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fut how to make coins
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How to make coins in FIFA Ultimate Team

Fifa Ultimate Team is the competitive mode for the most famous football online multiplayer game. In this one, players will collect coins to open packs that contain famous footballer cards. By combining eleven cards, players can create their dream teams, which can be used in online matches. For the best team, you will have to earn lots of coins, and this guide might be just what you need to learn how to make coins in FUT.


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Making money on playing the game

Playing online matches

Profit: Medium

Players can make coins by simply playing Ultimate Team games. You do not need anything besides a healthy squad to play the league, and even for the toughest losses, you will receive coins. The downside to this method is that you will have to spend some of your earnings for the squad recovery. If you are using fitness cards, they can cost quite a lot, and some of the injury-recovery cards may also come out costly. It means that most of your earning will go for preparation before the next match. 

If you want to avoid this coin-waste, be sure to have substitutions for every position (so you can use additional player instead of buying recovery packs), a reserve team that you use every two squad battles in the division rivals, and a bench full of substitute players that you use during the match. It is possible to reduce costs to a minimum if you are using two squads with full benches.

Online matches are a standard way of making money, which isn't very rewarding. It takes quite a lot of time to make money this way, and you will most likely never have enough to get the best footballer cards in the game via this method. It is more of a beginner's way to get things going. There are, however, some ways to boost your earnings during the regular gameplay - we have listed them in the section below.



Reward Shop

Profit: Medium

EA Sports overcomplicated some of the systems within the Fifa Ultimate Team. Because of that, some of the features may seem hidden from plain sight. One of them is a Rewards Shop. When you enter the FUT mode, you can see at the top-right corner of your screen brown coins. Those cannot be spent for squad upgrades, training, or for the packs, but instead, they have a different purpose. Those are reward points that are awarded for your time spent in the Ultimate Team. You can earn them by playing regular matches, and slowly those matches will also unlock new levels for you. 

Levels act as milestones that unlock various rewards which you can purchase via brown coins. By clicking on the previously mentioned menu in the top-right corner, you can browse through the rewards shop. Depending on your account level, you may unlock coin boosts for your FUT games, loans for best players from every league, and various other rewards that may directly or indirectly improve the number of coins that you make in the Ultimate Team mode. If you haven't used a Rewards Shop before, make sure to check out what you can get from this place - there may be thousands of coins waiting for you.


Other game modes

Division Rivals

Profit: Medium

Fifa Ultimate Team offers players lots of different game modes and activities that they can partake in to earn various rewards. While some are challenging and dedicated to the most skilled players, others are casual and meant for every user. Firstly, we have Division Rivals, a standard game mode in the Ultimate Team that offers players rewards for every match. Here you can advance to higher Divisions by winning multiple matches in a row. You will not only receive big milestone prizes for every advancement, but you'll also get an increase for your regular match-winning rewards. Division Rivals offer a decent steady income, and it is very rewarding to give your best during the matches to reach for the best rewards. By playing Division Rivals, players can accumulate points needed to participate in FUT Champions. It is the most basic of all FUT game modes that will allow you to learn how Team Chemistry and other systems work.

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FUT Champions

Profit: High

FUT Champions is yet another league worth looking into. By earning 2000 FUT Champions Points in Division Rivals mode, players unlock a token that gives them a one-time entry to the FUT Champions mode. It is a weekend league that is being played during the last three days of each week. When it starts, every participant gets to play up to forty matches to determine what prize you are going to get when the league is over. There are eighteen tiers of rewards, and only victories may improve your rank within this mode. 

Unlike Division Rivals, in FUT Champions, matches are ultimately decided by either the score or the penalties. We are mentioning this game mode because it has the highest rewards from all of the available modes, but you have to also keep in mind that this is the most competitive of all of the "casual" tournaments. Here you will meet opponents who will try their best, and you might even face professional FIFA players who are climbing for a grand prize of over 500k worth in coins and packs. Don't be discouraged by it - FUT Champions offer a consolation prize for every participant, so even if you end up with zero victories, you will still get some kind of reward.


Squad battles

Profit: Medium

Squad battles (SBC) are another activity that players who are looking to make coins might be interested in. In this one, the player will get to play against a team that was built by the combined effort of the community members. In this one, not only victories will matter but also every other activity during the match. For spectacular tricks that you make and goals that you score, you can improve the number of points that you receive in Squad Battles. The more points you have, the better rewards you might receive, but you also have to bear in mind that there is a possibility of losing them during the gameplay. By fouls, cards, and lost goals, your score will decrease.


Team of the week

Profit: Low

Team of the Week is a weekly squad that is being chosen by EA Sports. They are selecting eleven footballers that represented the best form in the recent week and putting them into one team that players can play against. By choosing different levels of difficulty, games against them can be quite easy or more challenging. It is a small "minigame" that allows you to see how new Team of the Week cards work during the game, and that lets you earn small rewards for winning against the said squads. Rewards in this category are somewhat small, but for new players who are looking for ways to make some additional coins Team of the Week, challenges might be a decent option.

