How FUT Draft works - A short tournament with BIG rewards!

How FUT Draft works
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How Draft in FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM works

In FIFA 20, EA Sports introduced a new mode to the Ultimate Team that allows players to test their skills and earn rewards from gameplay. This new mode is called FUT Draft and gives players a chance to show how good of a choice they can make when they are limited only to certain footballers and team playstyles. Let's have a look at the FIFA game mode for real experts that can win matches with anything that they are given!


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What you need to enter a FUT Draft

To get to FUT Draft mode, players have to find a special Token. FUT Draft Tokens can be acquired from opening packs and various other activities that can be completed, especially during the events. Unlike the FUT Champion entries, Draft Tokens can be saved in any quantity for later use.


What FUT Draft is about

It is a game mode in the Ultimate Team section of FIFA Online, where players have to build a new team from scratch. The tricky part is that every choice that they make will be made from a narrow pool of available picks. With the team that players build, they will have to play four matches against similarly skilled opponents who also have built their team from given options.


After sacrificing a FUT Draft Token player gets an entry to FUT Draft mode. The challenge begins right away from the choice of the formation that your team will be playing on. Here you will have to pick one of five available ones. After that, you will be choosing one of also five possibilities when it comes to the team captain. Here you will be given some of the most iconic players from the current seasons or the history of football. With your new team leader, you can begin to assemble a squad with which you will be playing.

From that point, you can click on the positions on the field, and you will be given five players to choose from. Every time you will be able only to take one while discerning the rest of the given group. Don't worry if you don't like any of the given footballers, as you may still have a chance to find a decent player for that position while choosing footballers that will be sitting on your bench. After successfully finding a footballer for every position on the field, you will be selecting seven subs and five footballers for your team's reserve. Choices here are random, and you may find players from every position in each of the slots. Last but not least, there is also a manager that can be the final pick, which will decide on your team's chemistry.


How to win is FUT Draft

Besides the "picking" part at the start of the mode FUT Draft doesn't differ very much from the regular games that you will be playing on Division Rivals. To reach for the victories, you have to create a team that will have skilled players that fit your playstyle and formation that suits your strategy and high team chemistry. This might seem like a tough task to partake for new players as you will be trying to pair footballers of different leagues and origins. It's not as simple as it sounds, as you have to keep in mind that you are choosing from five random footballer cards in every position. More experienced players shouldn't have an issue with that topic, and the only struggle that they may face will be with opponents that they are about to play against.

In the end, FIFA Ultimate Team Draft is all about making correct decisions during the pick phase. With a team with 100 chemistry, you will have a much easier time in the next four matches that you will be playing. Besides that, all you can do is to give your best during the game and to substitute players who are feeling weak for the fresh ones on the half-time break. Simple things and tricks that you have learned during your Division Rivals matches will show the value now as every little bit of information and skill acquired before will be necessary to reach for the victories. Use your knowledge, be smarter than the enemy, and draw players for your team wisely to win in FUT Draft.

One big hint that can help you during the draft phase is that you should pick an Icon card as your captain. The reason behind this is that the Icon cards have perfect links with players from every league, so by choosing an icon, you don't risk that one of your players won't work with your chosen captain.

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FUT Draft rewards

The Ultimate Team Draft mode is a knockout tournament where players who win more get more rewards for themselves as we mentioned before, there are only four games that you can be playing with a single entrance to this mode. This means that by winning all four, you can receive the highest reward. If you lose one of the games on the way to the final, the tournament ends. To enter a Draft, you need a token, but you won't automatically get another one for finishing it in the 1st place.

The amount of packs and coins received is random, but you can exact only a couple of normal silver/gold packs for zero wins. Winning all games can give you over 25 000 coins and lots of packs from the Mega, Jumbo, or Premium tiers. This applies only to online tournaments as rewards for offline ones are much smaller. Below you can find a table with all of the rewards described.


Online mode (multiplayer):

  • 0 Wins - Up to 17,5k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.
  • 1 Win - Up to 35k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.
  • 2 Wins - Up to 57,5k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.
  • 3 Wins - Up to 62,5k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.
  • 4 Wins - Up to 135k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.


Offline mode (for a single player):

  • 0 Wins - Up to 12,5k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.
  • 1 Win - Up to 15k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.
  • 2 Wins - Up to 17,5k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.
  • 3 Wins - Up to 40k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.
  • 4 Wins - Up to 50k of rewards in FUT coins and packs.


Keep in mind that players and other cards that you used during the tournament will disappear after it ends. You cannot keep the squad that was given to you at the start of this challenge.

The difficulty of playing games won't have any impact on the rewards that you will receive. If you are not feeling confident in your skill, you can win the offline mode of the FUT Draft on the easiest difficulty to reach for the rewards that are similar to those given for the players that achieved two wins in the online mode. This simple trick can help you make some additional coins while also giving you an insight into how FUT Draft works.




FUT Draft is a great mode than not only allows players to make some coins and get some packs on the side but also the one that will enable them to try the best footballers in the game. It might be hard to stumble upon a token that allows you to enter this challenge; however, you should not hesitate when you do. It is a great mode with rewards for everyone - even if you fail all of your matches, you will still be profitable in trying it out. Best drafters, however, can compete for very high rewards that can be earned within minutes. Since the number of games you have to play for the victory is so low, you don't have to worry about the time consumption in this mode like you could in the FUT Champions. Start Drafting today and show others how to do it properly!



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Are Fut drafts worth it?

Sure! Whenever you have a FUT Draft Token, you should try it.

What happens if you win FUT Draft?

Winning in FUT Draft awards 25k or more coins and Mega, Jumbo, or Premium Gold Packs.

Does FUT Draft difficulty affect rewards?

No, it doesn't affect final rewards, but it does affect the number of coins that you get after every match.

Was there a FUT Draft in FIFA 19?

Yes, this mode was available back then.

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