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raze guide

Welcome to the next stop on our journey through the Agents available in the Valorant game. This time we want to take a closer inspection on Raze - the Agent that mastered to perfection the art of explosions. Raze loves to come with a bang, and that's why she's using explosives at every possible opportunity. When you hear loud noises and see an enemy that charges right at you - you can be certain that Raze is coming to get you! Welcome in Valorant Raze Guide!


valorant raze

"Just me, my squadzinho... and a few tons of dynamite!"

Who is Raze

Clay (which is also a codename of Raze) loves all kinds of explosives. Grenades, rocket launchers, bombs, and even robots with dynamite attached to them. She doesn't rely on supporting, intel-gathering, or negotiations. Instead, Raze brutally forces her way on the enemy territory to blow up everything on her sight. When Raze charges in with her trusty Showstopper rocket launcher, all enemies run in fear.


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All of Raze's abilities are damage dealers and area denials, which makes her strong in finding entry frags. Use her toolkit to force enemies into open spaces, catch them out of position and pull out a gun afterward to land bullets in their heads. With the use of explosive satchel, Raze can jump on high ledges and peek from positions that are not available for most of the Agents. It also allows her to take a look over the smokes and to jump over the Sage wall.


boom bot


The C key makes Raze equip a moving Boom Bot. The LMB can be used to deploy the Bot causing it to travel into the direction of the crosshair. Boom Bot travel in a straight line on the ground bouncing off walls the Boom Bot will lock on to any enemies in its frontal cone and chase them, exploding for heavy damage if it reaches an enemy team member. The explosion is dealing a massive area damage. 

How to use: The best use of the robot is the distraction. When Boom Bot comes at the enemy, they have to flee or shoot at it - that's the perfect moment for you to peek. With the noise that Boom Bot makes, it's easily avoidable, but when it's paired with Raze that jumps out right when enemies are trying to get rid of the machine, Boom Bot can make for a deadly distraction. Use it to check if the enemy stands behind the corner and follow it up with a quick peek at the opponent's location. Since the Bot travels in a straight line on the ground you’ll increase it’s range by bouncing it off the walls. Try to keep your distance from the enemy when you pull out this ability though. Getting too close to it might catch you in the explosion when Bot uses self destroy.


blast pack


The E key makes Raze equip a little Blast Pack. Then the player can click on the LMB to throw a Blast Pack into any direction. The satchel explodes after a brief delay but the player may also detonate it before that time. Deals relatively low amounts of damage. Satchel will stick to any surface thrown at. 

How to use: Blast Pack doesn't deal high amounts of damage. It doesn't also fly as far as Paint Shells. That's why the only offensive use of this ability is when you are behind the cover, and someone tries to reach your position.  You can throw a satchel at his location to deal some damage before the real shooting begins. It isn't the best of your offensive weapons however it's not bad either. Blast Packs should be used mostly to reach for high ledges and to jump over obstacles (like Sage's slow or Viper's poison) as they are pretty bad for the offense.


paint shells

E - Paint Shells / Costs: free / Uses: one

The Q key makes Raze equip Paint Shells - her signature ability. This skill is a throwable cluster grenade that can be used in the direction of the crosshair with the LMB, and RMB. Paint Shells can bounce off the wall when thrown at it and will explode into multiple smaller grenades after a short delay. Deals considerable damage.

How to use: Paint Shells should be thrown to check if the enemy stands on one of the locations and to force opponents out of covers.


X - Showstopper / Cost: 6 charges / Uses: one

The X key makes Raze equip a Showstopper - her iconic rocket launcher. Then the player has ten seconds during which he can fire a single rocket that deals very heavy damage to anyone around the area of the explosion. When the timer hits zero, and the missile is not fired, Raze unequips Showstopper and ability is counted as already used.

How to use: Showstopper is an extremely powerful nuke that you can launch to kill multiple enemies at once - and that should be your goal. Use it when you are certain that you see two or more players at one spot to catch them off-guard. If you want to shoot your rocket from the air, you can perform a double satchel-jump right after you pull out your rocket launcher. The Showstopper is also great for securing 1v1 duels, so you might consider saving it for those when the score is so even that every round counts.

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Strengths and Weaknesses


  • All sorts of zone denials - All of her abilities can force enemies out of their positions.
  • Each of the Raze’s abilities deals damage.
  • She can reach high ledges with the use of Blast Packs.



  • Raze abilities could hit as well her allies.
  • Her skills are rather easily avoidable.
  • Showstopper weapon is a great ultimate ability, but most of the players already know that they have to run when they hear Raze's voice line.


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How to win as a Raze

Be aggressive! Raze loves risky plays and quick actions. Ideally, you want to throw all of your abilities behind the vital covers of the enemy side of the map and charge in when they are trying to switch their positions. It doesn't mean that you should go to the enemy headlessly every time. Allow your team to catch up and lead them to the fight providing all kinds of distractions with your abilities for the enemy to deal with. From time to time, use Blast Pack to get onto unexpected positions and to take a peek at the zones that you shouldn't be able to see through the smokes.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can Blast Pack deal damage to team members?

It doesn't hurt Raze, but it can damage allies.

Is it possible to use the second Blast Pack mid-air?

Yes, it is possible to make a double-boost with Blast Packs.

Where is Raze Valorant in the Agent tier list?

She's an A-tier Agent that's good and easy to play even on your first contact with the game. Raze doesn’t require a lot of skill to be good at and even if you don’t feel like the expert in Valorant there isn't anything too hard about this Agent. 

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