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How to play Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the most popular online multiplayer titles about the football (soccer) sport. Lots of players are already great at PES, which makes it a lot more difficult for users that want to start their adventure with this title. In this guide, we will be telling you about all of the basics that may help new and semi-advanced players to get used to Pro Evolution Soccer. So let's start with the PES - how to play guide. 

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The first thing that everybody should do

We believe that you already know how to install the game, so we won't be getting into that. Instead, we want to tell you what you should do after opening the PES for the first time. Since the game you are about to play revolves heavily on the precise movement and controls, you want to set up all of the settings connected to your controller's topic before you dive into your first match.

To do that, go into the options and select "Personal Preset Settings" there. You will be able to create your profile of settings. You can choose whether you want to use D-Pad or Joystick to move on to the command setting menu. You will also be given a Standard or Alternate preset of the keybinds, but if you wish to make your own set for those, you may click on the "Custom" option.



Below are the recommended options for the rest of the settings:

  • Cursor Change - Semi-Assist
  • Next Player Indicator - Off (up to your preference)
  • Cursor Type - Player Name (up to your preference)
  • Pass Support Level - Level 2 (up to your preference)
  • Through Ball Type - Basic
  • Shot Type - Basic
  • Directional Guide - On
  • Target Guide - On
  • Positioning Guide - Off
  • Auto-Feint - On
  • Auto-Sliding - Semi-Auto
  • Teammate Controls - Assisted

After you are set with all of the options, you can finally move into the actual gameplay in one of the two main game modes of PES - Kickoff or myClub.


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In the kickoff mode, you will be able to play casual games with some of the licensed teams and those that were premade by the Pro Evolution Soccer developers. Here you can find a few game modes that can be played offline or online. If you are playing the game casually and don't want to face too difficult challenges, then this mode is for you. However, in myClub, you will find much more challenging gameplay in multiple online modes.

  • Local Match - A quick and simple 1v1 friendly match.
  • Co-op - A cooperation game mode where at least two players control one team.
  • Random Selection Match - Local multiplayer mode where you and your opponents choose some parameters that will determine the group of players that both of you will be choosing from. In this mode, you can pick footballers for your team and steal them away from your opponent.
  • Versus - An online duel match.
  • League - A league games against other teams.
  • Cup - A tournament with a ladder
  • Friendly Match Lobby - Lobby, where you will be able to invite friends and set up various settings before the match begins.



myClub is the primary game mode for Pro Evolution Soccer and that one that is chosen most often by the players. It allows you to build your team. Train players in your club, improve chemistry on the field, experiment with tactics and game plan, etc. You can control everything related to the team that you are playing with before playing against other players and their clubs in an online mode.

The main idea of myClub is to give players the power to manage the club and most of the aspects around it. You will begin with a squad of the infamous players with little to none chemistry between them, a couple of days on the contracts, and very little to offer in general. By playing games against other online mode teams, you will be trying to build the squad of your dreams. You can do that by signing contracts with more famous players, but you will have to work on the conditions that they might require from you. By meeting the needs of more and more skilled players, you will eventually complete a dangerous squad that you can use to win the best competitions and trophies.



There are two types of currencies in the game that you can see at the top right corner of your screen in the menu. A blue circle with "G" in it is called GP, and the yellow with a star represents myClub coins.

  • GP is awarded to players for playing matches and as a daily login bonus. It is the main currency in the game you can use to purchase players and do all sorts of other things.
  • myClub coins are a sort of a "premium" currency, which is also rewarded as a daily bonus. It can also be gained from completing "myClub records," which can also be called an achievement system. You should spend your myClub coins on hiring new managers and featured weekly player agents. Always save those for that and never use them to extend contracts etc. because they are tough to come by.

Signing players

You start at your first club with some players, but those footballers won't be enough to get you past the defenses of better teams. Because of that, you have to find new additions for your squad quickly. In Pro Evolution Soccer myClub, there are five types of players that you can get. Their strength is determined by the color of the ball: White/Bronze/Silver/Gold and Black. The color of the ball that they have is calculated by their overall value in all statistics that those players have.

  • White Ball players have a rating of 69 and less
  • Bronze Ball players have a rating of 70-74
  • Silver Ball players have a rating of 75-79
  • Gold Ball players have a rating of 80-84
  • Black Ball players have a rating of 85 and more.


In Pro Evolution Soccer, you won't find a transfer market where you could trade with other players and instantly get what you want. Instead, you will have to rely on the services of Agents and Scouts. Moreover, you cannot just get the best Black Ball players in the game since, even if you can acquire them, you won't be able to maintain the cost of their contracts over time. To put it simply - a better player means a higher cost.



If you have some GP/myClub Coins to spend, you can try your luck with Agents. Agents are a gamble that might give you good or bad rewards. It's heavily luck based, so if you aim to get a certain player, use Scout instead.

  • Collector's Box

From the Collector's Box, you can get three level 1 players of a Silver Ball rarity or better. It is also the only way to get legends like Roberto Carlos. Collector's Box costs 25k GP or 250 Coins.

