StarCitizen: Alpha 3.2 coming soon!

StarCitizen: Alpha 3.2
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PC Gaming Show is a satellite event of E3 2018 hosted by PC Gamer. This year's theme was 'See The Future of PC Gaming' showcasing exclusive announcements, trailers from developers like HiRez Studios, Team17, Square Enix, and Roberts Space Industries. Yesterday, the latter, showed the world a new teaser trailer for the upcoming alpha 3.2 in StarCitizen.

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What about Star Citizen

Star Citizen is gathering a lot of bashing for being so far from a proper release despite being the most overfunded MMO title in the history of gaming.  Despite all the criticism StartCitzen follows their roadmap to the letter and we are soon be getting our hands on Alpha 3.2. 


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what can we expect to see in the new version of space sim?

A complete revision of Avenger line ships from Aegis Industries that includes Stalker, Titan and Warlock models. Implementation of three advanced ships: luxury touring yacht by Origin Jumpworks the 600i,  the extremely versatile heavy fighter by Anvil Industries: The Hurricane, and the elusive highly advanced stealth bomber from Aegis Dynamics: The Eclipse. We will also probably see the Vanduul Blade being made available to the public as a first alien-tech fighter introduced to the, already rich, ship roster. Patch 3.2 will also introduce a wide variety of weapons, this time, however, focusing more on FPS loadout. We will see new assault and sniper rifles, submachine guns, and powerful energy weapons like Gemini F55. 

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what is more

Apart from the new ships and guns, 3.2 will introduce a few gameplay and quality of life improvements. Quantum travel visual and audio experience will get revamped to be more immersive which is nice, especially with the new grouping system and group quantum travel being implemented in this update. The economy will also see some changes which are required since the new planetary body mining is also being introduced. Operating ship will also see some extra depth with power allocation changes, component upgrades and degrades as well as changes to manned turret operation. In other QoL upgrades, we will see improvements to ship persistence and mobiGlass functionality as well as overall server stability and optimization. 

Alpha 3.2 is scheduled to launch in Q2 2018 so we should expect news about the release date pretty soon. 

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