PoE Templar Inquisitor Build - Nobody Expects This Damage!

PoE Templar Inquisitor Build
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PoE Inquisitor Build 2019

The Inquisitor is a character whose abilities and stats are in the middle of Hierophant and Guardian. The class is mostly based on increasing his offensive abilities like attack speed, casting speed, physical and magical damage. He can also boost his chance to deal a critical strike, penetration for elemental damage or create consecrated ground when needed. The class can be played as a typical warrior or high elemental damage wizard. In this PoE Templar Inquisitor build and guide you will learn everything important about Inquisitor.

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His passives are created to greatly increase his power when fighting. Because of that, the class is considered to be a glass cannon. He does not have any defensive type of passive skills which could boost his survivability. The character will be perfect for parties that seek for a great damage dealer which will be able to clear all of the game content. I do recommend this class for newbie players because of easy playstyle, great currency farming attribute, and cheap equipment.


Without any problems, this character can be chosen as a league starter because of his high damage output especially in the early stages of the game. He rather uses two maces or swords in order to fight with enemies. There is also the possibility to use a spirit shield combined with a magic weapon. The ability to create consecrated ground makes the class perfect for fast mapping and killing end game content like atziri or shaper. What is more, the inquisitor has many possible defense layers like for example auras which boost his survivability or skill tree which boost it even more. If you think about playing such build in hardcore mode, you have to estimate your skill potential and qualify whether you are a pro player or not. In early levels, this class is very easy to be killed since you do not gain many defensive stats from gear or skill tree. Below, I will show inquisitor’s most powerful passive skills and characterize them in detail.


Table of Contents:

Passive Skills




Potions, Gems, Skills, and Rest


Inquisitor's passives

Instruments of Virtue - a passive skill which is strictly directed for increasing your spell or attacks damage output. It increases your spell damage by 30% if any spell has been casted recently. Additionally, the passive increases your physical attack damage by 50% if you have casted a spell recently. What is more, you gain 20% more attack speed and 30% more casting speed if you have attacked any minion or boss recently. Very good passive skill if you think about fast mapping.


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Sanctuary - this passive skill effect is based on consecrated ground skill. Thanks to this passive skill, you create consecrated ground around while you stay motionless. Created consecrated ground gives you a buff to your damage. What is more, you regenerate 15 missing mana points per second when standing in consecrated ground. Thanks to that, your mana is almost interminable. 


Pious Path - the second passive skill which effectiveness is based on having consecrated ground around. It gives you immunity to elemental ailments for you and your party members. In order to get bonuses, you have to stay in consecrated ground. What is more, thanks to this passive, consecrated ground lasts 4 seconds more. Additionally, you gain 200 energy shield regenerated per second in the consecrated ground. This passive skill also increases your attack and casting speed by 20% while standing in consecrated ground. 


Augury of Penitence - an offensive type of passive skills. It makes nearby enemies get 16% more elemental damage. Additionally, it decreases received elemental damage by 8% by enemies and bosses. 


Righteous Providence - a passive skill which is mostly based on increasing critical strike chance and critical strike damage. It gives you 100% increased critical strike chance angst enemies which are affected by no elemental ailments. What is more, you gain increased critical strike damage by 45% to the same kind of enemies. Also, it increases the effects of non-damaging ailments. This passive will be very good when fighting with end game content like atziri or shaper.


Inevitable Judgement - this passive boosts your damage output even more. Thanks to this skill your attacks which hit critical strike ignore monsters elemental resistances. Additionally, all your attacks penetrate your opponent's elemental resistances by 10%.

It is very important to choose the proper passive skills set when making your build. For each champion, you will need a different set of passive skills which are characterized by various additional bonuses for you and your allies. Some of the passives boost your character damage, others increase survivability, and the rest can give you specific ailments for your class which will give you an additional source of damage when mapping or boss fighting. Every build needs a different configuration of passive skills if you want your build to work correctly. In this part of the guide, I will describe the best and most playable build for the templar inquisitor.


The build I’ve chosen is named 3.6 Purifying Flame Inquisitor. Such build is based on dealing aoe fire damage and boosting it with curses and auras. There are no expensive items required for this build. Almost all items can be bought for some chaos orbs (the exception is amulet which costs exalted orbs) so thanks to that, this build is ideal for the beginning of the season. The build is very easy to play since you are forced to use one ability and avoid minions and bosses projectiles. In the late game, with the proper build, your character will be able to clear uber lab or even kill atziri and shaper. You can do almost all map mods (the exception is elemental damage reflect). In this part of the guide, I will introduce the pros and cons of this build and shortly discuss the gear and skill tree. 

