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Latale Ely

Main and most commonly used currency in the game is La Tale Ely. It is used to buy items from NPCs and other players and can be obtained in various ways. You can check your actual amount of Latale Ely at the bottom of your screen, right after loggin into game, but also via the inventory window. Ely can be stored in the bank and sent via mail. To obtain La Tale Ely you can do quests - the harder it is the more ely you will obtain. You can also farm Ely in the endgame in certain dungeons. Monsters killed in these dungeons gives you a decent amount of Ely each but even more will be acquired via selling items obtained in the dungeons. Best locations for farming are Hardcore Coliseum, Forgotten Gardens and Velfa Library. Looking for a decent amount of Latale Ely? Or maybe want to get rid of spare currency? Check MMOAuctions for the most actual La Tale offers from players and traders worldwide or set up your own offer within 60 seconds!