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Leveling up is the cornerstone of any MMO. Reaching new levels allows you to wield powerful weapons, face all the challenges, defeat main enemies in this genre, in addition to many other things. 

As a professional MMO player, you must invest a lot of time and complete main story quests and other things that may take a long time to level up your character. 

We know XP gain is a long and slow process for most players. Thus reaching maximum levels becomes a challenging task. 

But, don’t worry, we have the best New World Leveling Guide to help you to develop your skills and strength in this marvelous new adventure. In this guide, you will learn:

  • The fastest ways to reach new levels;
  • How to level up trade skills.

We’ll go through all the sources of XP you can find in the Aeternum, from faction quests to PvE quests, passing through town project board quests, and more.

Table of contents:

Fastest New World Leveling Tips

Pick the Territory Standing XP Bonus

Do at Least Three Faction Missions Each Day

New World Main Quests and Side Story Quests

Read the Lore Pages

Hit Enemies that Are being Fought by Other Players

New World Leveling Attributes

New World Leveling Build: Weapon Combinations

Hatchet and Life Staff

Hatchet and Bow

New World Leveling Rewards


How to Level Up Trade Skills

Crafting Skills

Refining Skills

Gathering Skills

Final Words


Fastest New World Leveling Tips

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Leveling up is one of the most interesting aspects of any MMO because you are looking forward to what the new levels can bring you. At the same time, it may be a little boring and a difficult task for some players. 

Lucky for you, there are some ways through which you can level up faster and learn new skills and get new powers in a shorter amount of time.

Let’s take a look at 6 of the best leveling up methods you can use from the early game. 

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Pick the Territory Standing XP Bonus

Territory Standing will give you a bonus XP

The land of the Aeternum is divided into several territories. Each territory works like an independent area where quests, enemies, materials, etc., are unique. 

Every quest you complete in a specific territory and crafting items, gathering materials, or killing creatures will reward you with a small amount of reputation. 

This function is called “Territory Standing.” 

The reputation you gain through this function builds up. When you reach a certain level, your Territory Standing will increase. Territory Standing level lets you unlock benefits within the territory. 

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Do at Least Three Faction Missions Each Day

Faction Missions to get extra XP

As you know, if you are a fan of MMOs, you have to be part of a guild, group, or team to go forward in the story. In New World, these “groups” are called Factions.

New World features two types of Factions Quests.

  • PvE Missions. PvP quests are the simplest quests of the territory. In general, taking charge of these missions will just take you some minutes. You will have to defeat creatures, stockpile resources, craft supplies, kill high-threat foes, or complete elite missions.
  • PvP Missions. Player vs. player missions go from delivering items or critical messages to another territory, recovering tactical information, and patrolling a specific opposing faction area. When you accept a PvP mission, you flag automatically for PvP. Unflagging yourself will automatically abandon the quest. These missions are perfect for weapon XP.

Remember to do at least three faction quests per day to leverage the daily bonuses. If there is a daily bonus available on the faction board, this will be shown at the top of the screen when you talk with the faction’s representative. Use fast travel shrines to warp to several zones in a short amount of time.

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New World Main Quests and Side Story Quests

Side Story Quests as an important part of the leveling process

Like every MMO, main quests and side quests are the principal paths to get a huge amount of experience points in the New World. They represent how you should start to level up as a new player. 

You can always try to complete quests over your level, say 3-4 levels greater. Just keep in mind that it will be a challenging task. If you complete your quest, you will eventually receive more XP than other quests. 

Anyway, keep in mind that traveling to risky corners of the Aeternum might mean facing monsters whose levels are higher than yours. Trying to kill them will be a challenge, even can make the overall experience annoying and unrewarding. 

When you are stuck and completing main story quests is too difficult for you, go to side quests, which can be side stories, faction missions, and town projects. We have already talked about factions. Let’s address the other two. 

