How FIFA packs work - Learn how to get the best players!

how fifa packs work
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How packs in FIFA game work

With the release of the Ultimate Team mode, the FIFA game got a pack opening system. It works similarly to the chests known from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or crates that you may have seen in the Rocket League game. You spend some coins that you earn during the matches to open packs that contain various footballer cards and other items which can help you with your Ultimate Team gameplay. In this topic, we will be taking a closer look at FIFA packs to let you know what you need to open them, when it’s worth doing and how to earn the best rewards from pack opening. Fasten your seatbelt cause we are about to get this show on the road! Let's answer the question of how FIFA packs work? 

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How to acquire FUT packs

To start, let's talk about the ways of obtaining FIFA Ultimate Team packs. By playing every mode in the Ultimate Team, players will earn Coins. It is the main currency for the FUT that lets you purchase card packs, which may contain all sorts of items that will help you during the gameplay - including the new footballers. 

You can get packs straight from the shop, but you may also win them during the gameplay for completing objectives, exchanging for XP on Seasons, submitting SBCs (Squad Battle Challenges), and playing FUT Draft, FUT Division Rivals, Seasons, Squad Battles or FUT Champions. Packs can also be purchased using real money.



Types of packs

Among the FIFA Ultimate Team packs, there are hundreds of different ones that players can open. The variety is so wide that we cannot describe every one of those, so let's just have a quick look at basic packs available in the FUT store.

  • Bronze Pack - 400 Coins - Has 12 Bronze Cards with one Rare
  • Premium Bronze Pack - 750 Coins - Has 12 Bronze Cards with three Rares
  • Silver Pack - 2500 Coins or 50 FIFA Points - Has 12 Silver Cards with one Rare
  • Premium Silver Pack - 3750 Coins or 75 FIFA Points - Has 12 Silver Cards with three Rares
  • Gold Pack - 5000 Coins or 100 FIFA Points - Has 12 Gold Cards with one Rare
  • Premium Gold Pack - 7500 Coins or 150 FIFA Points - Has 12 Gold Cards with three Rares


Each of the basic packs may contain footballers, consumables, various items, and staff members. These packs are available at all times, and you may purchase as many of them as you want, although it is not advised. 

EA Sports loves to release new kinds of packs along with the new version of the game, and since there were so many versions of FIFA already, we have over a hundred kinds of packs available within the game. Those packs are usually released only for a short period during various events or acquired from all sorts of different game modes. They may contain better cards, a larger amount of them, and some very rare rewards that couldn't be gained from any other place in the game. Because of that, it is worth saving coins and FUT Points to purchase only special packs.


Is pack opening profitable?

This is a tricky question because every pack opening is a gamble. You might be profitable from opening simple bronze packs that contain a player needed in this week's Squad Building Challenge. You might lose most of your coins while opening special event packs that have the possibility of dropping the best cards in the game. One thing is certain - every time you are about to open the pack, you must understand that you may lose the money you have invested.

Pack opening is an indispensable part of the game. Even if you are avoiding this activity, you will receive some free packs during the events that you might eventually open. You will be facing a choice of saving your coins for players that you like from the market or gambling for the ones that come from the packs. We advise you only to purchase players that are within your reach. It's not worth saving up all of your coins for months just to get an In-Form Ronaldo or TOTY Messi. Pack opening is a fun activity that comes with the thrill of receiving something special that might be another excellent addition to your team. It is much more entertaining to open up packs than to save everything that you earn, so our advice would be to buy packs but only during the special events and times when new cards are released - so you could get the most value out of your money.

If you are not into gambling, but you still want to open some packs, we advise you to go for those with the highest number of cards in them. Largest packs may cost less than packs with special cards like Team of the Year while still giving you a chance for some expensive players like Ronaldo or Messi. Large packs mean lots of players that you won't use but also mean lots of players that you will be able to sell on the market. Even if everything goes wrong and you get only cards that are meant for a quick sell, you will lose less money than with any other card opening. That's why the largest packs are the safest of options.

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Packs from a statistical point of view

Will I get Ronaldo in my next pack?

Let's talk about the contents of the packs that you open and the chances that you have to receive a card that you are dreaming about. Assuming that every player in each of the packs that you open has the same chance of appearing, you have around 0.03% chance to get the card that you want. We are taking into consideration only gold players, and there are over 3000 of them available in the game at the moment. It means that if you want to open a pack that contains Ronaldo, Zlatan, or any other footballer that you want - there is an extremely high likelihood that you won't get what you want.

However, this could only happen if the chances for getting each of the players were equal and as the history of pack opening shows - it's not. If the chances of getting footballers in packs were the same, you would see the teams with Messi as often as teams with Takumi Minamino, Hillal Soudani, or any other striker. EA cannot allow to give out the best cards in the game to everyone as it would destroy the purpose of the market.


Are worse players more likely to show up?

You could think that higher rated players should have a smaller chance of appearing in the packs, but this is not always the case. If you compare the prices of all players with one rating, you will notice that some of the more popular names are much more expensive than players with the same stats but not as popular names. This happens because of two reasons. The first one is that users are often looking for footballers that they cheer for, and second is that everyone in the FUT wants players from the popular leagues that will fit into the chemistry of their team. We don't know what the exact equation for each card is, but the noteworthy takeaway from this is that there is a worse chance of getting a known player from the pack than getting someone you are not familiar with.


