Valorant Haven Guide - Dominate games pushing the three sites!

A map guide for pros and newbies for Haven.
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Riot Games' new tactical FPS, Valorant, was one of the three new games announced last year to be released by the once thought one-hit-wonder developer of League of Legends. And we are glad they prove everyone wrong with all of those releases, especially with Valorant (even in beta). This tactical shooter, inspired by the likes of CS: GO, is easy to play but hard to master. Every single Valorant map has its unique perks, and for Haven, it’s no exception.

Sharing information is a must for teams, even at the start of the lobby. If you see a player coming, share that! Sign your team, so you are able to take advantage and can all focus on planting the spike for the point. The Haven map favors the attackers greatly, and while it doesn’t mean you’ll lose every defending round, you need to be more careful when playing it. For both defenders and attackers, three bomb sites to plant the spike means more land to cover and a more fast-paced game in general.

Multiple rounds may be quicker than usual, but be mindful of playing too aggressively. So, that’s why we prepared this Valorant guide. Many walls don’t offer the protection they promise, and there are many high grounds on Haven for snipers, which will make anyone running on the corners a free kill to their enemies. Prepare yourself, try to learn the callouts on this Valorant Haven map guide, and read up. 

Be sure to check our other Valorant guides on our website, anyway, here are some tips, tricks, and the best pointers for playing Haven in either offense or defense. Get some points today!

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Quick guide for callouts on the Haven map

First things first, let’s take a look at the most important callouts. Check the map for many more callouts, and remember that some may change, and some names are interchangeable between one and others. Remembering the callouts and keeping the knowledge fresh is crucial to your success in any Valorant map. 

Box/Tetris - Either one of the two is good. They refer to the big “boxes” within both B and A spots. Refer to them as A-Box or B-Box, so you avoid any confusion. 

Heaven - The tower above A or top, the room below, is called Bottom. To access it, you’ll have to pass the Heaven Stairs. Though be careful with this one, as it sounds a lot like the map.  

Garage - The room that’s a link between mid, B, and C spot. Many Valorant games may be decided here, as it’s a key location for rotations. 

Window - The C-Window small room besides Garage, with a perfect view for camping or picking up near unsuspecting enemies passing by. The Mid Window on mid it’s located between the garden and mid courtyard. You may use it as a hiding place to ambush enemies.

Mid - As in many other maps, there many “mid” callouts, one for each part. There’s mid window, mid courtyard, mid doors, and bottom mid. Refer to it as a general place, but be specific of what place you are going to when using these callouts.

Cubby - The little upper corner that makes every angle of c long so dangerous. Make sure to take control of it to get an advandate when taking C. Stay hidden, let the enemy team come to you.

Valorant Haven map guide. Callouts to use.

Attacking A

It's definitely easier to play offense on the Haven map. Three sites mean more opportunities to push or to make a last effort play if everything fails. Each site has a different strategy to approach, and while it can be slightly more forgiving to make a few mistakes here and there, you don’t want to gift around to the opponent. 

Attacking on the A site is pretty straightforward. Go for A-long or A-short. If you don’t find resistance, be sure that someone is camping in heaven or hidden in Box to surprise you. Approach with caution, try to coordinate another attack on another site to mess with the enemy positioning and rotations. 

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Defending A

Since spawn, defense is hard in Haven. The tree sites make it quite difficult to hold without a coordinated team. Be ready to rotate a lot, but be careful when moving around to guard it. Some sites are easier to defend pushing out. Don’t allow them access to the site, or you’ll push from behind.

A site is all about control of the entrances to the site. Facing them head-on is key. Suppose you are getting pushed away from A-long and A-short, back up to Tetris, or attempt to climb back into heaven to surprise enemies. Starting a push from A to the other sites will net you control of the middle of the map and enough time to rotate to C in case a teammate needs back up there.

Attacking B

Out of the three, the B site is the hardest to push for. The few entrances mean that a barrier or smoke can completely nullify a flanking strategy or give the defense enough reaction time to reposition around the site. On the other hand, if you managed to gain control of mid, you could easily push around the sides to collapse on the few defending players around the area.

Next watch out for rotating players from A and C when pushing for B, if you go for it. Holding is harder than pushing it. Wait for enemies to show themselves.

Defending B

If everything fails, B-site is both a blessing and a curse. You can make a strong hold with one man and enough time to block a push, but you’ll eventually be flanked from one of the other entrances. It’s easy to delay and keep a hold of it if everything is going your way. Try to hold it as long as you can, and if you manage to live, rotate between A and C if needed. It’s better to be aggressive so you don’t end up in this position.

Your worst nightmare when defending site B is a coordinated attacking team. You can take one man at a time, but fighting from all angles is impossible. Your best bet is to delay them as much as you can.

