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Valorant Sage Guide
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Welcome to the next article in the series of guides for the Valorant game. In this one, we want to take a glance at the Sage - the healer that knows how to fight back. If you are interested in learning how to use this Valorant Agent to full potential, what are tips and tricks that can help you while playing her, and how to win as a Sage, then you have arrived on the complete guide about that! Read our Valorant Sage guide and step up your gameplay!


sage avatar

"I am both shield and sword."

Who is Sage

Sage brings a little bit of harmony to the field of battle. Her soothing mists can heal wounded teammates while her steady hands are deadly weapons that may wound opponents mortally. She provides all sorts of control for her team with a tough wall of ice that can block paths or boost allies to high ledges and slowing orbs that can cover large ice areas.


Sage’s Abilities

Sage is the most important Support character in the game that uses toolkit, which revolves around healing allies, resurrecting fallen teammates, and providing very useful crowd-control. Sage's Abilities are all very useful, making her a very strong and reliable pick in every game. Moreover, she can directly affect her allies' health through the heal and resurrection, which makes her useful even when the aim of the player is not on the point that day.


barrier orb

C - Barrier Orb / Costs: 400 Credits / Uses: one

C key allows Sage to equip a Barrier Orb. With LMB player creates a solid wall of ice at the desired location to block off the path. Wall can be destroyed by dealing damage to it but will also melt slowly over time.

How to use: First Sage ability - Barrier Orb has a lot of different uses, but most importantly, it allows you to block entire paths. On defense, use it when you are confident that your position is being pushed and call for a rotation from your team. On attack, use it after Spike plant to buy few precious seconds for your team as they take cover. You can also use it for boosting and peeking over walls. Don’t be discouraged by its cost as this skill on the map like Haven can be round-winning. Place your skill well and you will be able to delay pushes and take precious time from the enemy team.

slow orb

Q - Slow Orb / Costs: 100 Credits / Uses: two

Q key allows Sage to equip a Slow Orb. With LMB, the player can throw it to create a slowing pool of ice. Orb Travels similarly to a grenade and explodes into a slowing pool on impact with the ground.

How to use: Slow Orb can be much more valuable than the Barrier when thrown at the right time since the puddle cannot be destroyed. When you are protecting bombsite, use it on the location where you expect your enemies to be, but not on a different spot than your wall. Keep in mind where you use it as you may slow down not only the enemy team but also your teammates. If you want to find a good target for your slows while attacking try placing it from a long range on the area where you know for sure that the enemy characters will be trying to reach. One of the choke points blocked by the slow can give your team a great advantage as it is going to last for quite some time.


healing orb

E - Healing Orb / Costs: free / Uses: one

E key allows Sage to equip a Healing Orb, which is her signature ability. With LMB, the player can release it at nearby teammates that are in the line of sight to heal an ally to full health. Right click will heal the user instead. This skill has a cooldown instead of a Credit cost.

How to use: Many players tend to "save it for later," which often leads them to death before they have a chance to cast it. To get the most value of the Healing Orb effect, learn casting it as soon as someone takes damage - this way, your next charge may recover before you die, and you will have a chance to heal more Agents than just one. 



X - Resurrection / Costs: 7 Charges / Uses: one

X key allows Sage to equip a Resurrection - her ultimate ability. By using LMB on the dead ally, she can bring a teammate back to life. This ability has a very short range of casting.

How to use: Resurrection can win you rounds, but you have to be careful when using it. Revive only teammates hidden behind covers so you won't risk your own life while using this ability. You may also shield them as they come back to life with your barrier. Instead of saving this ability for 1v2, clutches activate it on 50/50 rounds to tip the scales of victory to your team's side. This way, you will have a chance to regain charges and use it more often than once in half.


Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Revival and healing are both overpowered.
  • No weaknesses in her toolkit - all abilities are very useful.
  • She is the main support in the game - always needed in every team.



  • Wall can be jumped over by Agents like Raze, Omen or Jett
  • Slow Orb can also be jumped over even more easily
  • Her resurrection isn't instant.


How to win as Sage

Sage is Support. Yes - she can be played aggressively, but when you do that, you must always take into consideration that you may deprive your team of the strong healing and other forms of utility that Sage provides. That's why in most games, it's best to stand on the backlines and peek only for re-frags. Her Barries Orb allows to block off entire paths and delay pushes for quite a long time - similarly to Slow Orbs that can also add valuable seconds when you hold the bomb site. Healing Orb should be used immediately after one of the teammates receives the damage - this ability recovers over time, so if you use it soon, there is a high chance that you will be able to use it twice in the same round. Don't be aggressive before your Barrier and Healing Orb are used. Resurrection is valuable and can turn the tides of the battle, but don't cling onto it forever. Use it to secure 50/50 rounds if you see that you may still get another use of this ability before the half ends. Play safe and always use your toolkit to win as a Sage!



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you rotate a wall in Sage?

You can reuse your ability to rotate the wall.

Can Sage resurrect herself?

No, it's not possible.

Where is Sage on Valorant Agent's tier list?

She's an S tier hero. You must have Sage in your team every game!


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