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Very easy to play - the build does not require a lot of knowledge from the player. All you need is using one main ability which damage will be increased by additional gems socketed in other parts of gear. Sometimes you will need to dodge some minions or bosses abilities, but it isn’t that hard. When building you just have to focus on increasing elemental damage which is not a hard task.


Immune to elemental ailments - thanks to Inquisitor passive skills you gain immunity to elemental ailments. It is very useful because almost all minions or bosses can cause a certain effect on you. Thanks to the passive skill you are totally immune for ailments like burn or shock. 


High damage output - if you build your character properly and maximize elemental damage, the damage you will deal will be insane. The only problem will be a map with elemental damage reflect mod. Since your damage output is based only on this kind of damage, remember that doing maps with this mod is strictly forbidden. 


Good league starter - in the early game, the build will not force you to spend tons of chaos orbs in order to clear story maps efficiently. What is more, the build is very easy to play and does not require much skill from the player. The problems can start in the late game when tankiness plays a very important role.


Safe to play in the early game - the build deals huge damage. Thanks to that you kill minions very fast so they cannot come close to you. Even early bosses can be killed in 2 seconds, so you don’t have to worry about getting one-shotted.


Budgetary build - you do not have to spend hours on farming needed currency for gear. The build is mostly based on cheap gear parts which can be also obtainable from a drop. Sometimes you will need to buy a cheap option of a particular gear part and then craft it on your own. 

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Problems with defense - since your passive skill tree is rather focused on increasing elemental damage than on boosting your survivability, you might have problems with your life in the late game. Remember to invest in gear with high elemental resistances and additional life. It will save you from getting one-shotted by end-game bosses or minions. 


Cannot do maps with elemental reflect mod - remember that doing maps with such mod is strictly forbidden. Take care about mods you roll with your maps. 


Mana dependent - in the early game you will not feel that build is mana dependent. Problems will come in the late game when skills will start to require more mana. Remember to invest in some mana regenerators like potions or additional attributes that can be crafted in your gear.


It is very important to choose the right equipment for your character. Sometimes one item can drastically change your damage output or survivability. What is worth to be mention is the fact that the path of exile is the type of grinding gear game so frequent gear changes will be normal. As the game progress, you will need stronger and stronger equipment in order to efficiently clear story maps and bosses. In this part of the guide, I will show you the best building path from early to late game and then clarify my choices. What is more, links to recommended gear will be provided.

A) Weapon

In order to clear story maps efficiently, you will need a weapon which will significantly boost your damage output by increasing spell damage and casting speed if possible. The best weapon which will have these two attributes is called Lifesprig Driftwood Wand. Such a weapon can be used on the first level and it boosts the level of socketed spell gems by one point. Additionally, it increases your life, health regeneration and spell damage up to 35%. Then, at level 10 you can switch your weapon for Axiom Perpetuum Bronze Sceptre. The axiom scepter is an insane weapon which can be used until you get level 40 or even 50. It boosts your elemental damage and critical strike for your spells. What is more, it increases your casting speed which is important at early levels.


On level 40 you should start to look for a rare weapon which will increase your elemental damage even more (30% increased elemental damage should be enough on this level). Additionally, try to craft increased casting speed attribute in it. You can use two rare weapons of the same kind or combine one of them with spirit shield.


When you reach level 62 you switch your rare weapons for Singularity Platinum Sceptre. It increases your elemental damage, reduces mana skill costs and hinders enemy. Hinder is a debuff which decreases enemies movement speed. When enemies are hindered you deal up to 80% increased damage. At 68 level we can use Moonsorrow Imbued Wand which will boost your damage even more. It is not necessary because, on level 70, you will switch for two rare weapons. These rare weapons should contain attributes presented below:


  • added fire damage to spells (mandatory)
  • increased casting speed (at least 15%)
  • increased global critical strike multiplier (35% should be enough)
  • increased elemental damage with spells (mandatory, minimum amount is 40%)


There is also the possibility to use a spirit shield, but I will write about such an option in the further part of the guide.

b) Helmet

In order to get some resistances for the early game, you should buy the helmet witch such attribute. You can look for a rare helmet with at least 20% of elemental resistances or get Goldrim Leather Cap. It gives your 35% increased elemental resistances. There is no early rare helmet which will give you this much resists. Thanks to goldrim cap you will be able to survive almost all starting game content until you reach late game.