Attacking C

When going for the C site, you’ll have to go for either C-long or Garage. C-long will ask for more coordination while going for a Garage push will ensure a fight down mid. Check the map guide image to figure out potential camping spots in C short. Communicate with your teammates to push accordingly. 

Don’t go for it alone. There are usually two men down site C, and even if you manage to get a kill, be sure that there’ll be another one waiting for you. Move towards there with caution.

Defending C

C site is the easiest one of the three to hold, as it gives many hiding places and spots to take a quick shot to the enemies. Be patient, as it's quite easy to check for action and just get shot in the face. If you get cocky, you may lose the game. Wait for the attacking players to make mistakes.

With the right Agent, you can do a one man hold on the site. Again, be careful. You don’t want to be the guy that says “I’m Cypher, I’ll solo hold C” just to get shot and have your whole team do a terrible rotation down to C for certain. At least you tried if that’s the case. 

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Best Agents for the Valorant Haven map

All of these are possible suggestions. It's better to know the map and use an Agent that you feel comfortable using like Phoenix or Breach instead of the latest release or meta pic. Don't force yourself to use an agent you are not good at, use and choose options that suit your playstyle the best. Train with them and put it in the work. That being said, these are the Agents that will always shine on Haven.

Brimstone. He comes with power and disruption in one place. Brimstone abilities can turn an early fight in a second, and while he has the ability to power up the team, and as an added bonus, he can also go solo in many instances. Blind the enemy, cut off their escape, and join together for a powerful push.

Sage. Is it the wall to lockdown areas? The slow to CC enemies, or maybe it’s the heal and revive? It’s a combination of all those things. Sage is a great Agent to have on every map in Valorant, and it’s not the exception for Haven. Great ultimate for a great defender.

Cypher. Knowing where the enemy is going with your cameras or learning that they are trying to flank you is huge. Cypher allows you to cover the weak spots of many bomb entrances with its cameras and his Trapwire. A well placed camera on a side entrance will confirm enemy locations and win you the game.

Omen. Obscuring vision and repositioning are great tools to make an effective Haven push. Omen offers all of these tools turning him into a great attacker. Be careful. As Omen, it's better used after a follow-up of your team attack. Surprise the enemy, get kills, and control the map to win every round. 

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Closing words

Remember, losing a game is not the end of the world. To improve, begin watching YouTube videos on the game, switch strategies, don’t just copy, try to understand them and keep gaming. Set yourself a goal, and soon enough you’ll see results. You’ll make less mistakes with practice; subscribe to Valorant channels and sites, watch more videos and keep up reading guides.

Focus on one skill at a time, or else you’ll never get better. Practice makes perfect.  Anyway, we hope this guide enabled your true potential. With many updates, Valorant is always changing, so we’ll inform you of any potential Agent release date we get our hands on. See you on the battlefield, Agent!



What is Haven Valorant?

Haven is one of the four maps available to play on Valorant. Its main difference is the three drop sites it has compared to the other map two sites. Not to be confused with the callouts for other maps "Heaven." Riot Games decided to make Haven one of the most aggressive maps out there. You can learn more about it reading this Valorant Haven map guide.

How do you defend Haven?

Defending Haven is harder than in most maps. Aggressive play is more useful than defensive play, as you’ll need to rotate more often than not. Having a good team comp is one of the many key factors to stall enemies, preventing them from planting the objective. There is probably no single best or traditional way to defend Haven, use a combination of skill, tactics, and communication to get the best results. Learning the callouts for this Valorant map will help you to get more victories.

How many Valorant maps are there?

There are already four Valorant maps. Haven, Split, Bind, and Ascent. Each one of them has something of a unique layout, strategies, and style of play; all are closed. Riot Games has rather made it clear that they are thinking about releasing new maps. This guide is about the Valorant Haven map. 

How many bullets does the phantom carry Valorant?

The Phantom carries exactly 30 rounds. It's one of the most popular weapons you could got in-game. Every time you shoot it means your enemies will run away in fear due to its power. Feels good to use.

Is Vandal better than Phantom? 

Yes and no. It depends on what you are looking for. Phantom offers a small increase in DPS for short-range battles and a silencer to boost, while Vandal advantages are a more consistent land extra long-range damage output, and that might be the difference between a straight 1HKO or death. Out of the two, pick the one that properly suits your playstyle and current situation. Having the right weapon for the right time is the key to success. Do try to use several different Valorant weapons for every game level as you'll soon find your favorite one.

Is there a recoil in Valorant?

Yeah, there is. Most weapons have recoil and will ask you to quickly adjust the aim while shooting. Some necessary tips and tricks, shoot while pressing shift to walk and shoot to increase your accuracy; also be mindful that every weapon has a different type of recoil. For some, you’ll adjust to the left, for some downwards. Find more information, search up for guides or articles on the net and pay attention. Simply type in "guide Valorant" to find tons of resources or videos to give them views.

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