PES How to increase Team Spirit - Improve squad's synergy!

PES How to increase Team Spirit
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How to increase Team Spirit in Pro Evolution Soccer

Team Spirit is the indication that shows the synergy between the members of your team. Increasing this statistic may result in more accurate passes and better teamwork. In this guide, we will describe how to increase Team Spirit to achieve the best possible synergy within your squad. Learn with us how to improve in Pro Evolution Soccer by reading the text below!



How does it work

Team Spirit is represented by the number that appears on the blue shield when you are on the squad management page. The maximum amount of Team Spirit is 99, and the least that you can get is 0. This statistic increases when you hire players with an affinity for the Team Manager's instructions. It will also naturally grow as your team members get used to the tactics you choose before the match. For example, if you play on 4-2-3-1 formation for a long time and want to switch to a 4-4-2, your Team Spirit will be lowered, and your team will have to adapt to the new strategy slowly.

Each of the Managers has Team Management skills. This statistic determines whether this manager is capable of leading your team or whether he is not. If you have a skilled manager at your disposal, you will be more likely to sign better players for your team, and on the other hand, with a manager that isn't known to the football world, you might struggle to hire popular names for your squad. Even when that happens, your new acquisition won't be too happy in your club, which results in a decrease in the Team Spirit. If you are looking to boost this statistic, always keep in mind that you need to have a decent manager.


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When you are looking for new players that will be working for your team, you have to look for those that represent the playstyle of your squad. If you have chosen to build a team that revolves around ball possession, try to find players who like to control the ball if you want to be aggressive look for those that are aggressive during the game. With the playstyle that fits your players' desires, you will be able to improve your Team Spirit easier.


Team tactics

By switching to different Team Tactics, you can adapt to the playstyles that your players have. If you already own a team, you should look at each footballer's preferences to determine whether you want your team to be aggressive or if you want players to keep a possession over the ball. There are lots of different things that you can change in your team's strategy, and you should always try to find there a playstyle that will fit the needs of your "eleven."


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Team captain and "Playmaker" perk

The captain of your team plays a major role in the morale that your team has. After all, he is the leader of all players on the field. Because of this, with the correct choice for the team captain, you can boost the Team Spirit by quite a lot. 

The best footballers for that role should have a "Playmaker" perk. Playmakers are increasing the Team Spirit when they are on the field, but they can also increase it more significantly when chosen as captains. Because of this, Playmakers are the best choice for leaders in the field. If you want to find the player who has this role, you can find him through the advanced search.

Having a Playmaker as your captain is the easiest way of boosting Team Spirit. Keep in mind that you can have more than one Playmaker on the field. However, only one will be able to become a captain. If you have two Playmakers, both of them will boost your team's morale, but the captain will do it more significantly. You should also always have more than one, so one could rest while the other plays.



In the end, Team Spirit plays a major role in the gameplay. Players who are putting enough attention into this statistic will be rewarded with a better synergy. If you don't have enough Team Spirit, your passing might be off, but also other aspects of the chemistry between players on the field. It's always important to increase the spirit of your team and to boost their morale to avoid misunderstandings between the footballers on the pitch. Your management skills will be crucial to set Team Spirit in the right direction and reach a 99 rating. Training is not everything, and relations between the player's matter, so put enough attention to them, and you will be rewarded with quick and accurate gameplay.




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How to increase team cost in PES 2020?

You have to use more expensive players in your squad.

What to do when Team Spirit is low in PES 2020?

Increase it by getting better managers, adjusting strategies, and playing with the same settings for a long time.

What is MyClub in PES 2020?

It is a mode where you can create your club that you can later on use to play the game with.

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