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how fut champions works
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How FUT Champions mode works

With yearly releases of FIFA games, EA Sports always tries to surprise players with new modes and additions to Ultimate Team. One of the news that came out was called "FUT Champions" it was a weekly league played during the last three days of the week where best players who qualified for the tournament played 40 matches against each other. Winners took the grand prize for themselves, and losers were left with nothing. Even though this mode went through the numerous changes, there is still FUT Champions mode in FIFA 20. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at this mode and the rewards that you can get from it. Let's answer the question "How fut champions works?"

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What you need for qualification

FUT Champions Weekend League in Fifa Ultimate Team is the competition that allows players to compete for huge prizes in the form of gold packs, large amounts of coins, and more. To gain access to this exclusive mode, first players have to rank up in the Division Rivals matchmaking mode. It is worth noting that the higher division you are representing, the bigger the number of points for your rank you will be receiving for won matches. You will have to accumulate two thousand FUT Champions points before you qualify for the entrance to the next FUT Champions. After that, make sure to apply for the league before it starts, and you should be good to go.


If you plan to skip this week's league, but you are already awarded an entry token that lets you play FUT Champions, you can skip the ongoing event and apply for one of the following ones whenever you want. Keep in mind that you won't be able to store more than a single token, so whenever you get to 2k FUT Champion points, you are awarded a token, and you cannot progress to the additional one.


How does FUT Champions work

The mode that we are talking about different quite a lot from the Division Rivals that everybody plays. You can rank up in FUT Champions only by winning. There are no rank-ups for losses and draws, so you have to be victorious to improve in this one. You won't be earning points for your matches as well, so only wins in your matches matter. Since you cannot draw in matches after 90 minutes with even score on the line, you can expect penalties that will decide who was victorious in the game.


Rewards in FUT Champions mode

There are 18 tiers of rewards in Fifa 20 Ultimate team FUT Champions mode that we have listed below from the highest to the lowest.

  • Rank 1 - over 400k worth of rewards in coins and packs -
  • Rank 2-10 - over 350k worth of rewards in coins and packs
  • Rank 11-25 - over 300k worth of rewards in coins and packs
  • Rank 26-50 - over 290k worth of rewards in coins and packs
  • Rank 51-75 - over 270k worth of rewards in coins and packs
  • Rank 76-100 - over 250k worth of rewards in coins and packs
  • Elite 1 - over 210k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 27
  • Elite 2 - over 140k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 25
  • Elite 3 - over 110k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 23
  • Gold 1 - over 80k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 20
  • Gold 2 - over 60k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 17
  • Gold 3 - over 50k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 14
  • Silver 1 - over 30k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 11
  • Silver 2 - over 22k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 8
  • Silver 3 - over 20k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 6
  • Bronze 1 - over 12k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 4
  • Bronze 2 - over 5k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 2
  • Bronze 3 - over 3k worth of rewards in coins and packs - Wins Required: 0

As you can see, rewards for the FUT Champions mode are ridiculously high not only for the top 100 spots but for everyone. Even players who have failed all of their games and ended up with a total of zero wins are rewarded with 3k coins worth of rewards. It is worth trying your best while FUT Champions mode is active, and because of that, you will face opponents who are trying just as hard as you in those games. If you have ever thought that Division Rivals is the most competitive Fifa Ultimate Team mode, then FUT Champions is here to change the way you think.

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Player picks

Besides all of the rewards that we have previously mentioned, players get to choose additional goods from "Player Picks" if they have earned at least Silver 3 rank from the FUT Champions matches. Player Picks give players a choice of cards that come with a different style but similar stats to those found in the last week's "Team of the Week." Depending on the rank that you have achieved, you may choose to receive one or more Player Cards from your Player Picks. For example, on Silver 3, you get to choose one from two given cards (of rating 88 or less) for your own, and on Elite 1 rank you get three packs with five selections in each of them (where every player has the rating of 90 or more). 

As you can see, FUT Champions is probably the best way to earn coins and to get the strongest footballer cards in the game; however, only the most skilled players will be able to earn the best rewards and acquire Player Picks that will be a valuable addition to their squads. Regardless of your skill level and ability to win in this mode, it is the best way to earn rewards in the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team game.


What opponents you are going to face in FUT Champions

To ensure that players face opponents of equal skill level in FUT Champions, EA Sports introduced a "form indicator." At the start of the season, every play has a neutral form. This can be increased by winning matches or decreased by losing them. If you are performing exceedingly well in this game mode, you can expect to be matched against tougher opponents or even a professional FUT player. On the other hand, losing multiple games in the row might match you against worse players. In the end, even if you are losing everything, do not expect to be matched against players that are extremely low skilled as those who do not play FUT Champions mode at all. There is always a challenge, and you have to be always prepared for a "fight to the death" on the pitch of FUT Champions.



FUT Champions become available usually around Thursday afternoon which means that to take part in it you would have to opt for the entry at least a few hours before that time. The system won't allow you to use features of this mode when you’re late with signing up so if you want to have a chance at winning this week's rewards you'll need to apply for the entry in time. Since FUT Champions is a weekly game mode there are still better rewards in some monthly tournaments. After all, it is more glorious to become a champion in a tournament that doesn't occur as often. 


That's it for our guide regarding the FUT Champions mode in EA Sports FIFA games. We hope that this article was enough to bring you an insight on that topic, and now you know how to join this game mode, what can you can from it, and why it is worth playing it. If you are looking for more guides about your favorite online football game or all kinds of the most popular MMORPGs, make sure to check out our writers' work on our blog page. We have hundreds of guides on topics like leveling, gold-making, gearing up, crafting, and everything else that you may want to explore in the best online multiplayer games. Click on the link below to jump straight to the page where you can find all our articles.

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What is the best time to play FUT Champions?

You should join that mode every week as soon as it starts.

How do you play FUT Champions?

You earn FUT Champions points by playing Division Rivals, and when you have 2000 of them, you can join FUT Champions mode that starts during weekends.

Are FUT Champions worth it?

That's right! You should join FUT Champions every week for free rewards (even if you lose all of the games).

How often new versions of FIFA are coming out?

Every year.


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