Is it worth to play FIFA? - All of the answers!

Is it worth to play FIFA?
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Without a doubt, FIFA has become the most famous series of online football games in history. EA Sports does everything that they can every year to deliver the best product that they can, but still, many players are concerned whether they should play FIFA or any other football simulator like Pro Evolution Soccer or others. In this article, we will be taking a look at the EA Sports product to determine whether it is worth it or not playing the FIFA game. So let's think about is worth playing FIFA?


Is FIFA a good game?

To give you an answer to your question, we have to start with a simpler one. To put it simply - FIFA is a good game. Over the years, EA Sports had a lot of time to improve their game and to master their product. Because of that, the gameplay is smooth and loved by many. There are numerous game modes and features, which means lots of things to explore. 

If you are a football fan, there is a very high chance that you will fall in love with this title. It's just as entertaining as watching a football game on your television, but with FIFA, you gain the ability to control the actions of the players, their tactics, their playing styles, and everything that is connected to the team that you are playing with. There is no doubt in our minds - FIFA is an entertaining game that can bring new players to it and hold already playing users around it. It doesn't necessarily mean that FIFA is a perfect, flawless football game.



The reason why FIFA is the most popular football simulator

To get you deeper into that topic, we have to look at the ongoing battle between Pro Evolution Soccer and the FIFA game. Both products are quite similar - they offer single and multiplayer football matches that can be played on multiple gaming platforms. The biggest difference that made FIFA more popular over the years was the rights to club logos, names, kits, and other things that were owned by real companies.

In the FIFA game, players could find their favorite footballers and clubs that they are dedicated to. If you wanted to play Real Madrid? You could. If you wanted to score goals with Zlatan Ibrahimovic? You were allowed to do that. The problem with Pro Evolution Soccer was always poor licensing.

While in FIFA, game players were allowed to recreate the matches of their favorite teams and become the players that they wanted to become, in the PES game, there was no such thing. Imaginary clubs, leagues that did not exist, and players with unfamiliar faces were the norm. It is the biggest of the reasons why FIFA won players' hearts. Even though Pro Evolution Soccer stands on a higher level mechanically than the game from EA Sports, it couldn't compete with the licensing that EA has.

To be honest, it created a kind of healthy competition. FIFA was always like: "We have licenses. It doesn't matter what the game is like, as long as we're the only ones to have real names." It is why their game was always clunky, stiff, and unrealistic compared to PES. On the other hand, Pro Evolution Soccer creators knew that they can't afford the licenses, so they did the only thing they could do - create a better game. Looking back in time, we can tell that they've succeeded.

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Reasons why you should play FIFA game

  • Everybody can play it - The game that connects generations

The answer depends heavily on what kind of player you are. There are all sorts of players in the world - some are looking for the casual title that they will be playing with their friends as they come by while others are looking for a challenging game where everybody competes, giving their best. 

Luckily in both mentioned scenarios, FIFA is a game worth trying out. Casual players can sit on the couch, take the controller in their hands, and have a relaxing game against online opponents or friends nearby. Competitive gamers will be able to play the Ultimate Team mode, advance in Divisions, and fight in tournaments that may lead them to live LAN games against the world's best players. FIFA is a game for everybody - for youngsters, teenagers, grownups, adults, casuals, and professionals. It connects people of different nations, ages, and generations. It's a classic for every gamer and a must-play for all football fans.


  • Because it's fun!

FIFA offers thousands of hours of gameplay that can be entertaining all the time. Since this series of games has been coming out for so many years, there are over twenty different versions of FIFA that exist. With the new modes coming out every year, FIFA gets bigger and bigger. You can be certain that EA will not give up this franchise, and there will be lots of news to come. It is an entertaining game targeted not only at a small audience but at everyone that may want to try it out. It can be easily picked up since everybody knows the rules of football, and there is not that much to learn.


  • A competitive game without toxicity

These days it's hard to find competitive games, but that revolves around "healthy" topics. We have shooters where we kill each other, MOBA games where we kill each other, and MMORPGs where we as well kill each other. Almost every genre of popular online games involves some kind of violence. It's not that easy to find games that can be easily recommended to both adults and youngsters, but FIFA stands among them. 

If you are concerned parents or are just worried about your mental health, there is nothing as chilly as a FIFA game. You don't have to worry about kid screams, offensive chat messages, and the stress that comes from playing with irresponsible teammates. In FIFA, you shape the matches' outcome, and everything during the game is in your own hands.


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Through the Ultimate Team, mode players can become not only footballers but also managers. Using player cards they can manipulate the squads that they will be used to play with. Every footballer in the game has his own player card - each one of them receives points in various statistics that are based on the real-life performance of a corresponding player.

Electronic Arts made sure while making players that all of them will be pictured right as they are in real life which adds to the mode a nice touch of realism. Players can be gained from packs. The player pack can be purchased for coins that can be earned as rewards for match wins in the Division Rivals mode. By assembling a team with high chemistry you will be able to win more easily. Use players that won't have issues with working together and there’s a high chance that you’re going to be successful in squad building.

