Valorant how to improve aim - All you need to know about aiming!

valorant how to improve aim
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You see another guy at the end of the corridor, You aim at his head and pull the trigger, just to find all your bullets hit the air... And worst: the other guy seems to headshot you with their opening shot?  We all have been there and we know how frustrating it can be to use all your bullets on a target that keeps moving. Don’t worry! We won’t tell.

We just want you to know that performance issues, like bad aiming, is a very common problem that affects all kinds of gamers regardless of their game, social status, or KD ratio. So, congratulations! It's not easy to recognize you have a problem, but that's the first step to overcome it, now let’s get you some tips about how to improve your aim at Valorant, so you can make life better for yourself, your loved ones, and your team. Let's get into details about the "Valorant How to Improve aim" topic.

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What Is Valorant?

By now you may have heard about Valorant. The big, new 5v5 tactical shooter from Riot Games (the guys responsible for League of Legends), that set a record high of 34 million hours watched and 1.7 million viewers on Twitch, on its release day. 

Valorant is a fast-pacing First Person Shooter that has been compared with other games like Overwatch or Rainbow Six, but when talking about the gameplay and aiming system, it has a lot of similarities with Counter-Strike GO.

This is a Team-play focused game, where communication is key; so, technically speaking, you'll have a good time, even if your aiming skills are not that good, but of course… where’s the fun in that? So let’s share a couple of tips and tricks to help you land headshots while making your enemies unhappy.

How to improve your aim at Valorant?

First of all, you have to remember Valorant has a tactical component that can influence your overall progress and your team's. So while having a good aim will definitely level up your stats, you still need to consider other skills that can also make you better at Valorant, as communication with your team, knowledge of each map, or a clear idea of how to use each Agent abilities. If you need more information about that, check our other Valorant guides! you may want to take a look at the one about the best agents for new players.

So, about learning to improve your aim: There are a lot of things to keep in mind! This is a highly competitive game that requires some skills such as accuracy, high reaction speed, adequate recoil management, and some basic knowledge about spread patterns, so let’s take a brief look at some of the most common things that can improve your aim at this fast-pacing shooting game.

Gear you up

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Possibilities are, you are reading this in a widescreen curved monitor connected to a pro-gamer mouse and keyboard, but if don't... one thing you can do to improve your overall performance not only in Valorant but at any other game, is to make sure your hardware can handle it. You would be impressed by how much your game can improve with the right equipment.

A gaming mouse is always a good choice since they usually allow users to set them up. But also because the sensors tend to be far better, making your movements more precise and fluid. Another great idea is to get a larger gamer mouse pad since it will help you focus on the game instead of picking your mouse up.

Mouse settings

Every player is different and we all have different ways to aim, flick and react, that’s why it is so important to take a few minutes to find out the ideal setup for your cursor movement, your DPI, and sensitivity. Try it on the training mode and change them again and again until you find the right one. At least, that’s what pro gamers say! You can take a look at your favorite YouTuber-gamer and chances are he's got some mouse settings video. 

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It's a common thing to just jump into the game without taking the time to change the setup, we know. However, a lot of the problems we experience on the battlefield, turn out to be related to simple adjustments. And the crosshair settings are the best example.

On the crosshair menu, you can change all the settings you want! (and if you mess up, you can reset it back later) From color, line thickness, length. We suggest you try different setups until you find the right one for you. Just remember it is all about making the crosshair as visible as possible, but not as much to block your sight. 

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What most of the pro players do, is to train themselves not to aim quickly, but to maintain the crosshair placement a head level all the time, that way, when an enemy approaches, they have to do nothing but shoot, but if your crosshair is too high or too low, you're going to miss it.

After you adjust your mouse, keyboard settings, and crosshair, you should start practicing to keep your aim at a head level all the time, and the best way to get there is with the Practice range. 

Training Mode

The training mode is something you need to try every now and then, the only way to get good at Valorant (or at anything, actually) is practicing. You can find different tests that can improve your aim and almost every other aspect of your game. 

The most important thing for improving your aim in Valorant is to practice and practice, and then practice again. So, after setting up your mouse, keyboard, and crosshair settings, and you're keeping your crosshair at head level, it is time to try it all together in the Training Mode.

Spending as little as 10 minutes a day shooting training bots can significantly improve your aim in no time! So try entering the Training mode before each session. Our recommendation is that you try all the different training modes to see which ones help you the most. For a quick tip: The hardest the training seems, the more you need it. Practice your movements, double-check your mouse setup, and try new crazy things. 

Practice is all about training your muscle memory by repeating the same steps, again and again, that way all your moves are fresh in your mind when you need them the most, that means: when you are under fire and desperately need to clean the bomb site to defuse the spike.

Show your moves

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In Valorant, moving while you shoot is a terrible idea. The best way to shoot is by stopping first and then pulling the trigger. Unlike other games like CS GO; if you move while you shoot, your bullets will spread and become impossible to control. Recoil is another thing you have to consider when playing Valorant. All weapons have different recoil patterns, but most of them tend to spread the more you keep your finger on the trigger. So try different shooting rhythms until you feel comfortable. Again the best way to train your muscle memory is to try it on the Training Ground.

To scope or not to scope…

Although many games offer a clear advantage when you scope, in Valorant it doesn’t seem to make much sense. Although you can scop with almost every weapon if you want, due to the particular game rhythm, it is not that necessary. 

There are many cases where the scope becomes relevant, as when using a sniper, but most of the time you can do well without it.

Third-party Trainers

And if none of the above seems to work, don’t worry! You still can find other resources like Aim training apps and games, and even classes and training courses. Of course, the most common way to learn is to watch streamers and pay attention to the way they seem to aim. 

You can find games specialized in aim practice on Steam and some of those even are for free, so take a look and give them a try. There are also many browser apps or mini-games you can try without even installing something. And if you are willing to invest in your shooting improvement, you can also find courses and classes online. 

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Valorant is an explosive game where every little aspect counts. So if you want to improve your aiming, remember to check your mouse and keyboard settings, and make all changes you need to set up the optimal crosshair settings for you. Try every weapon, character, and ability at least one in the training mode. 

Learn how the game mechanics work and pay attention even to the small details, because getting a radical improvement, sometimes is just a couple of clicks away.

How to improve aim FAQ

How to improve my aim at Valorant? 

We could recommend many things, but the best way is training. Set up your mouse, keyboard, and crosshair. You also may want to spend a few minutes a day in the Training Mode, until you're able to land most of your shots.

Is there a Valorant aim training routine?

Many gamers and streamers tend to spend around ten minutes practicing before each gaming session. You can consider doing the same, or play a few CS:GO matches before.

Valorant aiming tips?

Change your crosshair settings, keep your aim at head level. Do not run and shoot. Pay attention to the recoil and spray patterns

How to get better at valorant?

Begin by Improving your aim! that helps a lot. Check out our beginners guide to find out more ways to improve your game.

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