Valorant Reyna Guide - rip the soul out of your enemies. Literally

Valorant Reyna Guide
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Welcome to the next guide in our series of guides for the Valorant Agents. In this one, we will be covering the most horrific of all characters in the game - Reyna. If you want to try or learn how Reyna’s abilities work, what are the strengths and weaknesses of playing as Reyna, and how to use her toolkit to win most of the ranked games that you play - here you will be able to find all of that information. Without further ado let's get into the Valorant Reyna Guide.

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Who is Reyna

Reyna was the first new agent to be added into the roster since launch, she is a powerful duelist with tons of comeback potential thanks to its unique skill set. Her playstyle revolves around snowballing, turning her into an unstoppable force if she manages to get her hands on a nearby soul orb (more on that later). After one kill, make sure to consume a soul orb to destroy all enemies in your sight.

Even though the purple Agent doesn't have elongated canines and she doesn't fear onions - she is still called by many Agents to be a vampire. Not without a reason, she earned that nickname as she can suck the life out of the fallen enemies. It can be done thanks to the Soul Harvest passive that allows Reyna to put souls of the dead enemies to use. If you are the bloodthirsty player that loves aggressive moves and you are convinced that with your plays you can make a difference - then Reyna is probably the perfect Agent match for you.

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Reyna's Abilities

As mentioned before, Reyna utilizes Soul Harvest passive to gain bonuses that allow her to be more aggressive than other Agents in the game. Unlike other Agents that are often wounded after duels, Reyna becomes more deadly after killing opponents which makes her for a perfect initiator and pusher. She can drain health, deny vision, become immune to damage, and may even disappear.  But even that is not the border that marks the end of her capabilities - let's take a look at what Reyna can do.


valorant reyna guide leerC - Leer / Costs: 200 Credits / Uses: two

By clicking on the C key, the player can make Reyna equip a Leer ability. Then with LMB, they can place a dark eye at a medium or short distance that blocks the vision of all enemy players that look towards it. Leer can be used through the walls and the orb can be destroyed by shooting at it. If undestroyed the eye will disappear after three seconds.

How to use: Leer is almost the perfect "flash". It denies the vision of enemies that look towards it without removing yours which means that you can put it in front of yourself as you push to the location of where enemies are. Leer can also cancel some pushes, as it forces enemies to take steps back. Anybody that peeks at you will be blinded which gives you a great advantage over them. Cast Leer through the wall as you enter bombsite and on the defense save it for site retake.


Q/E - Devour and Dismiss / Costs: 100 Credits / Uses: four

Q and E abilities are Devour and Dismiss. We describe them at the same time since they share charges and both require souls from Soul Harvest to be activated.  Whenever you kill an enemy, a Soul Orb will spawn above them for a brief moment. Then you can click on Q or E keys to perform either Devour or Dismiss ability. Using Devour on a Soul Orb will heal you, when using Dismiss, you consume the Soul Orb to become intangible for a short duration. Remember that by sharing charges it limits the use of the other one.

Those skills have different effects when you activate them when you are under the Empress's ultimate effect and when you are not under it.

reyna devourQ (Devour) normally:

When you click on the Q key while looking towards the Soul Orb spawned on the body of the fallen enemy you will begin to drain health from the Soul Orb. It connects you visibly to the Orb that you drain and will be immediately deactivated if the line that connects you is blocked by the obstacle.

reyna guide valorant agent abilities dismissE (Dismiss) normally:

When you click on the E key while looking towards Soul Orb spawned on the body of the fallen enemy you will become invincible for a few seconds. While under this buff you won't receive any damage but you won't be also able to use your weapons.

Q (Devour) when Empress is active:

All Soul Orbs dropped by the enemies will immediately start healing you - you won't have to connect yourself to them or click on any keys.

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E (Dismiss) when Empress is active:

When you click on the E key while looking towards Soul Orb spawned on the body of the fallen enemy you will become not only intangible for a short amount of time but also invisible. Upon coming out of invisibility your character will laugh loudly revealing your location.

