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Devilian is an action MMORPG with a look and feel similar to classic Hack'n'Slash games. Now Available on MMOAuctions! But unlike lobby h'n's games, Devilian offers the full MMORPG experience with an open world to explore. The game offers four classes including the Berserker (warrior), Evoker (mage), Shadowhunter (assassin), and Cannoneer. Each class has a unique Devil Form which can be activated for some temporary boosts. Devilian has many competitive features to offer including multiple PvP options and contestable world bosses for organized guilds to tackle. You can explore multiple of dungeons solo or in groups of 3 or 9. You can fight in quick 3vs3 pvp fights or even larger - 20 vs 20 battles. Devillian offers you complete crafting, quests, mounts, pets, instanced dungeons, multiple cities and many many more. Looking for Devillian account? You are in correct place! Check MMOAuctions for The latest offers from players all around the world!