At level 39 you should consider changing your cap for Doedre's Scorn Lunaris Circlet. It increases 2 levels of socketed curse gems, intelligence and the most important factor which is elemental damage. There is no better alternative in this stage of the game. Then, at level 54 you start using Chitus' Apex Necromancer Circlet. It boosts your maximum mana and helps you with leveling up. What is more, your survivability is increased thanks to the 10% elemental resistances boost. 

c) Belt

The ideal belt for a start should increase your elemental resistances and at the same time elemental damage. Remember that perfect belt should give you at least 20% of elemental resistances and around 15% of increased elemental damage with skills. It is very important to take care of your resistances caps because even in the early game some stronger bosses can one-shot you. In the mid game, you should change your belt for a rare one with more resistances and more damage. The belt with 30% more elemental resistances and 20% more damage should be enough. It is also nice to look for increased fire damage in your belt. It is very hard to get or buy, but still obtainable.


In the late game, you will change your belt for Stygian Vise as in almost every build. Such a belt is perfect for our character because it boosts your elemental resistances, gives you fire damage and what is more, gives you a possibility to insert abyssal jewel in it. With abyssal jewel, you can increase your damage even more and reach required elemental resistances caps. A very good example of such belt is Beast Tether Stygian Vise. You can also look for Cyclopean Coil Leather Belt. Thanks to this belt you can increase your damage output and survivability. Remember to wisely operate with your attributes to gain the best possible bonuses from this belt.

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d) Gloves

The best gloves for a game start should boost your elemental resistances if you lack survivability or offensive stats like attack or casting speed. Since you are playing the class which is focused on using magic abilities, you will need to increase your casting speed. It will be hard to find rare gloves which will give you both attributes. You will have to choose what is more important for you: survivability or offensive stats. If you choose to boost your survivability, focus on the gloves which will give you at least 20% of elemental resistances, and if possible intelligence. You will need it to level up your gems. If you prefer more offensive stats, try to get Lochtonial Caress Iron Gauntlets. These gloves will give you a nice boost to your casting speed and also the possibility to gain one of the charges on every kill.


On level 12 I highly recommend getting Doedre's Tenure Velvet Gloves. Thanks to these gloves you will get intelligence, insane boost to your spell damage and casting speed. You can use these gloves to the late game. In the end game, you can choose between unique Oskarm Nubuck Gloves or rare gloves with damage and resistances boost. If you feel that you have enough resistances and you crave for more damage, Oskaram gloves are a perfect choice. It gives you assassin’s mark on hit, so cursed enemies will get more damage from your spells. If you prefer rare gloves, remember to get the one which will give you the following bonuses:


  •         +10% or more increased fire damage
  •         +30% or more fire, cold and lightning resistances
  •         +60 or more increased maximum hp
  •         And if possible, the attribute you lack. In this build, it will be dexterity.

e) Boots

In order to get perfect starting boots, which will help you to clear story maps faster, you have to chose rare one with increased movement speed and at least 20% of elemental resistances. It is also nice to have about 30 dexterity which will be needed to level up your gems. There are also unique boots which are considered to be the best game starter called Wanderlust Wool Shoes. This boots will fit your early build perfectly thanks to increased dexterity, mana regeneration rate, and movement speed. Additionally, the boots give you frozen immunity which is a nice boost to your survivability in the early game.


In the mid game, you should wear Lioneye's Paws Bronzescale Boots. It gives you strength and dexterity which will be necessary to level up your gems, increased movement speed, and immunity for stuns. What is more, your damage from purifying flame skill will be increased. For endgame, you want rare boots. The best boots which are worth looking at are Two-Toned Boots. Such boots have the highest amount of resistance than any other boots. Additionally, you should look for strength attribute in your boots. It is important because your late game gems setup will need strength to be leveled up. The rest bonuses should be as follows:


  •         +35% to one elemental resistance
  •         +35% to another elemental resistance
  •         +20% or higher increased Movement speed
  •         +60 or higher to Maximum Life


There is also the possibility to wear Windshriek Reinforced Greaves which will increase your elemental damage and elemental resistances. Also, these boots allow you to apply additional curse on the opponents. Very strong boots for this build. The only problem can be the price but trust me, it is worth to invest for such boots.

 f) Armor

As in every build, the best starting armor should have six linked sockets which will allow us to insert our main skill gem set. It is very important because it will allow you to increase the level of your main gems in the early game, and also clear story maps faster. You can look for rare armor with six linked sockets which will be probably expensive, or invest into unique Tabula Rasa Simple Robe. The Tabula Rasa gives you the possibility to use whatever gem combination you want. You can experiment with your gem build and choose the one which will fit you the most. Additionally, tabula rasa does not require spending fusing orbs because it always has six links. This armor is not that expensive, so you will be able to buy it in the early stage of the game. You can use tabula rasa until you get level 60.