How to use: Most of the players use Devour ability immediately after each kill to regain health lost in the duel. You have to keep in mind that this reveals your location and you are a very easy target while you are tethered to the Soul Orb. Cast it only when you are certain that no one will peek at you - otherwise, it's better to use Dismiss to get out of danger after the successful kill.

 reyna guide soul orbs abilities ultimateX - Empress / Cost: 6 Charges / Uses: one

By clicking on the X key, the player can automatically cast Reyna’s ult, the Empress ability - the ultimate move from Reyna's abilities. It is a long-lasting buff. When Empress is active it enhances Reyna's Q and E abilities (as described above), increases her reload speed dramatically, and gives a much faster fire rate for her weapons. Scoring a kill under this state refreshes its duration.


How to use: Empress is not a costly ability as it requires only 6 charges. It also doesn't directly help the team which means that you can save it for solo plays. Activate ultimate when you feel that you can quickly finish few opponents and that you can capitalize on bonuses that Empress gives you. Don't save it for special occasions - just take advantage of it whenever you can.

Also, keep in mind that Empress is a great combat ability, meaning that using it should provide you with a combat superiority. You need kills to use half of your abilities. It means, that popping your ultimate in a 3 v 1 situation is pointless. Because you need frags, there has to be someone available for killing.

On top of that, Empress scales your gear, so using it on save rounds is useless. There is no point in buffing poor weapon. The more staacked you are, the more value out of your ultimate you can get. Just know that Empress is not an insta win button and you’ll do well in any fight.


Strengths and Weaknesses


  • She can snowball in fights, which makes for spectacular actions and easy rounds.
  • Amazing easy-to-use "flash" in the form of Leer.
  • Can recover health on her own, turn invincible, become invisible - what else you need?!



  • She is a pretty high risk Agent, make a mistake and you’ll end last place on the ladder.
  • Lack of "smoke" type abilities.
  • Devour is great, but the fact that it reveals your location can be your demise.
  • Her ultimate is also great but doesn't help the team as much as the ultimates of other Agents
  • Cannot be relevant without getting kills.

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How to win as Reyna

Reyna Valorant Agent is for players who love to be aggressive with the way they play. Leer is one of the best flashes for the times when your team wants to immediately push without stopping. With her Devour and Dismiss skills even taking a bad position in the duels can be forgiven as you can take cover without taking risks or heal back lost health. Empress, on the other hand, can turn the tides of any battle to your favor when used at the right time. As Reyna, be aggressive and look for pickoffs that will give your team an advantage - you can always return to safety with Dismiss.

Some extra Reyna tips are:

  • Going all out is not always advisable, delay your push until you’re able to get the snowball going.
  • Don’t instantly consume Soul Orbs if you don’t need to. You might want to save them for duels.
  • Don’t be afraid to lose. Every round you lose, it’s experience with Reyna.



We are hoping that the text above gave you some insight on how to play Reyna - the Agent in the Valorant - the fps title from the Riot Games. Follow us to read guides about other in-game Agents to find out how to play them and how to put their toolkits to good use. On our blog page, you will also find articles and guides from other online multiplayer games so check out for yourself the posts we have written for your amusement. Instantly find the latest gaming content and tips and tricks for free! And feel free to send us an email if you have any feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Reyna invisible under the Dismiss effect?

Only when ultimate is active - otherwise not.

How does Valorant Reyna ultimate work?

You enter a frenzy for a set amount of time. You have increased shooting rate, equipping speed, and reload speed dramatically. During Empress, you have infinite stacks of your abilities, that normally require Soul Orbs. Scoring a kill on this agent refreshes the duration.

Can Leer ability block the vision of allied players?

No, it can not.

Where is the Reyna in the tier list of Agents?

She's an S tier hero when it comes to the lower ranks but on more competitive games she falls to a C tier. The esports pros don’t love taking chances on her.

Who created Valorant?

It is a game by Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends.


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