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Valorant Sova guide
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Sova guide

Welcome to another article in our series of Valorant guides about in-game Agents. In this one, we want to take a peek at Sova Agent - a Russian one-man reconnaissance army. If you wish to learn how to become better in playing as Sova in this guide we will show you some of the best tips and tricks that you can use during the gameplay to land some easy frags with Sova! Welcome to our Valorant Sova Guide!


sova avatar

"Wherever they run, I will find them."


Who is Sova

Sova is one of the agents in Valorant that represent the group of Initiators. He specializes in gathering intel and uses his advanced gadgets to do so. Sova can spot enemies that hide behind covers without peeking and see-though the walls with help of his tools. With a deadly bow at his disposal, all of Sova's abilities can be shot from a long-range but even more impressive is the fact that his ultimate Hunter's Fury can be used to snipe opponents through the walls. It isn’t an uncommon sight to see Sova killing enemies that don't even see him as he can bounce his bolts from the wall.

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Sova's abilities

Sova's abilities revolve mostly around reconnaissance. Through his skills, he is able to show players that hide behind covers and even scan the entire bomb spots in search of the nearby opponents. Besides a Shock Bolt, all of his skills can mark enemies to reveal their location for a short amount of time. Because of this Sova are a very valuable addition to any team and a very sought-after partner for other teammates.


owl drone

C - Owl Drone / Costs: 300 Credits / Uses: one

By pressing the C key you can make Sova equip a little Owl Drone. Then with LMB Drone can be released. You can steer it for around 15 seconds during which you can fire a dart that will track the enemy. The Owl Drone can be shot down by the enemy team.

How to use: Owl Drone is sluggish, loud, and clunky.It also has a limited line of sight which makes it a pretty bad ability to use. Moreover, you expose yourself to all kinds of harm while steering it so you have to always be careful where you stand when you are about to launch it. Despite this, it might be useful from time to time if you are uncertain if the enemy is waiting for you behind the corner or not. Use it only when you know that you have time for that (so at the start of the round or when everyone sneaks around the map).


shock bolt

Q - Shock Bolt / Costs: 100 Credits / Uses: two

By pressing the Q key you can make Sova equip an Explosive Bolt. Then with LMB, you can fire a bolt to deal 75 damage to enemies caught within the radius of the explosion. Shock Bolt can bounce off the walls 0,1 or 2 times. The number of bounces can be set with RMB.

How to use: Shock Bolt should be fired after you have gained the intel on the enemy positions with Recon Bolt or Owl Drone. Don't waste your arrows on shooting random spots in hope that one may harm somebody as it usually don’t happen. You may also save one shot for a post-plant defuse-deny from a safe location as firing the blast from this weapon might be just what you need to control the area near the Spike.

recon bolt

E - Recon Bolt / Costs: Free / Uses: one

By pressing the E key you can make Sova equip a Recon Bolt, Fire it with LMB to shoot a bolt that scans the zone around it and reveals nearby enemies. Recon Bolt can bounce off the walls 0,1 or 2 times. The number of bounces can be set with RMB.

How to use: Recon Bolt has a cooldown of 35 seconds which means that you can use it a couple of times in a single game. To give your ability time for recovery you should shot your first of the Recon Bolts as the round starts. Sova’s signature ability allows him to shoot an arrow that can fly across the map to hit the right wall from which it will start revealing the location of enemies. However, scouting with this projectile won’t guarantee that enemies who hide behind cover will be revealed. If you’re a good Sova player you’ll utilize two bounces to send your scouting bolts at the back of the enemies who stand on the Spike Site area which gives you a high chance of catching them off-guard.

hunters fury

X - hunter’s fury / Costs: 7 charges

Upon pressing the X key Sova will start using Hunter's Fury. Then you will have around 10 seconds during which you can fire up to three energy blasts that fly in a straight line of where are you aiming at. Blasts will pass through the walls and hit anybody struck by them for 100 damage each.

How to use: Hunter's Fury similarly to Shock Bolt works the best when you already got intel on the enemy location. Since the cast time is rather slow try to aim it at where your enemy may run to. This ultimate works best when multiple opponents are trying to get through the narrow corridors. Nearby walls will stop them from running and you will gain few simple frags if you time your shots well.


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Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Provides a very useful vision for the allied team.
  • Can kill enemies without peeking by using Shock Bolt.
  • Hunter's Fury is almost a guaranteed kill every time you use it.



  • Owl Drone can be easily heard and shot down.
  • Shock Bolt has a rather small radius and has to land almost directly at the enemy to deal damage.
  • Hunter's Fury can be dodged.


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How to win as Sova

Sova's toolkit allows him to find easy pick-offs without taking the risks. Since that's what he excels at you should be looking for ways to utilize his vision to your advantage. Try to put Recon Bolt at the back of the enemy team to spot them before they will be able to destroy the dart. Be sure to use it quickly after the start of the round since this ability is on cooldown and you may be able to use it more often than once each round. Owl Drone should fly in front of your team as you enter the bombsite and on the defense, you can use it to get some intel from the other side of the map. When you already know where the enemy hides you can have attempt dealing damage with Shock Darts. Hunter's Fury should be used only when you know exactly where the enemy stands so use Recon Bolt to spot opponents and then finish them with your ultimate ability. You may also save Hunter's Fury to deny plant defuse through the walls. Even though your role is initiator - it’s not advised to play like one. Play defensively, use your experience to gather intel, be careful with movement, and strike when you have the advantage to win as a Sova! 


Our Sova Valorant guide is over. We hope that it was enough to explain to you how Sova’s Abilities work and what you have to do to win the game and to become a better player. If you are still looking for more guides and articles not only from the Valorant game but also from other online multiplayer titles you can begin reading by clicking on the link below. Follow our page to hear about the latest Valorant patches, Esport news, next guides that we will make, and much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to shoot more darts with Owl Drone?

Owl Drone can shoot only one dart.

Can you attach Recon Bolt to anything?

Yes, you can! You may even attach it to Raze's Boom Bot.

Can Shot Bolt bounce-off the walls?

You can set the Bolt to bounce one or two times if you wish to do that.

Is the Sova Esports-viable agent?

He is actually one of the better Agents for competitive mode since he can reveal the location of enemies without risking too much.


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