  • Special Agent

During most of the weeks, you will get a special "Players of the Week" Box, which contains 11 players that performed the best in real-life matches during the last week. There is also a "Featured Club" that may give you one of the eight players that play for the Featured Club. Those players are usually Black Ball. Each attempt at getting those will cost you 100 coins, and you won't be able to pay for it with GP.

  • Top Agent

Top Agent gives you three players from a specific position on the field. You can choose from Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, and Goalkeepers. Each of the players that you get has a level 1 and Silver Ball or better.

  • Agents from Rewards

Every week Konami introduces a new event that you can complete to get an Agent. If you want to complete a challenge, check out the "What's On" section. Moreover, you might receive a free Agent by simply logging in or just as a gift from Konami.



Scouts will help you find specific players for your team. You can only use them to find players that you are missing - you cannot find a duplicate of the player that you already have via Scout. After every game, you will get a 1, 2, 3, or a 4-star Scout. The maximum number of Scouts that you own can reach 150. The better Scout you get, the more likely you are to get a better player. You can also combine up to three Scouts to get better results.


Team assembly

Now that you have players for your club, let's talk about the Team Spirit. In real life, when you have two teams - one with players of the same nation and another with the players from various countries, you will most likely see that the first squad plays better. When members of a team can communicate with each other and understand how their colleagues play - everything works better. This is called the Team Spirit in PES. 

To improve the Spirit of your team, you will have to hire a manager that knows how to deal with footballers on their current level. If you own a low-end manager and costly players, your Team Spirit will plummet. For expensive players, you need an expensive manager that takes care of them. You can also increase Team Spirit by using tactics that your players are good at, playing with the same formation for a longer time, choosing captain with the Playmaker perk, and other ways. It's important to not only have good players but also to make them work together. Edit every line of your team and try to reach for the highest Team Spirit per each player.


myClub game modes

What's On

On the "What's On" page, you can find ongoing event challenges prepared by the game developers. Here you will be faced against various game modes. It might be an offline tournament or online knockoff ladder - it all depends on what the developers have come up with. Complete challenges for some income, even if you have a weak team. Come back every week to see what's new.

Ranked Match

A typical ranked mode that will give you points for winning and take them away when you lose games. You will be able to challenge other players in online games here, and since it is a game mode that revolves around the ranking system - expect that everyone will be trying their best during the match.


myClub Co-op

It is a cooperation mode where you will be able to play with your friends using one team against another group of players, which will be controlling another team. In myClub Co-op, you can only use self-made teams so you won't be able to play clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona.

Ranked Match (SIM)

It is a simulation mode that you will be mainly using when you will complete a three, four, or a five-star team. It allows you to control the team strategy, substitutions, and other aspects of the game without controlling players. This mode is very useful because it allows you to make some money on the side, and you will need it for contract renewals. Best players in the game tend to be very expensive, and you won't be able to sustain their contracts by playing nothing but a Ranked Matches.

vs. COM

This is the mode that you should focus on if that's your first contact with the game. As you begin to play vs. COM your opponent will be weak, but the more you play it, the better it gets. After some time, you will be facing a very challenging AI, so it's the mode not only for the beginners.

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myClub Player Match

It is just an unranked version of a regular myClub game mode. Here you will be able to face other opponents in the online match without any risks and responsibilities. You won't be losing ranking by losing in this game mode, so it's just a practice match against real players.


If you want to play well and if your goal is to become a Legend at Master League then you will need more than just a good team. Cristiano Ronaldo may carry you with his skills on some of the matches but in the long run to be effective you still have to become good at attack and on your defensive skills.

If you want to achieve more victories during the ongoing season and reach for the better result consider implementing tips that we have mentioned to your gameplay. Apply changes to your team as with every edition to the squad you might improve your team's spirit. Don't cling onto the same styles of gameplay, allow yourself to experiment with various features, gain the possession on the pitch, and start winning in Pro Evolution Soccer!


That's it for our guide on how to play PES. We hope that this was enough to introduce you to one of the best online multiplayer football game series. If you want to learn more about Pro Evolution Soccer and other online games, check out our articles on the blog page linked below. Whether you want to improve your individual tactical style, learn about unique defence training methods, read about the recent content update that was just released - we are making tons of different guides that you can look through to improve your skill and to become better on the pitch! Check out the latest articles available on our blog page that feature the topic of online football games! If you want to view the full live list of English articles you can show it by clicking on the link button below.

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Every year Konami releases a new PES game for you to play. It's super important to be always up-to-date with changes made to the title so be sure to come back to us for incoming guides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get better at PES?

Practice your dribbling and passing and learn how to create scoring opportunities.

How do you hold the ball in PES 2020?

When someone tries to take it away, you can release all of the buttons that you hold and use the left stick on the controller to shield the ball with your body.

How can I play PES 2020 on my phone?

You can download a mobile version of the game called eFootball PES 2020 from the google store.

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