New World Crafting - The Comprehensive Guide

New World Crafting Guide
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Crafting is a crucial element in New World. It will allow you to explore the game in a completely different way by creating items on your own with the collected resources. You can also level up by improving your crafting skill, which will take a lot of time since crafting is very extensive.

There are dozens of ways that you can use crafting in New World. Yet, all of them need you to gather resources like wood or steel tools.  Then, you can start the crafting process and brew potions, build furniture, create melee weapons, or craft armor. And of course, they aren’t free.

This New World crafting guide will teach you:

  • everything you need to know about crafting skills in this new MMO created by Amazon Game Studios.
  • Some useful tips to high faster in this New World.

Table of contents:

New World Crafting: How to Get Started

New World Crafting: Gathering

Refine Your Raw Materials

Creating Gear

How Do You Level Up Your Trade Skills Fast

How to Craft Better Gear

Final Words


New World Crafting: How to Get Started 

Crafting with the resources nature gives you plays an important role in-game.

You can start the crafting skill journey as soon as you finish the tutorial. Once you arrive in the first city, you will find a crafting station that you can work with. During your travels, you will find different crafting stations as well. Along the way, you can find several crafting stations as well. They will serve to set up your crafting trade skills, find crafting recipes and improve other crafting skills. You will also unlock better items and potentially increase your yield.

To create those items, you need better crafting stations. They can be improved with quests in the Town Projects board, but only if the company or guild that governs the settlement has it.

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New World Crafting: Gathering

It’s a good idea to use gathered materials to add value to your items.

Before you can start crafting, you need to gather resources. The crafting process requires tons of raw materials, such as wood, stone, flint, iron ore, hemp plants, meat, and more, that you can find while you’re traveling the world. To collect each of these resources, you need to use your gathering tools. Here you can see all the New World’s tools and what you should use them for:

  • Fishing Pole: Fishing.
  • Harvesting Sickle: Harvesting plants.
  • Logging Axe: Cutting down trees.
  • Mining Pickaxe: Mining rocks and ore veins.
  • Skinning Knife: Skinning animals.

As you collect materials, your gathering trade skills will increase. That will allow you to gather faster in the future and help you collect unique resources. Be aware that you need to find resources or other kinds of special materials. You can use the Resource Locations section of your world map to find specific locations. It could also help you to increase your refining skills.

There are five gathering skills (or gathering professions), namely:

  • Fishing: Fish.
  • Harvesting: Plants and herbs.
  • Logging: Trees and bushes.
  • Mining: Metal ore and stones.
  • Skinning: Tracking and skinning animals.

In case you fail to find what you need, you can contact players to buy materials.

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Refine Your Raw Materials

Having consumables like healing tinctures before war can help you and your team members.

Now that you’ve collected materials and other extra resources, you have to craft them into usable items.  For this, you need to go to the nearest refining station with the materials in your inventory. While you’re at it, you will be refining trade skills.

There are five refining professions::

  • Leatherworking: Leather and tannin.
  • Woodworking: Timber, lumber, planks, sandpaper.
  • Stonecutting: Stone blocks and bricks, cut gems.
  • Smelting: Ingots and flux.
  • Weaving: Linen, sateen, silk.

Of course, when you are crafting, you need to pay some taxes for each crafted item. The fee will change depending on the settlement you’re in, so it’s better to check the tax rate by hitting “M” and looking at the current settlement on the map. You can also see which companies are running it.

This stage is necessary to create materials prepared enough to craft them and turn them into something else, such as a weapon or different equipment.

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Creating Gear

Crafting equipment can end in adding a special feature to the weapon or armor.

The last step of the crafting process is to bring your necessary resources to the settlement workstation and create an item that you can use or sell. The crafted items can result in an improvement for your equipment and a higher gear score.

There are five crafting professions that you can use:

  • Forge: melee weapons, ranged weapons, and heavy armor.
  • Workshop: Home furniture and tools.
  • Outfitting Station:: Light and medium armor, jewelry, bags.
  • Arcane Repository: Magical weapons and potions.
  • Kitchen: Food.