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Making money on the market

Bronze Pack method

Profit: Low (for new players mostly)

If you are just beginning your adventure with Fifa Ultimate Team, but you don't feel confident in starting games with your current roster, you might want to look into a Bronze Packs method. The bronze pack contains the worst players available in the Fifa 20 Ultimate Team. During your gameplay, even in the first hour with FUT, you should be able to find better footballers than those, but we want to open those packs for another reason. Every single Bronze Pack contains at least three footballers who can be listed on the market for 150 coins with a "Buy Now" price of 200. This means that if all of them sell at the worst rate, you will be profitable 50 coins. Bronze footballers aren't most sought after; however, they still may sell - people like to experiment with different squad versions, and bronze players are often required for SBCs (Squad Building Challenges). Besides that, you may get more than three players in one pack, and additionally, there are consumable cards that you can also sell or use for your good. Bronze Pack opening takes some time since you have to wait for quite some time before your players sell, but eventually, they will. If you are just starting your journey with Ultimate Team, this is an excellent method to make some additional profit on the side.



Profit: High

Buy for less - sell for more. Reselling is taking advantage of the laziness of other people to make a profit. People who open lots of packs in the Ultimate Team mode, often list them on the market price that undercuts the competition. No one likes to wait for his cards to sell, and everyone wants to enjoy the quick income - everyone besides a Reseller, that is. This method is known since long ago and has been profitable ever since.

As this kind of person, you will always aim to make a profit on every purchase. Search through the market to find players with prices that are way below the median. Purchase them and list them for their regular price. To ensure that you are using correct pricing for your trades, you may use various online tools and graphs to show you the current trends in card values. You make also put to use the official FUT web app that will help you track the market, bid on cards, and earn coins.


Price Fixing

Profit: High, but may also generate losses (risky)

Some more experienced players who already made some coins on the market may decide to take advantage of their knowledge to monopolize the market on one of the players. This method usually doesn't work on rare gold players, so instead, you should aim to use it on popular silver purchases or regular gold footballers. The plan is simple - purchase every player card of the footballer you have chosen and set your price for it on the market. You decide how much you want to increase the price for this purchase; however, keep in mind that it cannot be raised by too much. 

It will make people go for other players similar to those you are selling, which you want to avoid. By controlling the price on the player that you are selling, you will constantly make money on each card that you have bought before. All that you have to do is to find the right footballer that has no overpriced card for sale.



Profit: High

Sniping may seem similar to reselling, but it is not quite the same thing. This term refers to finding expensive footballer cards on the market for a much lower price than they should be listed. It's called sniping because underpriced players "disappear" from the market almost as quickly as they are posted. Many players are trying to find such deals, and you have to constantly refresh the market to be the first who notices it and seals the deal. 


It is exactly why it is called Sniping as you have to search precisely through the market and strike when you see an opportunity. This way of making coins can be extremely profitable but also can be a total time waste. It all depends on what other players have for sale and for the footballer cards that you are looking for. We encourage you not to try sniping before you are already rich in the Ultimate Team. Only the best cards in the game are worth being sniped, and there is no point in waiting for snipes on cards below a 100k value.



Profit: High

If you are not too fond of waiting for a deal to come up on the transfer market, you may also invest in some of the cards for more extended periods. This method can be just as profitable (if done correctly) as reselling and sniping. However, it doesn't require as much effort and focuses as those. If you plan to invest in cards, take a deeper look at In-Form and Team of the Week footballers. If you want to find them at the lowest price, try to search the market a few days after the packs' release. By investing in the correct footballers at the right time, you can make millions with minimal effort. 



Profit: High

Besides regular cards, Team of the Week, and other commonly found "rares," there are also special cards released only once every season. Shortly after the release of Team of the Season, Ultimate Scream, FUTmas, and other events, you can get extremely rare cards "cheaply," that will inevitably rise in price over time.  

People during those events, spend a lot of Ultimate Team Coins and FIFA Points to purchase packs. Because of that, there is a high oversaturation of rares on the market, which allows for some cheap purchases on most sought-after cards. Main events of the game mark the best time to make big purchases, so be sure to save up your coins before they arrive.

How to get rich

If your goal is to make coins first you have to learn how to save them. Whether you would like to play Marquee Matchups, Division Rivals Leagues, Competitive Seasons, or everything else you need to start saving coins in order to be earning coins. Early on as you start to collect coins for your goal you may think that it will take easily months or even around the year to make enough for high-rated cards and TOTW players.

To reach your objectives it's recommended that you should really watch each day for every opportunity to complete new challenges. There is a high amount of those and each of the challenges may give away plenty of great rewards that will add some extra value of coin share to your club based on how well you were doing during the matches. To save a portion of your money, make sure to spend the least amount of coins per player contracts and squad fitness cards. Pick the cards that are sold for the least money and choose only those that have the color corresponding to the color of your player card. Gold contacts work the best with gold players, bronze with bronze, etc. this will improve the card's value a few times.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the fastest way to get coins in FIFA 20 and FIFA 21?

Learn how to dictate prices on the market and which players are worth reselling.

How do you get coins on Ultimate Team?

By playing games, trading on the market, and completing various challenges that change every week.

Can you get banned for buying FIFA coins?

You can but it is very unlikely if you buy them from resellers at our market.


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