When you reach the late game, you will have to choose which armor will fit your playstyle. The first one is Carcass Jack Varnished Coat. It gives you increased Area of Effect which enhances our coverage with Purifying Flame. On top of that, it has some boosts to our damage, maximum life, and elemental resistance. All these attributes make it a reasonable pick for our build.


The second one is Loreweave Elegant Ringmail which is also a viable choice of armor. It increases your elemental damage, critical strike chance, maximum life, and mana. Additionally, this armor gives you boost to all attributes which will be helpful in leveling up our gems.


The third option is The Restless Ward Carnal Armour. The reason why I mention this armor is the price. You can get it 6 linked for around 20 chaos, so it is not a lot. Additionally, it boosts your health regeneration, movement speed, and energy shield amount. You buy this armor only when you cannot afford six linked Carcass Jack Varnished Coat or  Loreweave Elegant Ringmail. The last option is getting six linked rare armor with increased resistances, maximum health, and stun recovery bonus. Armor like Rift Shell Sharkskin Tunic is very good endgame option for this build.

g) Amulet

In order to choose the best amulet for start, you have to focus on two factors: elemental resistances and increased maximum life. This is your priority in order to survive story bosses. Also, you can look for the amulet which will increase your elemental damage with spells and main attributes (in this build dexterity and strength).


When you reach level 20, there is perfect unique amulet Carnage Heart Onyx Amulet which you can wear. It boosts your elemental resistances by 15% and gives you around 50 points to each of your attributes. This amulet gives you a significant boost to your damage and survivability. It is rather cheap so you do not have to be worried about the price. On level 44 you have to switch your amulet for Natural Hierarchy Rotfeather Talisman. It gives you a huge boost to your spell damage and makes your purifying flame ability deal more fire damage. There is no better amulet which you can get in mid game.


In the late game, you can choose between unique Eyes of the Greatwolf Greatwolf Talisman or simple rare amulet with elemental resistances and fire damage boost. The unique option is very expensive but worth investing because it boosts your damage by almost 120%. If you choose to get the rare amulet, it should have the following bonuses:


  •         +30% or more to your Global Critical Strike Multiplier 
  •         +60 or higher to your Maximum Health
  •         +20 to Attributes like Intelligence, Dexterity or Strength if you need to level up your gems
  •         +20% to your resistances if you need to make up the caps

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 h) Rings

In the early game, you should focus on the ring which will increase your lightning and fire resistances and boost your elemental damage. What is more, rings should increase your attributes which will allow us to level up our gems. You can invest in the simple rare ring with all these attributes or try to get Le Heup of All Iron Ring. It costs around 3 chaos orbs and gives us everything we need in the early game. It boosts our elemental resistances, gives us 30 points to all attributes and increases damage output. You can wear it at level 24.


For the second ring, you should look for Mark of Submission Unset Ring. In my opinion, it is a mandatory ring for this build even in the late game. It allows us to insert curse gem in it and thanks to that, automatically curse nearby opponents. The best possible curse gem you can put is warlord mark. It will boost your survivability thanks to life and mana leech. Remember that you can put any curse gem in this ring with the same effect.


In the late game, you change Le Heup of All Iron Ring for Gifts from Above Diamond Ring. This ring bonuses are based on the consecrated ground which is our main ability gained from the passive skill tree. Such a ring not only boosts your critical strike chance but also boosts spell damage when you are on consecrated ground. In my opinion, it is a mandatory ring for this build. If you lack resistances, take the simple rare ring which will help you to make up resistances caps and increase maximum life.

 i)   Shield

This build offers us the possibility to replace the secondary weapon with spirit shield. The perfect starting shield should increase your critical strike chance, spell damage and maximum life. When you reach level 49 you can switch your rare shield for Zeel's Amplifier Polished Spiked Shield. It will highly boost your damage from spells and increase your maximum life. In the late game we will back to the rare spirit shield which will give us the following attributes:


  •         +30% or more to your Spell Damage
  •         +60 or higher to your Maximum Health
  •         + 90% or more increased Critical Strike Chance for spells
  •         + 20% to elemental resistances

 j)    Potions

In order to survive in pathofexile universe, you need not only proper gear but also potions. There are many different kinds of flasks in poe. Some of them are responsible for increasing your damage, others for regenerating your life and saving your life in critical situations. Almost every potion plays a different role in the build. It is extremely important to have proper potions for your build in order to clear maps faster. This build requires basic flasks which are rather cheap. Potions can be obtained from a drop or path of exile market.


As in every build, for the first potion, you should consider having life regenerator with some additional bonuses. Remember that your life potion should have instant recovery attribute. What is more, such flask should cure bleeding and give temporal immunity for bleeding effect. It is important because many opponents in the late game can cause bleeding on targets, so having potion which will remove this debuff is mandatory. Here you have the link to the potion Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching.


Next potion which is must have for this build is The Wise Oak Bismuth Flask. It increases our survivability and at the same time damage output. Since your main ability is mainly focused on dealing fire damage, remember to maximize your fire resistance for nice damage boost from this potion. Thanks to that, you will have 15% elemental damage penetration during flask effect. What is more, this potion helps you to make up resistance caps if necessary.


For the third potion, you should take The Overflowing Chalice Sulphur Flask. It boosts your damage by 40% and allows you to put additional consecrated ground. Because of the fact that our build is based on consecrated ground and additional bonuses we can get from it, this potion is must have.


Next potion for your flask setup is the one which will increase your movement speed. The flash which you need is named Experimenter's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline. Thanks to this potion your mapping will be faster and in some situations, it will save your life. It is important to look for the potion which will increase at least 60% of your movement speed. Also, as an additional attribute, it should have charges regeneration when you deal a critical strike to the boss or minion


The last potion which is worth having in your flask setup is Atziri's Promise Amethyst Flask. It gives you all you need. The potion converts your elemental damage into extra chaos damage and boosts your life and mana leech. Thanks to that you will not have problems with health or mana when mapping and also your damage will be significantly boosted. Mandatory potion for this build.

k) list of gems

Armor – six linked sockets is must have for this build (one red socket and five blue sockets)


Purifying flame – it is your main attack gem which creates a divine wave which first deals fire damage and then creates consecrated ground. It converts your physical damage into fire damage. Also, it can create a shockwave which deals damage to enemies which are in the area of consecrated ground. By increasing the quality of gem, you gain more area of effect.

Intensify support – a support gem which increases the area of effect of your purifying flame. It means that the ability will damage minions in a bigger area. By increasing the quality of the gem, you gain more area of effect.

Increased area of effect support – next support gem which increases the area of effect of purifying flame skill. Thanks to this gem you will hit more minions in the area.

Spell echo support – a support gem which makes your skill repeat twice without consuming mana. If you use your purifying flame, the gem will make it repeat once more. Additionally, if you increase the quality of the gem, your spell damage will be boosted by 10%.

Increased critical strikes support – a gem which increases the possibility to hit a critical strike with your main ability. It gives you 88% increased critical strike chance. By increasing the quality of the gem you can gain an additional 10% of critical strike chance.

Added fire damage support – the last gem in this configuration which increases fire damage of linked skill. It converts 44% of your physical damage into extra fire damage. A mandatory gem for this setup because purifying flame is mainly based on fire type of elemental damage. Also, remember to increase the quality of the gem in order to get an additional 10% of fire damage.


Weapon ( offhand - 3 linked sockets – three blue sockets)


Flame Dash – a movement skill which teleports the player to the targeted location. What is more, while teleporting you leave a burning trail which deals additional fire damage. By increasing the quality, you gain 10% of cooldown skill reduction.

Faster Casting Support – a support gem which increases casting speed of linked skill gem. It increases your casting speed by 39%. Thanks to this gem, you will cast flame dash faster. By increasing the quality of the gem you gain an additional 10% of casting speed.

Concentrated effect support – a support gem which increases damage dealt by flame dash but in the same time reduces its area of effect. You gain 10% more area damage if you increase the quality of this gem to the max level.


Shield (3 linked sockets -one blue socket and two red sockets)


Cast when damage taken (remember to keep it at level 5) – a gem which activates linked buff spells when you take a certain amount of damage from minions or bosses.