Every time that you create something, you’ll gain experience in the crafting skill you used. That will allow you to make better items with higher stats and even a gem slot that gives you better performance. While you’re leveling up, the crafting skills can even give you the chance to get items with unique perks, such as a haste status or a constitution attribute.

Here you can see all the crafting skills and what items they forge:

  • Weaponsmithing: Melee weapons and spears.
  • Armoring: Armor.
  • Engineering: Spears, ranged weapons, ammunition, and tools.
  • Jewelcrafting: Jewelry.
  • Arcana: Staves, Ice Gauntlets, and potions.
  • Cooking: Food and fishing bait.
  • Furnishing: Home furniture.

In this stage, you can create consumables that you may sell, use or trade in the trading post. Remember that when you’re crafting, the items you create have a specific tier, which will increase as you level up. It’s not the same being a beginner weaponsmith as an expert one.

This is a good time to improve your trade skills since you can sell the crafted gear. 

How Do You Level Up Your Trade Skills Fast?

Sign up in quests related to crafting is also a good way to level up your trade skills.

Leveling up your crafting skills in New World is a grind. For example, you have to craft a hundred bullets or arrows to level up your engineering skill. Feel free to jump from one item to another, like a musket or armor, to try them out to create mastery. But remember that it will require more resources than usual. This could create a limited resource efficiency.

To avoid this, you can advance your tools from regular ones to steel ones. It will increase the speed rate at which you can gather resources. 

The basic principle to improve this ability is to create different items over and over. Thus, while you’re traveling, you can use different workstations. You can later sell the things you don’t use to other players or drop them.

With Armorsmithing, you can craft a lot of leather gloves. These are the ones that consume fewer resources. You can look for higher-tier items, of course, but they will require more material.

As for stonecutting and cooking, you need to refine stones and cook everything you find in the recipes. For instance, you can create tons of rations and give them to your friend or other players. Refining gems can also be helpful to get different bonuses.

Furnishing is not that important, but if you have a thing for this feature in games, you can focus on building the furniture for your player housing. And since the player housing is what you will call home, it’s a good start.

Now, arcane is quite hard to level up. When you are a beginner arcanist, you need to create as many potions as you can. It’s worth noting that becoming an advanced arcanist takes time. But that’s the goal.

How to Craft Better Gear

you have a small chance of finding a large amount of resources of a certain tier in normal maps in New World

To craft better items or increase your gear score in New World, you need a special resource and an Azoth. These are necessary to influence the resulting item. The new attributes can increase your gameplay’s performance. You even have a slight chance of getting combat leverage that will help you in your quests.

Now, special resources are semi-rare trinkets. You can search for them during your journeys through New World. This is part of the recipe to control the perks and attributes bonuses to get the crafted item.

The Azoth is a key enhancer to improve the possibilities of getting a high-tier item in the game. And as you progress in New World, you will be able to get better results.

Final Words

we hope you start to gaining rewards and new powerful tools in New World Crafting

This New World crafting guide will serve you to learn the basics of crafting and create your story as a crafting expert while refining trade skills. Amazon Game Studios developed this game in a way that lets you try all the crafting professions and still be able to explore the entire world during your gameplay. After all, there are a bunch of stuff that you discover and many enemies to fight with.

There’s also the possibility to play and improve these abilities to get profits. There’s a great market out there in the game that could make you both a skilled player and seller.

Each profession will help you create unique items, such as magical weapons or a perk, and increase your gear score. And all of these work together to create a complete crafting system that will give you a great experience in the New World MMO. 

Note: Don’t forget to keep exploring and finding settlements to unlock new workstations.


Can you sell the items you craft?

Yes, New World allows you to sell the items you craft to a huge number of people. You can even sell your whole storage if you gather enough items.

How many tiers are there in New World?

There are five tiers in the New World’s gear. The tier of the equipment is determined by the elements you use to craft it. For example, greenwood is a tier I material; gold is a tier III item; aged wood is a tier II item.

And as tricks, you can fast travel to Ebonscale Reach to get a better range of items and quests. Expect it to be difficult because it’s a zone for level 51’s and up.

Do you have to join a faction to craft items?

You don’t have to join a faction or stay in the same settlement to craft items. For example, you could be traveling the world and arrive at a random settlement to create some bows.

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