  • Side stories. You find these side quests in Settlements that are the yellow diamonds on your map. They will give you a decent amount of XP.
  • Town Projects. These are community quests that are focused on upgrading some specific part of your settlement. Every time you complete a project, you will receive a small chunk of XP. They give you around 300 to 1,000+ XP, which can increase to 3,000+ XP when your level is higher. You can accept up to 12 projects at a time from the Town Project Board, so make sure to maximize the amount you take. You can obtain extra resources for town projects in the settlement’s trading post. 

Read the Lore Pages

Lore pages ad free reading experience

Lore Pages are documents that are scattered around the Aeternum, which will reward you 40 XP when you read it. In addition, with every 10 pages discovered, the XP is increased by 10. Lore pages tell the story of this new continent by explaining its story, enemies, landmarks, and others. They glow with a blue flame until you read it. You can find them in the form of books, engravings, scrolls, or pages. 

Hit Enemies that Are Being Fought by Other Players

Hit other enemies to get weapon experience points

Some faction’s quests are about killing a certain number of wolves, sheep, specific animals, and others. It’s not always easy to kill these animals or enemies, in addition to many other players who are doing the same.  

If you see another player hitting an enemy, either an animal or warrior, there is no reason you can’t help them kill it. This way, you will get character, XP, and weapon mastery for your contribution. 

You'll both gain the maximum amount of XP (both player XP and weapon XP) for the kill, so you shouldn't feel bad about doing it because you're not depriving the other player of anything.

Note. Fast traveling is a good way to complete several of these quests that are not in the same area in a short amount of time.

New World Leveling Attributes

Leveling Attributes to increase weapon skills

In New World, five attributes determine your abilities:

  • Constitution. Increases base health;
  • Dexterity. Increases base ranged weapon damage;
  • Focus. Increases base mana and reduce cooldown durations;
  • Intelligence. Increases base magic attack;
  • Strength. Increases base melee weapon damage.

When you level up, you can put a point into one of the attributes mentioned above. There are a total of 71 points you can gain and spend through this method. Besides, when you wield a sword or shield, you obtain points as well. Furthermore, some equipment has item socket slots for you to place jewels that increase these stats. 

Keep in mind that you need to put these points on the attributes that match your fighting style. For example, if you enhance your dexterity, your long-range abilities will improve significantly. This is perfect if you use a bow. On the other hand, your melee weapons will increase their attacking power if you boost your strength. 

New World Leveling Build: Weapon Combinations 

Combining ranged weapons with melee weapons is a great way to increase skills

You will find two weapon slots in your inventory. You should use both of them to leverage the best of both worlds by combining the abilities of different weapon types: melee and ranged. You can make use of these bonuses from each weapon’s skill tree as you level them up. 

Your first choice should be the hatchet or a great axe, due to its Berserk Mode, which enhances your movement speed and damage and provides a passive healing effect.

The second choice is up to you. Keep in mind that each combination is different. Next, take a look at some suggestions.

Hatchet and Life Staff

This combination will give you great survivability. Thanks to this, you save yourself from having to heal. It combines the life staff's healing abilities with the hatchet's Berserk Mode passive healing. The Sacred Ground skill from the staff's healing skill tree will heal for a short period.

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Hatchet and Bow

Pairing the hatchet with a bow is a good choice to get through to combat quickly. This build adds a speed increase to the hatchet's Berserk Mode with the bow's passive movement bonuses. Don’t forget that you need to craft arrows before you can use the bow. 

New World Leveling Rewards

reaching higher levels will reward you with items and abilities

In general, when you reach a certain number of levels in an MMO, you learn a new ability or can access new quests or parts of the map. In New World, the system is very similar. 

Every five levels, you will be rewarded with new exciting possibilities.

Level 5: second weapon slot - survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade).

Level 10: Duels and the first bag slot.

Level 15: third consumable slot, first house, and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade).