Cold Snap (remember to keep it at level 5)– a spell which created a frozen ground in the targeted area. Minions which are in the frozen area gets cold damage over time. Additionally, if any minion dies while in the area, you have a 25% chance to gain a frenzy charge.

Bonechill Support – a support gem which increases the effect of Cold Snap skill. It increased cold damage over time by supported skills and effect of chill on enemies.


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Gloves - 4 linked sockets (three blue sockets and one red socket)

Wave of Conviction - an active skill gem which creates an orb of energy that deals elemental damage to surrounding enemies. Additionally, it inflicts exposure which matches the damage type. If enemies are vulnerable for fire damage, the ability will deal fire damage, if cold the ability will hit enemies with cold type of damage.

Unleash Support - a support gem which repeats the action of linked skill gem. Thanks to this gem, wave of conviction will deal the damage twice when used. Remember that damage which you will deal for the second time is lowered by 26% on maximum gem level.

Concentrated Effect Support - a support gem which increases damage dealt by a wave of conviction but in the same time reduces its area of effect. You can gain 10% additional area damage if you increase the quality of this gem to the max level.

Added Fire Damage Support - a support gem which increases fire elemental damage of linked skill in this case wave of conviction. You can replace this gem with added lightning damage support if you want. 


Boots 4 linked sockets (three red sockets and one blue socket)


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Herald of Ash - a buff gem which grants the user additional fire damage to skills and melee attacks. It converts 15% of your physical damage into fire damage. Additionally, it boosts 12% of your fire spell damage, so it significantly increases purifying flame dps output.

Zealotry - an aura skill gem which increases you and your friends' damage output and critical strike chance with spells. There is also the possibility to create consecrated ground when fighting with stronger minions or bosses. 

Immortal Call - a buff gem which makes your character immune for physical damage. The buff lasts 3 seconds and can increase the duration for each endurance charge it consumes. By increasing the quality of the gem you can gain up to 20% of increased casting speed.

Cast When Damage Taken (remember to keep it at level 1) - a gem which activates linked buff spells when you obtain a particular amount of damage. It works perfectly with Immortal Call because it is activated automatically when your life drops to a particular amount.


Helmet 4 linked sockets ( two blue sockets and one green and one blue socket)


Herald of Ice - a buff gem which increases cold damage of the user. Such buff significantly boosts our damage output, especially in the late game when any additional kind of damage is useful. 

Assassin's Mark - a curse gem which makes nearby enemies vulnerable for critical strikes. Thanks to that, opponents around takes more damage from critical strikes. Additionally, when you kill the cursed target, you gain 25 mana and 25 health back. Also, if you increase the quality of the gem, there is a chance to gain a power charge on kill.

Curse on Hit Support - a support gem which activates linked curse gems when attacking opponents. Also, the gem reduces the duration of the linked curse by 12% on the maximum level. It is important to increase the quality of the gem because it boosts the effect of assassin's mark by 10%.

Enlighten Support - a support gem which reduces mana reservation of Herald of Ice. 

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l) Skill Tree (also viable in Synthesis league)

Purifying Flame Inquisitor skill tree with ascendancy

m) Bandits

In order to buff your build with additional resistances and critical strike damage multiplier, you have to help Alira. It is the best possible option for this build since you are mainly based on critical strikes from spells.

m) Pantheon                       

main God - Soul of Lunaris - as in almost every build, a blessing from Lunaris is the best possible option. All you need for efficient mapping is movement speed and physical damage reduction. 


minor God - Soul of Arakaali - Arakaali buff is ideal to supplement Lunaris blessing. It boosts your survivability even more by increasing damage reduction and regeneration of health. There is no better option for this build.

 n) Jewels

In normal jewels you should look for:


- Increased Critical Multiplier/Chance (the most important factor since our build is based on critical strikes)

- Increased regeneration of mana (you will use two heralds, so additional mana regen would be nice)

- Additional Spell Damage/Elemental Damage

- Boost to Maximum Life

- Increased Spells chance to deal Critical hit

- Casting Speed increase

- Resistances if you need to fill the res gaps


In abyssal jewel (we put it into stygian vise socket) you should look for:


- Boost to your Elemental damage

- Additional Spell Damage

- Boost to Maximum Life

- Additional Spell Crit chance

- Increased Cast Speed

- Increased Critical Multiplier/Chance

- Increased regeneration of mana

- Resistances if you need to make up caps

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