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How to trade in Pro Evolution Soccer

In myClub mode for the Pro Evolution Soccer game, you will often find yourself getting duplicate players. Those can be traded for something else after meeting some of the requirements first. In this guide, we want to show you how you can trade in PES and how to use your duplicates for your benefit. Without unnecessary fuss, let's get started.


What do you need to trade in PES?

To exchange duplicates, you need three copies of a player. You can exchange them for another player of the same rarity but a level 1. To put it simply, you can trade your three Cristiano Ronaldos for a single Messi or vice-versa. This rule applies to all player rarities besides the most important one - Legends. Since you won't be able to get three copies of the same player from the Scout as he doesn't search for duplicates, the only way to get three footballers that are the same is the Agent.



What if it doesn't work

The thing that is the most confusing about this system is that players that you are about to trade have to be completely the same. You won't be able to mix up featured versions of a player with the normal one or to add up any other kind of that player into the mix. It must be three times the same player.


How to trade

All you need to start trading is to go to the Contract / Trade section and pick the players you are willing to exchange. If you don't have a third copy of a player that you want to trade, you can try to use Player Training described below. Remember that you cannot trade players who aren't exactly the same. 


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Player Training

During your gameplay, you will be getting a lot of players that won't be useful for your team. Those players can be traded for the experience, which can improve one of your "eleven" core members. The best way to do it is to save them until they run out of contracts and convert them into a useful experience. You will get more of that for rarer players, which means that you can receive the least amount for White Ball and the largest amount for the Black Ball. Players that you "convert" are becoming trainers, and you can have up to 100 of those.


How to get a good PES Account

If you want to avoid all issues and worries that come with trading in Pro Evolution Soccer, you may want to save yourself from trouble by buying a PES account at the You will be able to find listings of other users who already acquired the best possible players in the game and who grew tired of playing with them. 

Some players sell their top-end squads that will allow you to score goals from almost every position of the opponents half of the pitch. If you want to try by yourself how the gameplay with the best account in the game looks like, browse through the recent deals and find the right deal for yourself.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you trade in PES?

By giving three same players for another one.

Is PES better than FIFA?

Both games are great, and it's up to your personal preference, which will you choose.

How do you use the trade feature in PES 2020?

You have to take three exactly the same players to the Trade / Contract screen.


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