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PES dribbling
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How to dribble in Pro Evolution Soccer

In Pro Evolution Soccer - just like in every game about football (soccer), dribbling plays the main part in the gameplay. To win the matches with casual players, you won't have to understand the depths of dribbling. However, more skilled players will be able to outplay you at every contact if you won't learn advanced movement techniques. In this guide, we will be writing about everything you need to know about dribbling in PES.


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What is dribbling

Dribbling refers to maneuvering the ball past the opponent while running in a given direction, avoiding any ball interception attempts as they happen. Successful dribble puts players in a better position, usually giving an attacker a chance to score a goal. In PES, dribbling is generally with the right joystick on the controller, but more advanced moves might require additional buttons to be pressed.



Abilities related to dribbling

Five core abilities can help your player with dribbling:

  • Body Balance - A higher level of Body Balance means a better ability to protect the ball from incoming interceptions.
  • Ball Control - Makes the Player better at feinting and trapping the ball.
  • Ball Retention - Players with this ability will usually retain control over the ball even when pressured heavily by opponents.
  • Dribbling - Your Player will dribble better with that statistic
  • Dribbling Speed - Players can move at a faster pace while controlling the ball movement.


Types of dribblers

Nimble and elusive dribblers

Players who love dribbling at high speed that allows them to avoid direct contact with the enemy players fall into the first category of dribblers. Those footballers are usually small or medium height. They have a fantastic Pace rating and Dribbling Speed ability. Their biggest advantage is their speed, which allows them to slip between the enemy defenders and land the ball in the net before sluggish defenders could react. It doesn't mean that those players are perfect, as they usually lose against physically stronger players when they dribble too close to them. It's best to use them as flankers that cut inside the box from the sides to avoid direct contact with an enemy. There they will have more space for their creativity and tricks.


Physically strong dribblers

In another category, we can find dribblers that excel at dribbling close to the enemies. These players usually have high Physical Strength as well as Body Balance and Ball Retention statistics. It allows them to maintain control of the ball even when enemies are trying to intercept it from them. "Physical Dribblers" are the best close to the enemy penalty field as they cannot outrun the enemy defenders. They are here to "go at them" to create opportunities for other players that will be left alone during that time. They can either force their way through the defense lines or draw the enemy team's attention towards them just before they pass the ball to somebody else. It would also be ideal to choose players that are strong and tall as you might often cross towards those players to let them score easy headers. Since they are physically more fit to win aerial duels, they will excel at scoring goals from crosses.


Besides the two already mentioned categories, some players combine both qualities and use them to their advantage. Among those footballers, we can mention a Cristiano Ronaldo who can not only withstand the pressure from his opponents but also outrun most of them. Those dribblers are usually very expensive since they perform exceedingly at almost every part of the match.



PES simplified dribbling by adding a new Auto-Feint mode to their game. To perform an auto-feint, the player has to pull left and right analog sticks at the same time. The left stick will have to be pushed in the opposite way to the right stick. The trick that you will pull off by making this move is mostly random but also depends on a few factors - the direction in which you pull your sticks, position on the field, distance from the enemies. If you don't want to choose which tricks to use and remember complicated button combinations for individual plays, then auto-feint might be a good call. Since the dribble that your player performs is mostly random, it might harm your gameplan from time to time. Because of that, it is advised to learn advanced dribbling right from the start.


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The basics of manual dribbling

Ball stopping

You can immediately stop your player from running and hold the ball under your leg by pressing the R2/RT button on your controller and releasing the left analog stick. You can also use this simple trick to quickly change the direction of running since this trick always makes the player face towards the enemy goal. It's a great way to get rid of chasing enemies who will have to react to what you did.



R2/RT button also allows users to sidestep with the ball. This trick is useful to avoid aggressive tackles and players that are running towards you. To perform this trick, you will have to hold the R2/RT button and turn the left analog stick by the 90 degrees from the direction that you are running towards - just before the enemy comes into contact with you. For example, when you are running towards the enemy goal, which is on the left side on the screen, you have a left analog pushed to the left. As the enemy attacks, you quickly start holding R2/RT and turn the left analog stick upwards or downwards (which means a 90-degree turn from your previous position).



Last but not least, the R2/RT button can be used to backtrack the ball. To perform this ability, you have to hold the R2/RT button as you push the left analog stick in the opposite direction of the one that you are running towards. It will make your player put the ball behind him for a brief moment, which will make the enemy defender step towards you. It's a useful skill that will break the enemy defense line allowing a member of your team to slip between the defenders.



Advanced dribbling moves

Body feint - Makes the dribbler fake a turn with a shoulder drop while he turns in the opposite direction.

Cross over - Another version of a feint.

Draw open - Your player draws the enemy towards him and pushes the ball past the opponent.

Drag back dummy - Same as draw open, but the player immediately runs towards the ball, leaving an enemy behind.

Flip Flap - Allows passing the defender with a slow and careful dribble.

Roulette - A quick spin with the ball below the feet.

Double Touch - Brings the ball at the side of the defender while the player passes by him on the other side.

Hocus Pocus - Player performs a Reverse Step followed by the Rabona in one motion to get the ball past the defender.

Kick Feint - Simply fakes the shoot.

Ronaldo Chop - The iconic move of Cristiano Ronaldo allows players to touch the ball with feet while running to change the direction that they are going towards quickly.

Rainbow Flick - The player flicks the ball from behind, over his head, and starts chasing after it.

Sombrero - The player puts the ball vertically into the air and pushes it past the enemy.


By using advanced dribbling moves, you will be able to avoid contact with an enemy easily, but the trick to that is to be creative. If you are going to learn only two or three moves and keep using them repeatedly, your enemy will quickly learn how to counter them, and you will be losing possession over the ball. Use a wide variety of moves to avoid that from happening.


Creating space for your team

Dribbling is what makes your enemy guesses about what's your next move is going to be. You can use some flashy skills to drag enemy attention to one player while others are running into the scoring positions. If you find yourself being pressured by the defender, you can release all the buttons that you hold and face into another direction with the left stick to shield the ball from the opponent and maintain close control over it. As he comes at you, pass the ball to another player putting the defender behind your attacking line. Use your movement to create scoring space for your team and pull the enemy's attention towards one player.



That's it for today's guide. If you are looking for other articles, be sure to visit our blog page and make sure to visit the MMOAuctions marketplace where you will be able to purchase gaming goods like accounts, currencies, items, and all sorts of different things.



What part of the foot do you dribble with?

Every part of the foot is important.

How do you do skills on PES 2020?

Usually with the Right stick or the combination of a few buttons.

How to shield the ball?

You may try to release all of the buttons that you hold and move the left controller stick.

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