always use the map of the continent so you can see the provinces you can conquer. It is also important to deeply analyze the units that your enemy has in order to defeat them in battle. 

But the foundation of a successful city is not how good can the emperor battle or how many provinces can the emperor conquer. It's about having the best buildings so the citizens are happier than ever and they can provide a lot of coins, resources, and goods to enhance your game experience more than ever.


The importance of the age you are currently in

It is very critical to know that when you play Forge of Empire, you'll go through 19 different ages, each very different from the other and with specific needs for your villagers. For example, the buildings available in the iron age won't ever be the same as the ones in the Mars Space Age. 

Therefore, it's good to identify the buildings, but it's even better to examine which one will be the precise fit for the age you are playing it. It'll be great for your progress if you develop a strategy that can work between the ages. As might be expected, this is not easy at all, but if it were easy then this game would not be as magical as it essentially is.

To go from an Age to a different one, a player will need to complete some requirements. Forge Points, Coins, and Supplies are needed to complete the tech tree that'll allow you to unlock the technologies necessary to advance in time. 

Hence, if a player is not focused enough, he or she might get stuck without the chance to move forward in time. If a civilization gets stuck, the general feeling of the villagers will go down, resulting in losing all the progress you've already made.

These are some of the most important ages in the game that you should focus on:

  • Bronze Age: the Bronze Age is the second age you are going to face. Learn up the mechanics and wait for all the new things that FoE has for you.
  • Iron Age: this is the third age you are going to play in. It's very straightforward, so just do your best and don't worry about it.
  • Middle-Ages: they are divided into the early middle ages, the middle ages, and the high middle ages. Each of these eras is very different from each other, but they also have many things in common. In the early middle ages, civilization is starting to rise and in the high middle ages, your city will have everything to take off.
  • Colonial Age: humanity is not that advanced, but soon it will be. The Colonial Age is an era of discoveries and achievements. 
  • Industrial Age: The industrial revolution was a very important part of human history. This is why the industrial age is very important to complete, having the best great buildings of this era.
  • Progressive Era: Just after the Industrial Age, humanity is on the verge of changing everything forever. This happens in the Progressive Era, an age that serves as a bridge to the future.
  • Modern Era: this is the 10th age in this game. The modern Era sees radical changes in society, so the Great Buildings that can be found here are much different from the previous ones.
  • Contemporary Era: in the middle of the 20th century, humanity is at the Contemporary Era. This is what you and I live every day. Be sure to collect all of the Era Goods you can.
  • Arctic Future: everything is frozen due to climatic change, but the Arctic Future is not a worthy rival for humanity. We will prevail whatever it takes.
  • Oceanic Future: humanity is tired of the Earth and decided to explore the depths of the ocean. In the Oceanic Future, you'll find some of the best Great Buildings and Era Goods.
  • Virtual Future: this is the first approach of humanity to a true technological future. The Virtual Future has many secrets that are waiting to be discovered.
  • Space Age Mars: this is the real future. The Space Age Mars explores the limits of a whole new planet. Nothing is impossible for humanity now.
  • Space Age Asteroid Belt: what's beyond Mars? The Space Age Asteroid Belt is here to show you that there are no limits for mankind anymore.

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Learn what are and how to use the buildings

The buildings are the very beginning of an efficient civilization. After all, your people need a worthy place to inhabit. Just as in real life, if you keep the people happy, everything else will come by itself. This is why it's crucial to know all the building classes that this game has for us. First, it is great to understand the spaces that the buildings occupy, so you can avoid having to remove them in the future. 

Sharing information with your friends it's a great way of knowing more tactics and make yourself a better player as time passes. Forging a great empire will take you some hours and even days of your life, but we assure you that you won't regret it at all. These are the buildings you need to know:

Production Buildings

The goal of this building is to produce supplies that can be used later in the game. Supplies are widely used to train military units and produce goods. If you want to forge a production building, you need to assign people to establish it. The process of building it can take 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour and even one full day to be constructed. Needless to say, the more time it takes to produce the building, the more supplies per unit will be produced. Just remember to collect these supplies when they are prepared.

Residential buildings 

These constructs are essential to provide population and coins over time. All the residential buildings are distinctive from each other, and they gradually get bigger as you progress in the different eras. The player needs to collect the coins produced by this kind of building, so you can't forget about them. As one would expect, they can go from a simple Chalet to a big Mansion, so it is good to improve them as much as you can.

Goods buildings

As you may know, goods are necessary to assemble Forge of Empires great buildings and many other things. The mechanics of this building is very similar to a production building, which means that the longer it takes to be constructed, the more goods will provide you per day. These buildings need to receive coins and supplies to be constructed, so make sure to use your resources wisely before spending them on things that you actually don't need at all.

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In real life, when you see a beautiful piece of architecture, you instantly get happier. This is exactly how a decoration building works - it provides happiness to your citizens. The happiness of your town population is crucial to firmly advance in this game. You need to search and investigate which decoration building is best for your city by analyzing the spaces it takes to get built and the ideal spot to place it.

