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Is FIFA cross platform
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Is there a cross-platform play in fifa?

Have you ever wondered whether you will be able to play with your friends from other platforms in the FIFA game or not? EA Sports created the best online sports multiplayer game a long time ago. Since then, they have released it on multiple gaming platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. If you want to know whether FIFA is cross-platform or not, let's take a look at this topic.



Do you need separate copies of FIFA for every platform?

Since its release, FIFA has been available for multiple gaming platforms. Players who wish to play on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch version of this game have to purchase separate instances of the game designed for their platform. The reason behind this is that every platform has different capabilities, and even though on every platform, it is the same game of FIFA, the game coding differs from each other. This is also why FIFA prices on Nintendo Switch might be different from prices for FIFA designed for stationary gaming platforms. If you want to have your favorite online football game on each of the mentioned consoles and a PC, you will have to spend the money on four copies of the game - each for the platform that it was designed for.


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Can Xbox and PS4 play FIFA together?

FIFA does not feature cross-platform play for the users of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. It might seem surprising in today's world, where even smaller games like Rocket League or other EA Games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have this feature available that FIFA does not. It's been already over twenty years since the release of the first game from this series, and yet EA never mentioned any attempts that would connect users of two mentioned consoles. If you are planning to play with your friend that has Xbox One while you have PS4 or vice-versa - one of you will have to switch to a different console because cross-play is not available.


Can Nintendo Switch users play with other consoles?

Sadly the answer to this question is "No" as well. Shortly after the release of the new handheld device from the Nintendo, all football players from around the globe got hyped for the portable version of their favorite series that goes by the name of FIFA. Even though this installment of the series became a great release with lots of sold copies, players quickly realized that it has one major flaw that every other version of the FIFA had - lack of cross-platform. Since most FIFA players are using stationary consoles or Personal Computer to play this game, it's a wasted potential that handheld users cannot connect to play with them.


Can FIFA PC users play with console gamers?

PC users are just as handicapped as each and every console user in that matter. There are no cross-platform services in the stationary version of FIFA as well. This means that PC gamers are forced to play exclusively with other PC gamers. Luckily, those who have a PC version of the game will play against the largest audience of gamers as there are more PC players than console users of the FIFA game. It means that it is the most competitive of all platforms for the FIFA game as there are more strong players on PC than on consoles. On the downside, however - who would want to play FIFA sitting on the chair rather than being comfortable on the sofa. The PC version of the game is just as good as the console ones, and it all depends on what platforms you have and which works the better for you when you choose which one to purchase.

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Is there any kind of cross-platform in FIFA?

To give you the answer to the main question, that was the reason behind writing this article - EA Sports FIFA does not feature any kind of cross-platform play. You won't be able to face off in the Ultimate Team (FUT) and the casual modes against your friends if they are using a different platform than you. You won't be also able to connect with them on the market. It's sad to see that the game released so long ago and still cherished by many for such an extended period in time doesn't feature such a crucial thing as a cross-platform.


What are the benefits of introducing cross-platform?

Many players are waiting for the cross-platform system to be finally introduced to the FIFA game series so they will be able to finally challenge their friends from the other consoles or stationary devices. It's been over twenty years for the FIFA game series, and there are no promises from the EA Sports when it comes to this topic. The best that everyone can do at this point is to tell game creators on the official forums how important the introduction of the cross-platform play can be for the future of FIFA. It allows players not only to connect with a larger group of possible opponents but also to have better online competitive games. With more players on the same "server," more competition and matches become more challenging. It's a fact that cross-platform is the mode worth looking forward to, and with the upcoming release of the next version of the game, we hope that it will get released. Especially on the Xbox Series X and Sony PS5 consoles since those could be released very soon.




This is the end of this article. We hope that we were able to explain to you why there is no cross-platform for the FIFA game series and when it might come out. If your questions have been answered, be sure to leave a positive comment in the section below this article. Those of you who seek additional knowledge about FIFA and other online multiplayer games (like Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Black Desert Online, and others.) can visit our blog page, where we posted hundreds of different guides that might help you become a better gamer. Click on the link below to jump there right away.

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FIFA game developers are coming up with lots of ideas on what to add to the game and they made numerous attempts to create something new without realizing that everything that player needs is a full cross-play experience. Fans community has been addressing the issues of not being able to connect with friends from other platforms for a lot of the time. It's a much more needed feature than any content that EA makes. With this year's coming launch of another FIFA version we think that crossplay release is not going to happen once again. This seems to be the last thing that EA might be working on but let's just hope for the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is FIFA 20 going to be cross-platform?

FIFA 20 did not become a cross-platform game, but hopefully, the following versions of the game will.

Is FIFA 19 cross-platform?

Sadly, there is no FIFA 19 crossplay.

Has the FIFA game ever featured the cross-platform?

FIFA crossplay did not exist in any version of the FIFA game.

When the new version of FIFA will be released?

New versions are usually released around September.


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