Reasons why you should avoid FIFA game

  • Bugs - consistently overlooked errors and a lack of willingness to repair them

Besides numerous improvements implemented in the FIFA game series over the years, there also have been lots of bugs and mistakes in coding that were overlooked and unfixed. EA Sports community asked for lots of fixes to the Ultimate Team market and the game itself for a very long time. Even though the new FIFA game comes out yearly, some of the bugs still exist after such a long time. It might seem like EA Sports doesn't know how to fix some of the problems that reappear every year. 

Besides that, new problems also show up, but it's the natural course of things that "bugs happen." Luckily, EA is quite fast in fixing game-breaking problems, so users don't have to wait for a long time.


  • Problems with Artificial Intelligence - or the lack of intelligence in all of it

Every year EA Sports promises to make the game more realistic, which usually results in slowing the game's pace. Defenders are like headless chickens that run around the field without a real purpose. When the attack comes at them, they hesitate for a moment before they react. The ball is going through them without any trouble, and the reason behind all of that is the sluggishness of their pivots and other moves. Defenders are slow, and they react slowly, but attackers also aren't perfect. 

Scoring goals from the corners in FIFA 20 was almost impossible. This issue may be addressed somewhere in the future, but as for now - it wasn't. There are problems with the gameplay that are not fixed for a long time and almost every FIFA version, so the question has to be asked.


  • Why we have to pay for the same game every year?

EA Games has a bad reputation among the game developers for a reason. One of the main allegations that players have towards them is that they release almost unchanged products for a full price every year. With the new release, FIFA gets some minor bug fixes, new game mechanics that change the gameplay for better or worse, a new game mode that usually isn't too popular, and the update for Footballers and Clubs that they are playing for. 

In the end, the real reason why everyone buys new FIFA each year is that everyone does it. It might seem like a paradox, however, listen carefully. When some of the players that have more spare money for the new FIFA decide to purchase it, the number of players left in the older version lowers. 

Keeping a large number of players around the game is essential for the game since Ultimate Team wouldn't work if there were no opponents of similar skill levels online at the same time. Because of that - when some of the players transfer from the one FIFA game to another - others have to do the same. It's basically a cash grab, and if you don't plan to play the online mode, there are no reasons to buy the new FIFA game every year.


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The Conclusion - is it worth it or not?

In the end, it's up to the player to decide whether he wants to play FIFA or not. This decision is not simple as there are two football games worth trying out. We believe that FIFA is the more casual title targeted at the audience of every age, and Pro Evolution Soccer is meant for those seeking the best possible online football experience. Even though both of the products are going after the "realism" of the game, we think that only PES achieved the gameplay that closely resembles real games. Most of gamers are choosing FIFA over PES because of the licensing. Every kid dreams about being a Ronaldo or Messi, and FIFA allows for a brief moment to fulfill those dreams. That's what got us into the EA Sports product early in our lives, and that's what got most of the gamers into it as well.

You don't have to be a football fan to have fun in this game at all. FIFA is a title for everyone. If you are a casual player, you will find a single-player career mode that lets you control a player's career - from the important transfer decisions to the gameplay during the matches. Here you will be able to learn the basics of the game and more advanced strategies that rule the world of football. We can assure you that even if you are not into this kind of sport after a few matches, you will "catch the bug." It's also the easiest of the ways of getting into football as by playing you will learn names of the real footballers, what they are good at, for which club they are playing and everything else that might be relevant for when your nation's team will be playing the match on TV.


FIFA is fun and has a lot to offer. Even with its flaws, there is a reason why this game is so popular. Yearly releases of this EA Sports phenomenon are just proving that it is a good game. Otherwise, why would they make it and who would buy it. If you are a gamer or a football fan, this title is a must-play for you. If you are not, it might be an interesting position to look at, but it won't appeal to everybody.


Getting into it

Every version of the FIFA game has something new to offer. There are tons of different modes that were released and became available over the course of the years including Squad Building Challenges, Squad Battles, Division Rivals, Volta Street, FUT, and so on. With every addition, FIFA changed completely and each new edition brought us something different that added a breath of freshness to the game.

Whether you are a real-life football fan or just a gamer with a goal to feel big football emotions on the screen - FIFA gives you a chance to take a journey across the world of football. With all of the game modes available in this video game, it’s really easy to get into the gameplay. Even users that play FIFA for the first time should be super comfortable with learning how it works as there are also tons of offline tutorials from which they can learn. For someone already familiar with previous versions of the game it often doesn't take long to start playing rated games as all FIFA versions share similar mechanics.


We are afraid that that's it for our article about why it's worth it or not to play the FIFA game. We hope that with this text, you will be able to make the correct choice and enjoy your time - whether during the FIFA game or within other titles that you play. If you are searching for the additional FIFA game guides, the ones from Pro Evolution Soccer, or guides to any other online multiplayer game - we might have just what you need. Check out our blog page, where we post hundreds of different guides that can help you get better at all of the games that you play.

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Is FIFA popular on PC?

Yes, it is! It is one of the most popular games.

Is FIFA 19, 20, or 21 better?

It all depends on the user preference, which version he likes better.

Is buying FIFA 21 worth it?

If you love football games, then it surely is!

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