Which packs should be worth buying?

If your goal is to find the packs that will grant you the best value - even if your luck is completely off - you would likely be most profitable on the packs that contain the largest number of rare players. By buying "MegaPacks," you can get between 9 and 12 rare gold players from one opening. Since this pack costs 35k coins, you pay between 3k to 3.9k coins for each chance to get a great footballer. If you were buying regular "Premium Gold Packs," you would have a chance for 3 to 5 rare gold players. The pack costs 7.5k, which gives us around 2,5k to 2,9k gold for each opportunity to receive a good player. 

This equation doesn't count other cards included in the packs, but it seems that if you aim for enormous profits, you should go for the packs with the best coin to rare player ratio. All of your pack openings will still revolve around luck, but you have the highest chance of finding what you desire by opening large amounts of packs with cheap rare gold players.

It changes when event packs show up. By opening packs with Team of the Year, Ultimate Scream, Icons, and FUTMas cards, you are more likely to make coins. Those cards are often rarer and more expensive than regular cards, and since the events do expire after a few days - you can only expect them to be more expensive over time.


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The "Bronze pack method" - the way to get the best players from Bronze Packs!

One of the easiest methods to get the greatest cards in the game is the "Bronze packs method." To start, you have to purchase large quantities (for at least 30k) of the cheaper version of the bronze packs (the one that goes for 400 coins). After that, you open all of them and "quick sell" most of its contents. You want to keep all of the players that you get in them and to list on the market Player Fitness Cards and Squad Fitness Cards for their regular market price. Keep in mind that even if you get a bronze player card that goes for a decent amount of coins, you want to save it for later.

  • What you do with bronze players

The second step of your journey is in the Squad Building Challenge mode. Go there and find the "Live" section where you can enter "Bronze Upgrade." You want to go through all of the bronze packs that you have opened and assign owned players to leagues that DO NOT involve Squad Building Challenges (leagues like Premier League or Championship - you avoid those). 

The reason behind that is you might need your bronze players for the league SBCs that will appear later on. Now that you know which leagues to avoid, you go through the rest of the leagues putting your bronze players on them. By putting players together by the league that they are playing on, you are guaranteed to get the perfect chemistry on each of your squads.

  • What you do with silver players

The third step of the way comes when you are done with putting bronze players on the leagues. For each completed squad, you will receive a silver pack with three players in it. You also want to store all of the players that you get from those packs in your club and use them the same way you were using bronze player cards. The only difference is that you want to find the "Silver Upgrades" section instead of the bronze one.

  • What you do with gold players

Next up, you will receive gold player packs. You open those and also store all of the players that you get in your club. When you are done, you won't be moving to the "Gold Upgrades" section. Instead, you want to get to the "82-88 Upgrade" section. Here you do the same thing as before - you put your players from the leagues that do not take part in SBCs league challenges, and you get rewards from completing squads from them.

  • What you do with the remaining players

Finally, when you are done with all of that, you can try to complete League Squad Building Challenges. You want to go through each of the leagues and each of the clubs in them to complete as many squads as possible. Typically you want to have at least nine players before going to the market to buy the rest of the remaining ones. For the completion of the challenge, you will receive a very high-rated (around 90) Team of the Season cards and other fantastic players.



To build a squad that is actually strong in the world of FUT you will have to set sail for the right pack pick. The worst ones that you can choose for that will have a low amount of players and lots of consumable item cards. To find the right edition for your team you don`t want to open those. Instead, search for limited offers with the highest amount of footballers per single pack. Based on the latest events we can say that there are high odds that you may find the right promotions every month or even every week.


Packs are the "fun" way of getting new items for your gameplay in the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. You can purchase whatever your heart desires straight from the market, but you can also risk your earning on pack opening, which might give you the best players in the game, or cards that you will instantly sell on the transfer market. In the end, it's up to personal preference whether you want to save what you have or spend it on gambling, but if you ask us - we believe that pack opening is a fun part of the game, and you shouldn't strip yourself off it. Open packs without expecting good outcomes, and you will be happier when you get a decent loot.



At last, this article is closing to an end. We believe that we explained to you all the details and nuances that revolve around the topic of pack opening. That being said if you think otherwise, be sure to leave a comment below in which you will tell us what else you want to know and if it's in our knowledge we will write about it. If you want to learn more about the two most famous football simulators - Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA - can visit our blog page where we have news and articles for both of those games. If you are a fan of MMORPGs there, you will also find lots of texts regarding those.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are FIFA packs worth it?

Yes, they are! Pack opening is an entertaining way of getting new players. Even if you don't have too much luck, you will eventually get something expensive from your packs that will make your day better.

Are FIFA packs predetermined?

They are not - each pack that you open has random contents - only the chance of getting certain players is predetermined. You have a higher opportunity to receive players that are less known than those that everybody wants.

Is it worth buying packs FIFA 20?

It depends on your luck, but it's more fun to open packs than to save money for players from the market.

When new FIFA comes out?

With the September and June release, you will be able to play FIFA game on Xbox, PS4 as well as PC.


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