Military buildings

The first thing you need when a war starts is troops well prepared for combat. The main objective of a military building is to train your military units. Recruiting units doesn't directly affect your population, in fact, the better you can attack or defend your city, the safest will your villagers feel. The weapons that your units use will heavily variate over time. For example, in the Middle Ages, you'll naturally use crossbows and swords, but in the Future Eras, your units will have Gravity Fields and Plasma Nozzles.

Special buildings 

This type of building has mostly been available during specific events, so they can’t be acquired in conventional ways. The best way to get a special building if to complete daily challenges, bonus quests, guild expeditions, cultural settlements, and other activities that are usually available for a short period of time.

But out of all of these types of different structures, there's one kind that stands out above the rest. We are talking about the great buildings, a building you undoubtedly need to forge if you really want to advance in this game. The next era is waiting for you and the best way of proceeding is to show less mercy to your enemies and more love to your citizens.

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Forge of Empires best Great Buildings

We already know that FoE is about experiencing the different stages of history, this is why this game would not be completed if it didn't have any real historical events that we can all relate to. Great Buildings are inspired in stages of history according to the age that a certain player is currently in. To get the FoE great buildings you must initially find the blueprints that'll indicate to you how they can be constructed. 

But, what makes them so special? First of all, the grant your city a unique sense of happiness to your villagers. Everybody likes a graceful cultural building in the streets, so enhancing the perception of your city in the eyes of your villagers will result in more coins, more resources, and more goods over time. Besides, the resources that these buildings will provide to you are unmatching - you definitely need to have the most suitable great building according to your game style.

Getting blueprints and leveling up your great building

There are plenty of ways for getting the blueprints you need to unlock the Great Buildings. Forge of Empires is a game of tactics, so it is good to automatically play once in a while with your neighbor because you increase your chances of getting blueprints by playing Guild Expeditions

Also, if you help other players construct a Great Building or Plunder them, your chances of getting the blueprints will heavily increase. As you can see, the focus is to experience the cooperative game modes You can also find them by completing special events or finding diamonds.


The best (and the worst) great buildings

This is where things get really interesting. It is not possible to compile a mandatory list of the best great buildings in the game. It all depends on each player's preferences and needs at the moment. The safest thing to do is to present you with our favorites great buildings so you can make your own choice regarding the current era you are playing in. These are our top three choices:

  • The arc: Forge of Empires has some nice structures and this if one of them. You can find this great building in the Future Era, which means that a player needs to advance a lot before getting in. But when you finally get the Arc, keep it. It will give you tons of quality goods every 24 hours.
  • Castel del Monte: if you are in the Late Middle Ages, be sure to acquire this great building. Castel del Monte provides a substantial military boost to increase the defense and attack of the player's military units. It additionally provides Forge Points, so it's extremely important to keep it.
  • The Blue Galaxy: an amazing great building that delivers the players the chance to double up their resources. It can be found in the Oceanic Future and provides a good number of medals every 24 hours.

However, some other great buildings are not that useful to players and might represent a waste of space and resources, such as the Dynamic Tower. FoE is about optimizing your resources, so if you feel like a certain great building is taking more from you than what it gives you, it's time to say goodbye to it. 

You can feel the same way about the Atomium or the Deal Castle. Yeah, they give you some resources and Forge Points, but you can get more of them just by focusing on more important structures. Besides, if you maintain a low-age great building for a long time it might result in you being stuck in middle ages for... well, ages. We strongly recommend avoiding this.

But then again, it will all depend. FoE is magic, is unpredictable, and is incredibly fun, all we can do is serve as your guide in the amazing path of discovering your true potential. More than forging a powerful empire, you will be forging your unique personality with the goal of becoming the greatest emperor out there.


Now that you know everything about the great buildings, you can make your own choices. It doesn't matter if you prefer to use a great building that provides you with Forge Points or one that can produce all the medals you want. The objective here is to concentrate all of your energies in creating something unique, a civilization so powerful that it causes their enemies to tremble with fear. 

The scenarios are so different from each other that it is hard to tell whether if the Arc is the building you require or if it's rather the Statue of Zeus. But now, you are two steps ahead of everyone thanks to this guide we created just for you. 

You can always count on MMOAuctions to solve all of your gaming issues. If your city becomes unstoppable, we will be as proud as if the city were ours. After all, we are also veteran gamers just like you, aiming to support each other in the adventure of conquering unexplored lands.

Check out our other FoE articles that you can read later. Share, copy link to us on Facebook, Twitter, blog, or anywhere else you find appropriate.


What is the best Great Building in Forge of Empire?

This is a really difficult choice to make, but if we were to decide, we'd say that either the Arc or Castel del Monte. They are extremely versatile and can get adapted to any age.

Can a great building be plundered in FoE?

No, a great building can not get plundered by your neighbors. This doesn't mean that you are protected from getting plundered, you need to keep an eye on your defenses if you don't want to get your resources stolen.

How do you get blueprints for a great building in FoE?

Blueprints are essential and you absolutely need them. Polish or motivate your neighbors, support other players construct their own GB, complete the special events, and plunder your neighbors once in a while to get the blueprints you need to unlock all of the GB.

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