Valorant Viper Guide - Poisons, toxins and venoms.

Valorant Viper Guide
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Welcome to the next Valorant Guide for in-game Agents. In this one, we will be covering the topic of Viper - the most toxic of all characters available in the game. If you want to learn how to play Viper, what are her abilities, how can you use her toolkit to be more efficient on the battlefield, and what are the strengths and weaknesses of playing her - then you’re on the right track! Hop onto the Valorant Viper guide below and see for yourself how to play Viper to win games in Valorant!


Viper Avatar

"They call me a monster. Shall I prove them right?"

Who is Viper

It seems like Viper is the only Agent in the game that was prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic as she always wears the gas mask that covers her face. A short-haired brunette in a tight latex costume cannot be mistaken. She loves to play with poisons, toxins, and other substances that make her more deadly than anybody on the battlefield. Viper is a predator that loves to have fun with her prey through the use of chemical devices - maybe she doesn't bite, but surely she stings with bullets fired from her guns.

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viper’s abilities

Viper abilities revolve around crowd-control, and most of them are vision-denials as well. She is also the only Agent in the game with a special passive mechanic called "Fuel." Viper carries a tank of poison, and when she uses Poison Cloud or Toxic Screen, her tank depletes slowly and when it reaches zero it acts as a short cooldown for your skills. On the other hand, when abilities are inactive, Viper regains lost fuel. It means that these two abilities can be used over and over again - as long as she has the fuel to activate them.



C - snake bite / Costs: 100 Credits / Uses: fuel-based

Upon clicking the C key, Viper equips her first ability called Snake Bite. Snake Bite is a projectile canister of toxins that explodes in the contact with the ground leaving a pool of poison that damages and slows opponents.

How to use: Snakebite ability won’t be definitely the strongest area denial in the game but still can be quite useful since it is able to deal some free damage. On the defense, throw it on tactical zone and block paths that lead to the Spike planting spot as the enemy team is closing in. On the attack throw it behind the popular covers to check if nobody stands behind them. Using it at the start of the round won't do anything since the enemy team can wait for it to wear off so if you are going to throw it you may be better off saving it for the last seconds of the round.


poison cloud

Q - Poison Cloud / Cost: 200 Credits / Uses: fuel-based

Upon clicking the Q key, Viper equips Poison Cloud ability. Then, it can be thrown like a smoke grenade. This ability can be activated and deactivated by clicking the Q key once again. When it's active, a large sphere of toxic gas smokes place around the grenade. The gas applies a "decay" debuff that lowers the health of all allies and enemies that have contact with it over time - even for a short time after leaving the poison cloud. Viper can pick up the Gas Emitter to throw it once again or to keep it for the next round.

How to use: Poison Cloud is a great vision denial that you can fire from a long range. Use it to block the sight of the enemies and don't count on decreasing their health as usually, no one stands in it for more than a second or two.


toxic screen

E - Toxic Screen / Cost: none / Uses: fuel-based

Upon clicking on the E key, Viper equips Toxic Screen - her signature ability. A toxic Screen can be thrown in the crosshair direction to deploy a tall wall of toxic gas in a long line. The wall passes through the walls and blocks vision. The health of the player who stands near it will also decay slowly over time.

How to use: You can use Toxic Screen to "split" the bomb site in two parts. As your team takes over one part and plants, the spike enemies will have to cross it to see what's on the other side - which puts your team in the advantage. On the defense, one Toxic Screen can be enough to block most of the paths that lead to the site, so try to set it up before enemies get too close. This ability works the best on maps with multiple corridors leading to the site on one line (like Window + Long on the "B" of the Bind, or Bathroom + Short on the "A" of the Bind). 


vipers pit

X - viper’s pit / Cost: 7 Charges / Uses: one

X key can be used to immediately activate Viper’s ultimate move - Viper's Pit. This ability creates a large toxic cloud around the user that can envelop even as much as the bombsite. Inside the cloud, the vision is very limited, and the health decays overtime for everyone except Viper. Moreover, it gives Viper a special ability - she will have all enemies highlighted by the red aura when she sees them which helps a lot on landing a kill, but enemies won't witness the same effect when they see her. When Viper leaves the toxic gas, she has to come back to it within a short amount of time, or it will disappear - this ability doesn't use fuel and can be used even without it.

How to use: Viper's Pit can be crucial in tight rounds when you are defending Spike and when you want to defuse it as it is the strongest of the Viper's weapons. Use it on the bombsite and fake plant/fake defuse to pull enemies towards your location and to land bullets in their heads as they walk into the Viper's Pit. It's a great ability when you have to play for time as you can leave the poison cloud for some time, making your enemies wonder where you went.

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Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Viper's Abilities can easily block the vision of the entire bombsite.
  • Abilities aren't cooldown based but fuel-based (besides Snakebite), which means that they can be reused many times in a single game.
  • Gas emitters can be picked up to save them for the next round or throw them once again in different locations.



  • Viper is a tough Agent to be good at - you have to know all of the best smokes and walls on each map to be effective. Players might find this Agent to be difficult to learn since it can take quite a while. 
  • Health decay in poisons is lackluster - after leaving the poison cloud, the enemy can hide for a few seconds and regain lost health.
  • The Snakebite acid pool is rather small and ineffective.


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How to win as a Viper

Control is the key to victory. As Viper, you have a large kit of abilities that can block the enemy team's vision. Use your Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud to ensure that your team can safely enter the bombsite or to decrease the health of incoming enemies when playing on the point defense. Block ways of entering the bombsite with Snakebite ability and use it when you want to make enemies flee from their cover. When you see that the scales of winning sway towards the enemy team, you can always throw a Viper's Pit to gain an unfair control over the ground that you stand on and clutch tight rounds. Use your toolkit each round - your abilities are cheap, so put them to good use and lead your team to victory as a Viper!



Our guide to the Viper Agent for the Riot Games Valorant is ending here. We hope that through the tips and tricks provided above, you have increased your knowledge about this in-game character, and now you understand better how to use her toolkit to win games. We have also covered other Agents for this game in our articles, so if you want to learn how to play as them, be sure to visit our blog page. There we have a lot of content for the Valorant game and other online multiplayer video titles as well as some esports phenomenons.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to recharge Viper's fuel?

Viper's fuel drains as she uses her W and E abilities as those have the cost of fuel. When they are inactive, fuel slowly recharges.


Are Viper`s abilities harmful for teammates?

Yes, you can decrease your allies' health, so it’s important during the gameplay to throw them far from your people.

Where is the Viper on the Agent's tier list?

Somewhere at the bottom. It's a B tier Agent; however, don't be discouraged by it as all Valorant Agents are quite balanced and can be very useful - there are just some more attractive choices than Viper.


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