Level 20: ring slot and main story quest (Azoth Staff tier one).

Level 25: fourth consumable slot and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade).

Level 30: second bag slot and main story quest (Azoth Staff tier two).

Level 35: second house.

Level 40: earring slot, main story quest (Azoth Staff tier three), and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade).

Level 45: third bag slot.

Level 50: Invasions.

Level 55: third house and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade).

Level 60: you can access Outpost Rush.


reaching new levels will allow you to access new territories

When you reach new levels, you will receive an indication telling you which areas are safe. You can see this indication by looking at the leveling reward screen. And remember that question marks indicate points of interest on these maps. 

Level 5+: Everfall, Firstlight, Monarch’s Bluffs, First Light, and Windsward.

Level 25+: Brightwood and Cutlass Keys.

Level 30+: Weaver’s Fen.

Level 40+: Great Cleave and Restless Shore.

Level 45+: Mourningdale.

Level 50+: Edengrove and Ebonscale.

Level 60+: Reekwater and Shattered Mountain.

How to Level Up Trade Skills

Gathering raw materials will increase your skills level in New World

In New World, you need to level up your skills to craft armor, weapons, create new equipment, refine raw materials, catch fish, and gather valuable resources. Let’s take a look at the skills you can develop in this game. 

Crafting Skills

Making armors and weapons is relevant for both getting new equipment and earning some gold by selling them to other players. Let’s take a look at some craft items skills you can learn.

  • Weaponsmithing – by making weapons at a forge.
  • Armoring – by making armor at an outfitting station or a forge.
  • Engineering – by making any item that grants engineering at a workshop or forge.
  • Jewelcrafting – by making any amulets and other jewelry at an outfitting station.
  • Arcana – by crafting items and potions at an arcane repository.
  • Cooking – cook food at any camp or ingredient in a kitchen.
  • Furnishing – make any item that grants furnishing at a workshop.

Refining Skills

You will obtain several valuable items through this process. It’s a way to get unique materials that are fundamental to craft weapons and armors.

  • Smelting – by turning ores into bars or wood into charcoal at a smelter.
  • Woodworking – by turning green wood into planks of timber at a woodshop.
  • Leatherworking – by turning rawhide into coarse leather at a tannery.
  • Weaving – by turning fibers into linen at any loom.
  • Stonecutting – by turning mined minerals into blocks at a stonecutting table.

Gathering Skills

Improving your gathering skills allows you to reduce the time by which you mine ore or chop trees. Here is how you can level up every New World gathering trade skill:

  • Logging – use a logging ax to chop wood from trees.
  • Mining – use a mining pick to mine rocks.
  • Fishing – use a fishing pole for fishing at any pond, river, or coastal location.
  • Harvesting – gather certain herbs from any farm or land-based location.
  • Tracking & Skinning – kill and skin any animal with a skinning knife.

It is worth noting that the size of resources affects how much XP you will receive. 

These are all of the rewards of trade skill levels you can unlock. To get all the benefits, try to play with friends in New World regardless of which New World servers you are using.

Final Words

Even though New World is a relatively new game, it’s time to put it in the center of many other MMOs. We know you want to be part of this success. For such purposes, as soon as you start the journey, level up your character quickly. If you are looking for the best ways to level up to level fast, this guide is for you. 

Putting in practice all advice we have mentioned here conducts you through a straight progression to the highest levels in a short period. Believe in our words and soon, you’ll become the regent of the Aeternum.

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How Do You Level Up Fast in New World?

  • Complete three faction missions per day.
  • Complete main quest scenario and side quests. 
  • Complete quests for territory standing.
  • Complete quests of the Town Project Board to get the rested XP bonus.
  • Level up your trade skills.

Is Leveling Easier in New World?

You will need to spend some time in the grind of completing quests to level up your character in New World. Some faction quests are a great way to get a lot of experience points and increase your character level. Take advantage of them and the main scenario quests. 

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